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Pokemon: Perish Song

Pokemon: Perish Song Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon: Perish Song
Based On: RPG Maker XP
Language: English
Author: dan_felder
Version: Completed
System: RPG Maker XP
Initial Release: 2023

Pokemon: Perish Song is a game hack developed by dan_felder. You can play the Completed release now. Next part, let's find which differences between this modified game " Pokemon: Perish Song" and the original game RPG Maker XP.

New Features

  • Summon the Legends
    The legendary Poké’mon abandoned the world to ruin. Only offerings from those with the will to defy fate can bring them back. Catch specific sets of Poké’mon to perform the summoning rituals, then call the legends to fight by your side.
  • No Grinding. Ever.
    Poké’mon cannot be trained. They cannot gain XP from battle. The treachery of the former Champion ensured this. Players will have to use strategy to defeat powerful opponents in double battles with the Poké’mon they have, making their way to higher level areas where they can catch a more powerful team.
  • Just 13 Days Remain
    Each time you rest to heal your fainted Poké’mon, time advances one day. There are only 13 days left until the end of the world. Players will have to use their items, minimize damage, and make strategic sacrifices to get the most out of every day.
  • Non-Linear World
    Powerful trainers guard late-game areas, the moment you can defeat them you can go through. Even the Champion’s throne room sits just above the starting area.
  • Unravel the Secrets of Cradle Isle
    Item descriptions and scattered journals slowly reveal the truth of the island’s past. They also hint at hidden areas, secret objectives, and more.

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If you like Pokemon: Perish Song's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and get download link below.

Screenshot Images

Pokemon: Perish Song Screenshot
Pokemon: Perish Song Screenshot
Pokemon: Perish Song Screenshot
Pokemon: Perish Song Screenshot
Pokemon: Perish Song Screenshot

Video Trailers

Pokemon: Perish Song Walthrough

Video Guides are being updated soon.

Pokemon: Perish Song Cheats & Gameshark Codes

(For Pokemon Games/Hacks based on RPG Maker XP on Windows/Mac/PC, you can use Cheat Engine software to cheat including saving time, manipulating values, increasing money, quick EV training, duplicating items, walking through walls, quick egg generation/hatching, etc.)

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Remember to save all your progress before try any codes. They may harm your game.

Just view the below video tutorial to know how to do these. Get the latest version of Cheat Engine here.

Pokemon: Perish Song Download

At the present, you can get Pokemon: Perish Song with Completed version. Do not forget to bookmark and subscribe this page for the latest updates.
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