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Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded
Based On: RPG Maker XP
Language: English
Author: Smithereens
Version: Demo v0.2.0
System: RPG Maker XP
Initial Release: 2023

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded is a game hack developed by Smithereens. You can play the Demo v0.2.0 release now. Next part, let's find which differences between this modified game " Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded" and the original game RPG Maker XP.

New Features

  • Following Pokemon, Gameplay Modes, and other QoL Adjustments!
    Your Pokemon will follow you around outside of its Pokéball, just like in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
  • Randomized wild Pokemon encounters in each playthrough!
    Essentially, each wild Pokemon “slot” features one Pokemon randomly selected from a set list, which is rolled upon starting a new game and then stays constant, resulting in quite literally millions of possible combinations while retaining the overall curve of the game.
  • (Semi-)Random trainers with (semi-)random teams!
    Trainers are no longer completely static, but will appear and disappear from routes based on a hidden variable that will change as you play the game.
  • Mystery Gyms and a new Elite Four!
    A grand total of 18 Gym Leaders are programmed into the game, one for each Pokemon type.
  • A revamped Kanto with new areas to explore!
    All maps have been recreated from scratch; some have only minor variations from their official counterparts, but others have undergone major redesigns. In addition, expect to see a couple of completely new areas of Kanto along the way, including the snowy top of Mt. Moon and the swampy Fuschia Moor.
  • A more cohesive, overhauled story!
    Take part in an expanded series of events loosely following the canon of the Kanto region. Mewtwo has escaped from Team Rocket, and has a terrible plan to retaliate against his tormentors.

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If you like Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and get download link below.

Screenshot Images

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Screenshot
Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Screenshot
Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Screenshot
Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Screenshot
Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Screenshot

Video Trailers

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Walthrough

Video Guides are being updated soon.

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Cheats & Gameshark Codes

(For Pokemon Games/Hacks based on RPG Maker XP on Windows/Mac/PC, you can use Cheat Engine software to cheat including saving time, manipulating values, increasing money, quick EV training, duplicating items, walking through walls, quick egg generation/hatching, etc.)

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Remember to save all your progress before try any codes. They may harm your game.

Just view the below video tutorial to know how to do these. Get the latest version of Cheat Engine here.

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded Download

At the present, you can get Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded with Demo v0.2.0 version. Do not forget to bookmark and subscribe this page for the latest updates.
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