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Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow Chart 3

New Features Alto Mare Island (Latios and Latias story). 13 gyms in total A new game with new backgrounds, new soundtracks, new gameplay style for all Pokemon fans. The Hidden Abilities are now available for some Pokemon. Wonderful Graphics

Moemon Sapphire

New Features New Interface New characters, new title screens. New starters. New side-quests. New Story

Pokemon: Inverse Alter

New Features New regions with unexpected things waiting for you ahead Mind-tricking Side Characters Catch all 151 Pokemons Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. And much more!

Pokemon Altair Minus

New Features Various locations in the overworld have been cleaned up/tidied Traversing parts of the region will also be easier Some very rare wild Pokemon have higher encounter rates in specific areas Legendary Pokemon will also be easier to catch Moves present in Vega have their animations back-ported …

Pokemon Emerald RTO6

New Features The starter Pokemon, while unchanged in the bag interface, will be randomized upon choosing to six random Pokemon, at Level 5, with default movesets. Poke Balls cannot be used in Wild Pokemon battles. The running shoes are enabled at the beginning of the game. A trader …

Pokemon Crystal Maeson

New Features New graphics with great soundtracks. 40+ fakemon in demo Mega Evolution New storyline, new characters, new music. Some Pokemon are modified genetically.

Pokemon Green Remix 2021

New Features Retro-style Graphics throughout the whole adventure! Much more. 20 minutes of gameplay New plot and new characters 100TMs, updated to the ORAS list

Pokemon Orange

New Features The entire Orange Archipelago! OI and Alolan Variants, and the Crystal Onix Pinkan Berries that work! Anime-based story in Gamefreak format 20th Movie inspired Ho-oh/Marshadow event Dive and Rock Climb Clock Reset NPC for flashcarts Shiny Charm and Exp. All New cries Reuseable TMs Gen 7 …

Pokemon Ash Johto

New Features New story. The clothes are changed. Our protagonist will have no shirt, many of the NPCs will have no shirt and a bare chest instead. I wonder whether they are trying to show their muscles or not. Some Sinnoh Pokemon. Expanded Song Table. And much more.


New Features All Pokemon were replaced with iconic Yu-Gi-Oh monsters (163 in total) All Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion were replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh characters NPC’s throughout the region have their dialogue updated in order to make references to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and trading card game New maps …

Pokemon Hack Z Random

New Features HMs can be used without having to be learned, or win certain gym badges EV training Lastly you can fight gyms in any order, it’s your journey so choose your adventure

Pokemon Super Gold 97

New Features Graphics fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo Pikachu minigame! 251 Pokemon, the complete Pokedex as it appeared in the demo. New key items that match the story presented in the game Evolutionary stones 8 badges, Pokemon League, like you would expect. A new postgame map Type …

Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

New Features When a Pokemon faints, they cannot be revived. When a Pokemon is obtained, you are forced to nickname them. The game data self-deletes when you white out. QOL features for a more enjoyable playing experience.

Pokemon Royal Blue

New Features The starters are no ordinary ones. You can capture PokeSweets or craft them from berries. Mega Evolution. Able to catch all 251 Pokémon from GSC A mixture of the modern sprites and old sprites.

Pokemon Yuval

New Features You can ride on Suicune, Raikou and Entei New sprites for displaying Pokemon. Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. EV are now indicated in Pokemon’s stat screen. Improved Moves, Movesets.

Xenoverse: Per Aspera Ad Astra

New Features A completely new graphic enhancement. A new Pokemon type: the Sound-type. The mysterious X Species coming from another dimension! No more obsolete HMs with the new PokeWES, aka the Wide Exploration System! Porygon Center, a portable Pokemon Center! Just $500 and you’ll be able to heal …

Pokemon Gold Kaizo

New Features Edited title screen All movepool for trainers pokemon and wild pokemon have been improved The DV’s of all trainers and their Pokemon have been increased All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as well. Wild Pokemon have been edited as well Only gen …

Pokemon Vanguard

New Features A brand new region A less traditional, and darker story Pokemon from Gen 1-8 Custom player models New and unique characters Remixes from GlitchxCity and more Hidden Grottos A unique battle theme for each gym leader and important character

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