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Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Box Art
Hack Name: Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version
Based On: Pokemon Yellow
Language: English
Author: Drake Seawood
Version: Work In Progress
System: GBC
Initial Release: 2014

New Features

  • Title Screen slightly fixed (text).
  • Move Type, Power and Secondary effects have been improved to a few moves (e.g. Cut / Type: Bug / Power: 70 / Effect: 10% chance to decrease foe’s Defense by 1 stage).
  • All 151 Pokemon are obtaineable. Said so, Raichu can be caught in the wild somewhere. Pikachu DOESN’T EVOLVE BY LEVEL ANYMORE, like it did in the previous releases (Beta 0.2 – Beta 0.3).
  • Trading Evolutions can be obatined now via level.
  • Learnsets have been improved a lot almost on every Pokemon (e.g. Charmeleon learns first Flamethrower, then Slash) accordingly to later Generations (GSC) to balance the difficulty of the game. Said so, Pikachu (or Raichu) and Psyduck (or Golduck) will be able to learn (via level) an event move.
  • New map layout. A few changes on cities, buildings, routes and caves (Eyecandy). Some of them have been remade from 0.
  • Six moves from TMs have been replaced by more useful moves.
  • Pokemon Location and levels have been changed. No changes for Legendaries.
  • Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Rival, Gym Leaders and E4 have been improved a lot.
  • Number of Gym Leaders and E4 Pokemon have been increased to 6. Rival will eventually have +1 Pokemon.
  • The IVs from all Trainers and their Pokemon have been improved and increased.
  • All the ingame trades have been changed.
  • A few Pokemarts items have been changed.
  • Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers (e.g. Youngster, Bugcatcher, etc) has been improved as well.
  • Text from a few NPC’s quotes have been edited. They’ll give usefull tips to the player through the game. Listen them

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Screenshot Images

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Screenshot
Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Screenshot
Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Screenshot
Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Screenshot
Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Screenshot

Video Trailers

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Walthrough

Not yet.

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version Download

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version still work in progress. Check this page later or Download other Completed Hacks

Thank you, friend. Please contact us if you need help.
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