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Pokemon Wilderness

New Features The levels of Legendaries are changed. Brand New Story, . Menu With Variables. Get rid of the Help system. Red Gyarados. Different species of wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, while maintaining a logic.

Pokemon Escape from the Shell

New Features The very first Pokemon FireRed hack which will help you cointain 12 Pokemon at the same time. Each Of The 721 Pokemon. Moves and abilities updated to gen 7. The move effects, base power and accuracy for existings moves are updated. A whole new story to …

Pokemon Magical Altering Gym Menagerie

New Features Pokemon, moves, abilities, and various battle mechanics from later generations Customized battle-ready Pokemon in both your starting Party as well as the PC Improved AI Ability pop-ups Trainers with EVs Fairy type And more!


New Features Increased level curves. Set a nickname for everything. Battles. New abilities and moves. New moves and abilities for your Pokemon. Extra battles with new rivals.

Pokemon: The Long Day

New Features Awesome classic rock soundtrack. The story in two ways. (You may want to play with the boys and girls). More Pokemon to catch. The New Professor Is More Thorough. New gameplay with text-based battle game. The Starter Was Changed.

Pokemon Pop & Rock

New Features Change Gym leaders base on various anime characters 4 Starter Pokemon choice Change Pokemon Encounter on maps All National Pokedex Pokemon Pokemon GO Team leaders and Island for Valor, Mystic and Instinct in New Region Chikyu.

Pokemon Celestial Version

New Features Upgraded Battle Engine Graphical updates Catch ’em all Newer Generation features Custom songs Other features Small and noticeable features

Pokemon Kiwami

New Features 1/13 Chapters of Story 1 Gym Badge 1 Substory All starters are available HMs are replaced as Key Items Pokemon up to Gen 8 Speed-Up Toggle

Pokemon Rainbow

New Features Certain Pokemon have received Rainbow forms with completely new abilities! Instead of Gym leaders, fight Arc Angels with color-based teams! No HMs needed! Instead, you can use a wide variety of moves and abilities to get through the obstacles in your way Other Quality of Life …

Pokemon True Kanto

New Features Some minor map tweaks that makes some areas a little bit more challenging Added items to marts to help beat some of the challenges Adjusted all trainers and all wild mons levels Personalized some trainers and all the boss battles Added some boss battles and a …

Serve Food

New Features Very quick cooking​ Customer Service Hopping between life and death​ Being a great employee

Pokemon Ethos

New Features To Conceal A Brighter Future Strong foes await you – Build your own team! Heavy story integration!

Pokemon Golden Crown

New Features Following Pokemon Elite Battle DX Visible encounters 36 gym leaders Frontier Brains from both Gen III and Gen IV Elite Four members’ battles and rematches after the league Anime-like league tournament Famous in-game people Nods to popculture Sassy trainers and not-so-boring NPCs Traders to help you …

Pokemon Gleaming Soul

New Features Alternate shiny palettes for 400+ Pokemon Updated follower sprites to match the new colors Reduced shiny odds

Pokemon Brick Bronze Remake

New Features All Pokemon from Gen 1-7 ORAS and SM Sprites Currently 1 Gym Some custom items like Sawsbuck Coffee More gyms Mega Evolution Cool Cutscenes More Story UMV Diving (D/P/P Mining) Global Trade Station

Run Rattata Run

New Features Tileset Graphics Pokemon Essentials Base Tileset Youngster OW Pokemon Essentials Base Trainers

Pokemon Paradise

New Features All non-level based evolutions were changed to level based and their movepools were revamped so that no moves are left unlearned by the change of evolution type. 26 Future-Gen Attacks. Play as Team Rocket Member. New sprites for trainers and gym leaders. There Are 493 Pokemon …

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