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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Shin Sekai

New Features Trainers now have new names. New pallets. Events and wild Pokemon based on the time Updated Trainer Sprites and New Events Expansive Post game

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team QOL Changes Hack

New Features Items have been colorized PP of certain moves has been increased The abilities and even typing of some starters has been changed, here is Meowth! STARTER POKEMON CHANGES OTHER POKEMON CHANGES ITEM CHANGES TMs are now color Held Items are now color MOVE CHANGES FRIEND AREA …

Pokemon New Era

New Features A new Region is waiting after finishing Kanto Region. New scripts. Characters as Soccer players The region of Zulfer Music from GSC.

Pokemon La Leyenda del Dragon Carmesi

New Features 150 TMS There are only 26 different enemy monsters. Many Pokemon from different generations have come together, from Gen I to Gen VII. Choice in the story which can lead the player down two routes Pokemon from Gen 1 – 7

Pokemon Volt Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

New Features Starter Pikachu, Rival with Eevee Pikachu has boosted stats to match Gen 8 All Jessie & James Team Rocket battles Physical/Special Split Fairy type Trade evolutions patched Updated movesets for all Pokemon and Gen 4 sprites TMs are reusable Gym leader battles adjusted to align with …

Pokemon Smile

New Features Gain the References of important people for your CV to build your fame. The graphics is upgraded. Many more pop culture/video game references. Game Enviroments: Snow, Desert and Industry New type Fairy.

Pokemon Supreme Fire Mewtwo’s Revenge

New Features Physical/special split Badge based Pokemart New Items BW repel system Colored nature stats (Red +, Blue -) Critical hit nerf Poison Survival (poison will disappear when the Pokemon is at 1hp) Sitrus Berry changed to 1/4 hp restore Bag expansion (because of new items) Day and …

Pokemon Desert Bus

New Features An introduction by the original creators of Desert Bus: Penn & Teller themselves! One single custom cry Custom soundtrack Some edited graphics Tuscon Las Vegas A big road Sand A driveable bus A reward at the end A completely pacifistic experience

Pokemon FGC

New Features Egg Emporium custom animations for cut to match the move used New evolutions for Pokemon New Trainers Find Pokemon of the 5 generations and fakes

Pokemon HGSS: Sevii Islands

New Features New and remixed music Following Pokemon Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes Pokegear with new features To stay faithful to HGSS, only Gen 1-4 Pokemon are in the game. However, fairy type is added. TMs are now infinite use too Chapters instead of Gyms Sevii Islands

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