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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Red Everywhere 2022

New Features Update trainer until Route 15 MAYOR UPDATE Using sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Trainer’s Bike and Surf Sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Play as GREEN All NPCs are RED Increase difficulity (all trainer has potion and revive & HAS SIX POKEMON) SOME TRAINER HAS SHINY TEAMS …

Pokemon Brillant Emerald

New Features Fairy Type Buffed Gym Leaders’s Teams for more difficulty All 386 Pokemons available Items from 4 and 5 Gen Attacks & Abilities from Gen 4 and 5 !

Pokemon Garbage Green

New Features Edited encounters to have only Pokemon from the National Dex that are bad for FRLG. Every Route’s Wild Pokemon has been changed. Changed the starters to Slugma, Paras, and Goldeen Changed static Pokemon encounters – many encounters that have overworld sprites are now Ditto Restricted access …

Pokemon Beta Emerald

New Features All pokemon from Gen 1-8 are obtainable (except most Legendaries and Mythicals) Gen 6 EXP Share Mega’s Reusable TMs 2-in-1 Bike Improved Littleroot Town with faster start A brand new Mewtwo event!

Pokemon Salt Crystal

New Features All Pokemon play with lv. 50 stats, at all times. Mechanics mostly on par with generation 8 (SwSh, BDSP, PLA): Physical/Special split; Fairy type; updated Power and Accuracy; etc.. Irrelevant moves, or moves that were deprecated in generation 8, were removed in favor of more useful …

Pokemon The Last Renoval Red

New Features Slightly tweaked Pallettes on maps. All the animation will be in the style of Gen V. Gigantic pockets. New introscreen. New Gyms with Leaders. Two battles with the team of partners.

Pokemon Goofy Emerald

New Features This game features all new types that replace the 17 types normally found in hoenn. Additionally, Pokemon BST has not been adjusted in any way. The Base version is largely vanilla Hoenn with pokemon types and movesets modified to match their new forms. A few tms …

Pokemon Markiplier Smash or Pass

New Features Pokemon Can Be Renamed Directly From The Menu. Raticate Is Now Available In Both Normal And Dark Variants. 3 different starters with their 2nd evolution form. You can use items instead of HMs. The Difficulty Has Been Slightly Raised. This Raises The Clasification To The Fourth …

Pokemon Yuval

New Features Mega Evolution A Brand new Region Hidden Grottos 251 Pokemon catchable in the Pokedex Gen V soundtracks Shiny Riolu starter Gen-8 EXP-all GenV repel system Poison Survival Sideway Stairs Pokemon from Gen1-8 Gen4 and Gen5 mixtured Sprites New Mega evolved Pokemon Regional Forms (Alola, Galar, Macva) …

Velvet Sapphire

New Features Multiple new locations have been added to the game which allow the player to traverse the world without needing HM moves. Legendaries have been added to the game, it is possible to catch every Gen 3 Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are stronger. New stationary Pokemon have been …

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