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Pokemon Redemption

New Features Generations 1 thru 8 Regional Pokedex with hundreds of Pokemon Field Effects, some new, some old Regional Variant Pokemon Updated and adjusted learnsets Custom TM and TR lists Original Soundtrack

Pokemon Uprising Version

New Features Underground System Supercontests Poffins Mega Evolution SmartPoketch New (evolution) items! Double screen system Honey Trees System Video Cutscenes Smartphone compatibility!

Pokemon Fairy Delta

New Features The silent protagonist is now a bit mentally snarky 😛 Game has static encounters in spades. The game might contian bugs, playtesting was a big issue Some evolutions changed: Pumpkaboo and Phantump evolve with Leaf Stone, Cutiefly and Ferrorhorn evolve at lower levels, Luvdisk evolves into …

Pokemon Ultra

New Features All Of Your Pokemon Have Level Caps. A Whole New Game of Pokemon. Items will be expensive than normal. All Trades In-Game Have Been Changed. Class-based trainer battle music (for rivals, evil team, elite four, and more…). Brand-New Sound.

Kanto Trading Card Game

New Features All Pokemon cards have been modified to have any of the following: new attacks, HP, energy requirements. Most of these cards resemble cards from the Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge series All cards and trainers have received custom sprite work Sprite work that is not custom has been …

Pokemon [K]arma

New Features All Pokemon Have A B2/W2 Moveset. Run inside the houses. Mega Evolution Has Arrived. The Main Characters Are Introduced. Our Players Will Be Followed By A Pokemon. Sprites overworld from Gen II.


New Features Some mechanics from 4-6 generation. New Rivals And Opponents To Contend With. Events and wild Pokemon based on the time. Amazing Tiles. The Difficulty Is Now Greater Than It Was Previously. The difficulty was increased.


New Features With the running shoes on, you can beat the game in 5 minutes, so no need to rush XXV Asset Pack Sleeping Snorlax OW Sprite Battle Backgrounds

Project Chasm

New Features Explore the ancient Makya Region Hardcore Challenges Powerful Tools Improving the Formula All of these features (and more!) have been fully implemented, along with 4 Gyms worth of content!

Pokemon Mezame

New Features Pss Colored stats based on the Nature Revamped/Buffed Pokemon such as Ledyba/Sunkern to make them viable, and many others Mon got their stats modified Ost from next gen games, such as Bw/Bw2 and DPPt

Pokemon Fire Red Maxx

New Features unique abilities for Hollows. Many early pokemon evolves extremely early, and learns moves exceptionally early before they evolve. The Type Of Pokemon Has Shifted. Blackberry’s New Operating System. Team Rocket has a new design. Decapitalization.

I Wanna Be A Vampire!!

New Features Escape room-style gameplay Probably at least one vampire? Puzzles! Lots of flavour text! Lots of bats! You can talk to them too! Hint system in the form of said bats! Each Pokemon has their own thoughts and ideas and will give different kinds of hints. A …

Pokemon Ocandia Blood on the Show

New Features Texts That Are Fixed. A new type: the light. Now there are Arceus type manyiyi. (Light type has a weakness: They are dark type of the immune-phantom type are resistant to all other types). Pokemon From Previous Generations! The Wonder Trade function will let you trade …

Pokemon: Famous Edition

New Features Pokemon from all eight generations, from Red and Blue to Sword and Shield. Including all forms of Pokemon. A Pokedex of over 400 different species. Updated movesets from up to the Island of Armor. HMs have been replaced with items. Two types of way to encounter …

Pokemon: The Deckbuilding Game

New Features 170+ Usable Pokemon 500+ Cards 115+ Abilities 8 Gym Leaders 5 Champions Adjustable game length and difficulty

Pokemon Azure

New Features New Story: Narratively driven with many fleshed out characters; Your choices matter New Pokemon: New Regional Variants, Mega Evolutions, and Z Moves Full Pokedex: All 898 Pokemon to be found Shinies: Custom Shiny Pokemon courtesy of the Rejuvenation team; Shiny rate has increased to 1% Challenge …

Pokemon The Tower of Hats

New Features Neris Balls being called Masterballs when given to you. The Battle-End music continues to play even after a battle if you have caught a Pokemon. Running in flowers every now and then may cause a game crash, so save often. Shop items don’t update with new …

Pokemon Dregs

New Features Complete FRLG game design.​ Reusable TM’s. Everyone’s favorite trio, the Elemental Monkeys, as the starters!​ Movesets and stats from Gen 7!​ No HMs other than Surf is required to progress through the game, so no HM slaves Tough Gym Leaders that use a team of 6 …

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