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Tag: Beta Version Hacks


New Features No Pokemon from the later gens after Gen III. Just 386 Pokemon in the first three gens is okay and enough. Nuzlocke challenge. New tiles, new maps. There will be no trainers, no HMs or TMs (actually some HMs are naturally learned), just a few of …

Pokemon: Team Magma Edition

New Features A stealing system that allows you to take pokemon from trainers you defeat Custom Soundtrack Many features from Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine Numerous quality of life improvements Many side quests Every bookcase is readable Some hidden features that you will need to play to find!

Pokemon Emerald Uncensored

New Features With Wynaut as Starter 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options Have many move tutors. New history, At the level 1, Eggs will be hatched.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team

New Features Most Dungeons change somehow, be it name, scenario, music, name on the second half, Pokemon or even how they function. Higher Difficulty Curve. Altered text to reflect on the dungeon’s new names. Munchlax is recruitable, complete with ability, stats, friend area location and evolution method. Regarding …

Pokemon: Inverse Alter

New Features New regions with unexpected things waiting for you ahead Mind-tricking Side Characters Catch all 151 Pokemons Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. And much more!

Pokemon Orange

New Features The entire Orange Archipelago! OI and Alolan Variants, and the Crystal Onix Pinkan Berries that work! Anime-based story in Gamefreak format 20th Movie inspired Ho-oh/Marshadow event Dive and Rock Climb Clock Reset NPC for flashcarts Shiny Charm and Exp. All New cries Reuseable TMs Gen 7 …

Pokemon Yuval

New Features You can ride on Suicune, Raikou and Entei New sprites for displaying Pokemon. Mega Evolution for some Pokemon. EV are now indicated in Pokemon’s stat screen. Improved Moves, Movesets.

Pokemon Super Crystal

New Features Over sixty hours of gameplay The story is now extendable. Physical/Special Split from Gen IV – V – VI. Overworld Battles New fossils

Pokemon Plants vs Zombies

New Features Achievement system takes a lot of time to complete Story line-based / secret coach is strong, the legend of the event is strong, etc.), there is no insanity. Pokedex including Pokemon from 4 Generations New Maps Pokemon Contests

Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow chart 1

New Features Day/Night System. Battle Tent and Battle Frontier are back and ready to use! New Battle Features Unique characters only in this game. A travel system called taxi will take you to everywhere.

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