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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Shadow Legendz

New Features The difficulty is higher. Only boy, no girl Choose the gym Two brand new types are added Disobedience System

Pokemon Moon Black 2

New Features Basically You Will Play Sun Or Moon, Character Sprites, Trainers, Difficulty and many more, Throw Pokeballs for Sun and Moon Xtransciever for Male And Female Gladion And Prof kukui GEN 5 MOUNT SYSTEM (POKERIDE)

Pokemon Hoenn White 2

New Features A new area of less than 335 generation of Pokémon fifth generation! You can begin your fateful journey with many types of Pokemon available right from the beginning of this game. You will play as Silver Many new things: Storyline – Palette – Tiles – Characters …

Pokemon Heart Red

New Features Updated type chart (Fairy type) 493 Pokemon Pokemon follow you Classic GameBoy game in DS style graphics, with touchscreen Day & Night Cycle ORAS mini-icons

Pokemon Light Platinum DS

New Features Isshu Pokemon! New Rival Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI New sprites, tiles. This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials.

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

New Features Difficulty – The difficulty of the whole game dynamic has been intensifyed, this means that every Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Trainer etc has been edited! This also includes rematches with trainers and other important NPC’s Pokemon – All Pokemon are available in game, whether that …

Pokemon Dark Diamond

New Features Catch all 493 Pokemon! New storyline Brand-new characters New team: Team xGlite Play as Brendan or Dawn! New graphics, and updates from HGSS and BW! New music And much, much more…

Pokemon Silver Blue

New Features Some minor plot changes. Pokemon from higher generations No breeding for baby Pokemon. Fresh new gym challenges. A new region called Koyoto. It is located in the South of Sinnoh region. It’s usually a large and sunny region, although some areas are covered in snow. There …

Pokemon Lightning White

New Features Many trainers have other Pokemon Some gym leaders will be different You are playing a shadow triad You will receive a Kanto starter You will get a motorcycle and you will get it a lot earlier

Pokemon Project Genesis

New Features Collecting eggs A whole new region called Zotoxu with many things waiting. Secret Shop All the evolutions of Eevee from Gen I to Gen IV are available by using evolution stones. Play the role of a Team Rocket member throughout the Hoenn Region.

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