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Tag: Alpha Version Hacks

Jupiter’s Shadow: a monster-collecting game

New Features No Random Encounters: creatures appear on the overworld map. A Trusty Slingshot: the player can obtain this projectile weapon, and use it for avoiding creature encounters. Creature Fusion: the player can permanently fuse two creatures together to create a new, stronger creature, similar to the breeding …

Pokemon The Tree of Time

New Features Repel system from Pokemon Black/White Get more EXP after catching a Pokemon Added Fairy type Many old acquaitances like Ash/Gary/May/etc… All abilities will be updated to Gen VII All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII The overworld maps are renewed

Pokemon Chroma Version

New Features Some exclusive Pokemon. The music is well-composed. A new storyline. New items. The difficulty is much higher.

Pokemon The Lethal Secret

New Features New region! Experience great adventures in previously unknown regions! New graphics! Revised graphics, tilesets and animations provide visual orgasms! New structures! No intro, walnut trees, minor examples, etc.! Day & night system! Time-based events, berry bushes etc.! New Pokédex! All Pokémon catchable! Not an arenal system! …

Pokemon Moonlit Skies

New Features A prologue Different characters A darker and more story driven take on the pokemon formula Custom Music Animated pokemon battle sprites

Pokemon Fireburn

New Features 4 regions: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Alola All pokemon from Gen 1 to 7 Mega evolution Updated graphics( as much as possible) Fairy types New moves and abilities New Items Reuseable TMs Running Indoors Forgetable HMs BW repel system Poison survival Hidden grotos (Like Black2/White2!) Lot …

Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky

New Features Three final endings: every choice you make is important, since it is related to the end. You can not get anything wrong by ending two different endings, you can take a Pokémon from other legends. Difficult mode: After one of those finals will receive a password. …

Pokemon Sunset Orange

New Features Featuring the Orange Archipelago! Play through the events of season 2 and non-canon events, too! Gen 1-4 Pokémon New Items New Tiles New Music Pokémon 2000 movie event!

Pokemon Flaming Grace

New Features Gyms revamped! Gen 7 pokemon, Alola included! Offical Documentation! Pokemon Changed/Reworked! All pokemon obtainable! ( Excluding legendaries for now). Revamped trainers!

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