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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Gentlemon Classy Red

New Features The Classy Edition will house the first 151 Gentlemon while the Charming Edition will hold the remainder. Trading will be kept inorder to bring Gentleman from all around together. Or you may select the Charming Edition for a opportune chance to nab all 386 Gentlemon The …

Pokemon Myth

New Features New megas New forms Loads of fakemon Star-Face shiny varients Corrupted Pokemon Player controlled gyms 2 Regions with massive exploration Custom mechanics New moves New items New types 21 Eeeveelutions + 21 megas!

Pokemon Fire Red Minus

New Features Pokemon Sprites from Crystal Original RBY maps remade with GSC sprites with about 99% accuracy OW sprites from gen 2 as well Battle background and UI elements from GSC “Emu Edition” so you don’t miss out on any of your version exclusive bros

Pokemon Indigo Power Tournament

New Features A Double Elimination tournament with 24 participants For each match in the tournament, the player chooses which trainer to root for. Option to skip matches and let the outcome/progression be random. Updated move mechanics, power and accuracy to match current generations. Fixed known bugs and glitches …

Moemon Bonds

New Features MOEMONS(WHAT ELSE LOL?) MOE POOL! FOLLOW ME events and minigames! Double MOEbattles galore! Exclusive MOE moves! Moemon character mugshots! New region/world! New story! MOE Sidequests! Hidden secrets to be unveiled! Physical and Special split! Fairy typing!(<3) Move alterations Some moves from gen 4+ Gen1-8 MOEMONS EV-IV …

Pokemon God of Arena

New Features Trade Evolutions Have Shifted. All legendaries and one new one. Events will be completely different from DJG’s. Relover Is Completely Free. Moves now have the PSS Split. Generation 6 and 7 Pokemon! New Forms.

Pokemon Battle World

New Features You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon by leveling them up. New Sprites and Tiles. Modified TM list. You’ll have to rethink your options for moves! De-Capitalized Game. Lots of fakemon. Scaling Of Wild And Trainer Levels.

Pokemon Vanadium

New Features The Challenge House will test your limit. New in-game trades. The player will certainly need these Pokemon to complete their Pokedex! There will be different texts for boy and girl characters but most of it will just be pronoun changes (he/she, him/her). Of Course, I’m Talking …

Pokemon Pit Of 100 Trials Hoen Edition

New Features Just like the original version, there is no Physical/Special split. Infinite Master Balls, Heart Scales, Vitamins, and Stat−reducing berries. Most Pokemon got points added to their base stats to make them better. Edited some TMs AND HMs so they contain different moves. All vitamins give 64 …

Pokemon: Dawn of Rockets

New Features New reimagined region of Kanto Pokemon from all Generations Pokemon stealing system Choices with impact on the storyline Boss battles Following Pokemon HM Items Regional Forms Increase your rank within Team Rocket Collect intel about your opponents and update the Team Rocket Database Form alliances Expand …

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