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Pokemon Scarlet

Pokemon Scarlet Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon Scarlet
Based On: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Author: .houndoomed
Version: Beta 1
System: GBA
Initial Release: 2007


Pokémon Scarlet takes place 20 years before the events of Pokémon R/B/Y (even though new Pokémon feature in Koyoto, they do not appear in any other region). You play as a young Lance, who grows up to be one of the world’s most famous Pokémon Masters, and one of the Kanto Elite Four. Lance’s cousin, Clair, is also a character in this game. Clair grows up to be the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City Gym. Both Lance and Clair move to Blackthorn City when they are older. Pokémon Scarlet expands the history of these two characters in an exciting and new, not used before in a Pokémon game, way.

So without further ado, I present the story of Scarlet.


Your name is Lance*. You live in the town of Hazelbranch in the region of Koyoto, along with your younger cousin, Clair. You have been living here for a long time, and things have always been more and less peaceful… until now.

Today marks the day of your 13th birthday, and to celebrate, you are getting your very first Pokémon. You head downstairs, where your Mom is waiting for you. She wishes you a happy birthday, and allows you to go and get your Pokémon from Prof. Maple. Once you arrive at Prof. Maple’s Lab, you realize you’re not the only one getting their first Pokémon today. Your cousin, Clair, is too. She then offers Clair to take one of the three Pokéballs on the table. She declines the offer, and says that you should choose first, seeing as it is your birthday. After choosing one of the Pokémon on the table, Clair takes the Pokémon with the opposite type as yours. Prof. Maple then gives you a Pokédex each, and you both leave the Lab, after thanking her for the gifts.

You then go to your Mom to show her your new Pokémon. She tells you that she is proud of you, and warns you to be careful on your journey. After leaving your house, you notice several men surrounding who appears to be Prof. Maple. You recognize one of the men instantly – Giovanni! A neighbor and one of your close friends. You go over to take a closer look. It seems Prof. Maple knows some very important information about something – but what? Giovanni says he is kidnapping Prof. Maple and is bringing her to Team Rocket HQ.
He then turns to you and tells you not to try to find them, because you never will.
He then takes off with Prof. Maple and the other mysterious men, laughing mischievously while he makes his escape.

It turns out Clair had saw and heard what happened also, and she asks you inside her house to discuss what just happened. She is in disbelief that Giovanni kidnapped Prof. Maple, and demands that the pair of you should search all of Koyoto in hope of finding her, and bringing her back to safety. All you know is that they went to a place called Team Rocket HQ, and that you must try to find it. She says that you can still be a Pokémon Trainer at the same time. She believes that if you train your Pokémon by defeating all of the Gym Leaders in Koyoto, you would be strong enough to defeat Giovanni and the rest of Team Rocket the next time you encountered each other.
But the most important question was WHY Team Rocket wanted Prof. Maple. What did she know that they didn’t? You won’t know until you infiltrate Team Rocket’s Headquarters and find her.

After you have made up your mind to go on search for Prof. Maple, you must also tell your Mom about the huge decision you have made. At your house, you tell her everything that happened. She was shocked to hear about Prof. Maple, but wasn’t surprised to hear Giovanni was a Team Rocket Admin, as she always knew there was something strange about him. After taking several moments to think about it, your Mom finally allows you to go and find Prof. Maple. She gives you a pair of Running Shoes as a birthday gift, as she forget to give them to you earlier. She tells you to be careful, and wishes you luck.

And with that, you and Clair begin your quest for rescuing Prof. Maple, and along the way become some of the strongest Pokémon trainers the world has ever known…

* Note that you can choose any name for yourself. Lance is the default name.

New Features

  • New TMs/HMs.
  • New items and berries.
  • 8 New Gyms and Gym Leaders.
  • 149 new Pokémon.
  • Pokémon from other regions.
  • New region – Koyoto.
  • New characters.
  • New type: Light.

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If you like this hack's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and download below.

Screenshot Images

Pokemon Scarlet Screenshot
Pokemon Scarlet Screenshot
Pokemon Scarlet Screenshot
Pokemon Scarlet Screenshot
Pokemon Scarlet Screenshot

Video Trailers

Pokemon Scarlet Walthrough

Pokemon Scarlet Cheats & Gameshark Codes

(For Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red (U) Version. Insert Master Code or Must Be On first.)

Remember to save all your progress before try any codes. They may harm your game.

Infinite Rare Candy – Enter the code then go to your PC, go to withdraw items

Master Code to buy Master Balls
000014D1 000A

Master Balls (You can buy them at all Pokemarts)
82003884 0001

Master Code for Everything 1$:
10044EC8 0007

Buy everything only 1$
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

Master Code (Must Be On):
72BC6DFB E9CA5465

Walkthrough Walls (need Master Code):
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Infinite HP in battle

Pokemon Scarlet Download

Pokemon Scarlet Download

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