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Tag: Alpha Version Hacks

Pokemon Lost Legacy

New Features The base power of Rock Smash is 60 now. A New Hero/Heroine Has Emerged. FireRed scripts modified to work with Gen 2 Kanto’s Maps. A New Story, A New Region, And A New Story. The HMs will be used automatically. Pokemon From Generations 4, 5, And …

Pokemon Pathways

New Features Player’s Choice Character Stats: Stats such as Intelligence, Strength, Charm and Skill NPC Affinity – Some of the NPC’s in your class are students you can bond with. Schooling System – You are at an academy with your own dorm room. Save Through Sleep – You are …

Pokemon Green Remix 2021

New Features Retro-style Graphics throughout the whole adventure! Much more. 20 minutes of gameplay New plot and new characters 100TMs, updated to the ORAS list

Pokemon Peridoto

New Features New tiles. New gameplay & storyline. Gen 1-4 Pokémon All 386 Pokemon are catchable. Hiden Legendaries.

Pokemon Fire Red Definitive Edition

New Features 386 Pokemon from Generation I, II, III Game Enviroments: Snow, Desert and Industry Generation 4&5 moves New quests Physical/Special Split from Gen IV.

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

New Features New story + long afterstory Two big regions. Difficult end of game content New Characters, Rivals. A Safari Zone

Pokemon Climax

New Features New scripts. Custom Region – Saelio! Play online, no need to download Eight gym and Pokemon League, but it is a secondary school. A deep storyline.

Pokemon Bondage

New Features Hidden Grotto: You can find rare items like Mega Stones or even a rare Pokémon there! New rivals: custom made by me and narutoactor Some Gen VII mechanics (Coming at a later patch) Possibly being able to visit part(s) of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh. All wild …

Pokemon Chaos and Order

New Features New attacks Skill Masters A massive amount of Nostalgia! You can also level up your opponent and evolve shortly after the battle (but usually stop at level 50 or so anyway, you can still revenge). New items.

Pokemon SDK

New Features Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock) Double & Online Battles (P2P) Running shoes Key Binding UI (F1) Multi-DayCare Berry System Online Trades (P2P) GTS (you need to add an external script) Shadow under events system Extended event info (using the event name) Wild …

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