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Pokemon Korano

Pokemon Korano Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon Korano
Based On: RMXP
Language: English
Author: Qwertyis666
Version: Demo 1.2
System: RPG Maker XP
Initial Release: 2015

Pokemon Korano is a game hack developed by Qwertyis666. You can play the Demo 1.2 release now. Next part, let's find which differences between this modified game " Pokemon Korano" and the original game RMXP.

New Features

  • Your Pokemon can follow you.(My priority for the game )
  • Basic Nuzlocke run ! (When your Pokemon faint, they can’t be revive)
  • Team Licence (or Team Limit)
    (When you start, you will have a maximum of 3 Pokemon in your team. Each 3 badges , you earn a slot.)
  • No more grinding ! I add a Level Cap (Than grow with every badges you earn)
  • No more HM slave ! I add HM Item like flashlight and surfboard
  • Togglable Hud who show your Party, Pokemon Name/Hp/Exp, Hours and the Cash you have. (Hud still WIP)
  • The game have his own Hours/Days/Months system: You can sleep to pass time and healing your Pokemon in a Pokecenter pass one hour per Pokemon in your team.
  • All 649 Pokemon (Legendary include) will be obtainable before E4 (I will try to add post-E4 events if I can’t)
  • E4 have strict rules! No Legendary Pokemon allowed!
  • Part of story can change (mainly battle) with the starter you choose. (Take a fire starter will make you fight a different Pokemon than you have picked the grass starter, etc.)
  • Fairy Type, working but have no move/ability (I don’t think to add all ability and move but if someone help me for this, I will)
  • A New type: Light. For now only Arceus have this type. (Light type have one weakness: the Dark type. They are immune to Ghost type and they resist all other types)
  • Duo-Types Plate, you will be able to fuse two plates. (I just need to add the move’s power boost. Ex: Fire-Water -Plate will boost Fire AND Water move. So every Poke can use it proprely and not just for the Ability Multitypes)
  • Mega Arceus, Mega Giratina and Mega Trio ( I just need someone to sprite them )
  • Day-Care Checker item. (pretty self explaning I think)
  • Some Trainer/NPC show only at night and vice-versa
  • Not all water tiles will be surfable.
  • Some Shop are closed at night. Example: the Daycare is only open the Day(Logic?!?), Pokemart are open 24/24 but little shop like Herbal shop are closed. (If too many people got problem with this feature, I will remove it)
  • A NPC who can turn your Pokemon Shiny
  • You can change the Nature, Ability and the IV of your Pokemon with new items (Rares and/or Expensives)
  • All Pokemon Stats and Types updated to there X/Y one
  • Custom shiny retexture (I take idea from great game like Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Zeta/Omicron. Ex: Black Charmander and Cyndaquil)

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If you like Pokemon Korano's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and get download link below.

Screenshot Images

Pokemon Korano Screenshot
Pokemon Korano Screenshot
Pokemon Korano Screenshot
Pokemon Korano Screenshot
Pokemon Korano Screenshot

Video Trailers

Not yet.

Pokemon Korano Walthrough

Video Guides are being updated soon.

Pokemon Korano Cheats & Gameshark Codes

(For Pokemon Games/Hacks based on RPG Maker XP on Windows/Mac/PC, you can use Cheat Engine software to cheat including saving time, manipulating values, increasing money, quick EV training, duplicating items, walking through walls, quick egg generation/hatching, etc.)

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Remember to save all your progress before try any codes. They may harm your game.

Just view the below video tutorial to know how to do these. Get the latest version of Cheat Engine here.

Pokemon Korano Download

At the present, you can get Pokemon Korano with Demo 1.2 version. Do not forget to bookmark and subscribe this page for the latest updates.
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