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Tag: Alpha Version Hacks

Pokemon Climax

New Features New scripts. Custom Region – Saelio! Play online, no need to download Eight gym and Pokemon League, but it is a secondary school. A deep storyline.

Pokemon Bondage

New Features Hidden Grotto: You can find rare items like Mega Stones or even a rare Pokémon there! New rivals: custom made by me and narutoactor Some Gen VII mechanics (Coming at a later patch) Possibly being able to visit part(s) of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh. All wild …

Pokemon Chaos and Order

New Features New attacks Skill Masters A massive amount of Nostalgia! You can also level up your opponent and evolve shortly after the battle (but usually stop at level 50 or so anyway, you can still revenge). New items.

Pokemon SDK

New Features Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock) Double & Online Battles (P2P) Running shoes Key Binding UI (F1) Multi-DayCare Berry System Online Trades (P2P) GTS (you need to add an external script) Shadow under events system Extended event info (using the event name) Wild …

Pokemon Opal

New Features The number of Pokémon that is used as a trainer depends on the number of Pokemon and provoking a fight. In other words, in order to win, you must be well prepared. Day & Night. The catch rate is higher Every usual actions for a student …

Pokemon Twist

New Features Choosing your starter town from any of the major towns in the game And some more updated gaming mechanics: Egg Hatching at lv 1, Day/Night System, run inside buildings, Repel system from Black/White 2, Mega Evolution, New HMs, Decapitalization, IVs system, get EXP when catching any …

Pokemon Paradox Platinum

New Features New storyline It will have all pokemons from 1-4 Generations BUT fused with other pokemons! Items are changed

Pokemon Red Reloaded

New Features Revamped maps and tileset graphics All 493 Pokemon will be obtainable in-game Kanto, Johto and Sevii Islands available for exploration Characters from the Sinnoh and Hoenn games will also make an appearance Fun side-quests will be given out by NPCs throughout the story

Pokemon Fates

New Features Travel through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the Orange Islands. You can run inside many buildings now. Field Effects An old but interesting storyline. Red Gyarados.

Pokemon: Old Amber

New Features Catch all 807 Pokemon 18 gyms, one for every type All TMs in this game are reusable No HMs The Pokedex has been rearranged to be more logical No longer an official Elite Four Rematches Two Safari Zones Professor Elm pays you for your research The …

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