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Pokemon Amaryllis

Storyline The region of Ohkai: a chilly, bumpy landmass, located a great distance away from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. Ohkai is a wondrous place; it is characterized by its great variety of beautiful flowers, and the new Pokémon that inhabit it. Recently however, one flower, …

Pokemon Blue Sea Edition

Storyline 5 years later, they decide to return to kanto to have new battles because they have found out that the leaders have been modified … they decide and go to kanto, but on having come, his/her surprise is of that oak one went to take a few …

Pokemon Shuckle

Storyline Shuckle Version takes place on Shuckle Island. Shuckle Island is located far from the rest of the Pokemon World, and the only species of Pokemon to ever have inhabited this region is Shuckle. These Shuckle have changed over time, and adapted to the various climates on Shuckle …

Pokemon Dark Energy

Storyline You’re a 19-year-old university boy from the Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city in the world we live in, Suden. The game itself starts surprisingly with a cutscene, not involving the main hero in it. It looks like some strange fellow, Maxime, …

Pokemon Cataclysm

Storyline The world has had two realms since its creation; the Voyde, lead by Unrequed, and the Glyte, lead by Veetagron. Both are opposing forces that rival each other since the beginning of time. In their battles, the Glyte was the most successful, gaining space in this world, …

Pokemon Jade

New Features New gameplay & storyline. All Pokemon now is Fakemon. New graphic including new sprites, tiles.

Pokemon Cursed

New Features Dark, scaring color mode. New titles. New plot.

Pokemon Obsidian

Storyline You, Your father, and family friend Phil, have been asked to go around the region of Evoran to find and artifacts and fossils that could somehow help with the study of this region. Professor Tamarack, who as asked you to go on this expedition, will give your …

Pokemon Manly Pink

New Features All Pokemon from Gen I in Kanto Region are replaced with the Gen V in Unova. Many abilities, moves, items from Gen V also. Physical/Special Split.

Pokemon Flare Red

New Features Green’s Douchebaggery Increased by 30%. Moral Compass. Factions. Different Endings. More Rivals. Challenging Gyms. Faction Perks! Minor Aesthetic Changes. Pokemon making sense. Reusable TMs. Trainer with EVs. Items Banned! Berries are fine though. Faction Exclusive Areas.

Pokemon Metal

Storyline Pokemon Metal takes place in the Arala region. Professor Oak has just moved to the protagonist’s hometown, Moon City. He invites the player to his new laboratory, and gives him/her their first Pokemon and a Pokedex. Professor Oak sends the player on a quest to challenge the …

Pokemon Scarlet

Storyline Pokémon Scarlet takes place 20 years before the events of Pokémon R/B/Y (even though new Pokémon feature in Koyoto, they do not appear in any other region). You play as a young Lance, who grows up to be one of the world’s most famous Pokémon Masters, and …

Pokemon Crystal Shards

New Features New Sprites! Maps of Johto! Script more accurate possible to GSC. Kanto and Johto!

Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter

Storyline 2 Years Ago……..An epic fight broke out between Red and Elite Four, Bruno. The Elite Four punished, beat, and crushed Red from Pallet Town but, one Pokemon managed to escape, Pikachu. Come and join Yellow’s team of amazing Pokemon through challenges she had to face through out …

Pokemon Orange Sun

New Features A day and night system. A whole new region to explore. Three new starter Pokemon. No trade evolutions. Traded pokemon will now evolve normally. New scripts, new overworlds and of course new sprites. All Pokemon names decapitalized. All Pokemon obtainable in-game. Darkrai available ingame. Genetically modified/ …

Pokemon Mystical

Storyline In the region Kiuw Prof. Oak leaves you a pokemon in his lab. to help get you started your journey to stop the war Kerzal against DEOXIS, so you should do this to capture the 3 pokemons mystic (which are not yet identified who will be) but …

Pokemon Rebirth

New Features Nice Graphics. New Events. New Characters, Rivals and Trainers. Day and Night Time System.

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