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Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version
Based On: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Author: Sky0fBlades
Version: Completed 12/24/2019
System: GBA
Initial Release: 2017

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version is a game hack developed by Sky0fBlades. You can play the Completed 12/24/2019 release now. Next part, let's find which differences between this modified game "Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version" and the original game Pokemon Emerald.

New Features

  • The PRNG defect was corrected by reintegrating the unused PRNG system from Emerald.
  • All 386 Pokémon are available (except Jirachi now)
  • Evo Stone to develop Pokémon Trade Evo
  • More itinerant legends, events, other sprites, etc.
  • Some events based on Day / Night / etc and / or game completion status
  • In other PokéDex profiles Pokémon has its own combat music (based on availability in the game)
  • (That is, somewhere with Wild Pidgey, who plays the wild battle theme of Kanto, while Sentret has a Johto-style RSE theme)
  • Most events / legends have signature themes (such as Suicune and Crystal combat themes).
  • In any special event – brilliant?
  • Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City.
  • Mirage Island is related to the completion of the National PokéDex.
  • Hoenn Dex has been completed and is only available at certain stages on Sunday.
  • Special event tickets unlock Mystery Gift and you can find MG Receptionist above in all Pokémon centers.
  • The acquisition of Nintendo Event Tickets in this hack uses a real Mystery Gift script that legally unlocks!
  • Day and night systems (early morning, morning, day, afternoon, evening, afternoon)
  • It also affects combat, and future updates will affect the music on the map.
  • The graphics have changed in many different areas / aspects (not too flashy, but IMO improved)
  • (That is, now Meteor Falls looks very different – many menus have new colors, trees / caves and different textures).
  • New combat background based on HG / SS and reproduced to match changed CosmicEmerald environment
  • The indoor tile trainer was designed with battle style and the champion of a painting me
  • We corrected the lake backspit so the lower “fins” pointed back rather than forward.
  • A new (but similar) title screen!
  • Updated monochrome repulsion system (you can choose different types and what type of use)
  • TM is reusable.
  • All poke balls (except the safari balls) can be reused until the catch.
  • The balance is a little expensive and a bit more expensive.
  • Do not worry about missing the opportunity to reset, savestate-abuse, or Shiny catch.
  • Your Pokémon gains experience when you arrest other players as at the end of a normal battle.
  • Pokémon’s natures have a stimulus / drop of statistics separated by color.
  • Modification of rough skin capacity (from Gen IV)
  • EVs 252 instad hat of 250s (not to waste the remaining points)
  • A steep difficulty curve
  • Story line-based / secret coach is strong, the legend of the event is strong, etc.), there is no insanity.
  • Running in the interior
  • The Final Trainer card is no longer gold, but is “platinum” (not literally, but completely different from the previous one)
  • Enhanced EXP Systems: All combat Pokémon will receive full experience, not only half, unless they use the EXP exchange. This allows you to have more options on how to train.
  • Unlike the original emerald version, the fruits of Loamy’s floor patch should be reproduced indefinitely (unless they are still missing, let me know!) When you do not select it.

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If you like Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and get download link below.

Screenshot Images

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Screenshot
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Screenshot
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Screenshot
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Screenshot
Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Screenshot

Video Trailers

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Walthrough

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Cheats & Gameshark Codes

(For Hack based on Pokemon Emerald (U) Version. Insert Master Code or Must Be On first.)

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Remember to save all your progress before try any codes. They may harm your game.

Walk Through Walls
7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904

Unlimited Master Ball
128898B6 EDA43037

Unlimited Rare Candy

Infinite Money

Unlimited Trade Stone
You should use this code before you meet 5th GYM leader. After enter it, the first item in Pokemart will be Trade Stone. Required “Real Time Clock”.
82005274 0066

Own All Poke Balls (someone reports it maybe harm your game)
085938bb 99ff313d
2dafd739 5d796510

Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version Download

At the present, you can get Pokemon CosmicEmerald Version with Completed 12/24/2019 version. Do not forget to bookmark and subscribe this page for the latest updates.
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NOTE: Please read it first. Hit COPY button below > Paste into the new tab & Enter > Wait 5 seconds and SKIP > The game will be automatically downloaded.
If it does not work with your browser, just hit Ctrl+C or Copy manually.


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