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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Pokemon Inflamed Red

New Features Lots of Pokemon to Catch 2 New Rivals, May and Barry! Updated Battle Engine and New Features thanks to CFRU and DPE! Increased Difficulty Level Scaling based on average level of your party! Pokemon buffing Raid Battles! Other QOL Features & Graphical Changes!

Pokemon Weathered Ruby

New Features TO CATCH STARTERS AFTER DEMO AREAS. Mapping of some routes courtesy of Pokemon HeartGold. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Everything in this game are remapped and changed. New Encounters And Gifts For Pokemon. You will not be alone in this game. You have …

Pokemon Blue Sword

New Features Synthetic evolution stones – unlimited uses. The Sprites In The Overworld Have Been Customized. Choose from five starters instead of three! Parties. Attacks From 360 Pony. There Are Over 30 Fakemon.

Pokemon Magma Invasion!

New Features In The Previous Release, There Were More Than Two Regions. Johto and Sinnoh Region are connected. Upside-Down! Ari Has A New Region. This event takes place 4 years after Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Movesets from XY-Competitive.

Pokemon Shikari

New Features Double Battles – People in Mirai City fight differently! Control two Pokemon at once, and prove yourself as a Double Battle Master! Unique Gameplay – Find Pokemon in unique ways! Explore dumpsters, alleyways, quite a few trades, and side quests to find Pokemon! Exploration Focused – …

Pokemon Tengai

New Features Green Quests are Main Story Quests. Cyan Quests are vital to progressing the main story. Red Quests are optional.

Pokemon Mezame

New Features Pss Colored stats based on the Nature Revamped/Buffed Pokemon such as Ledyba/Sunkern to make them viable, and many others Mon got their stats modified Ost from next gen games, such as Bw/Bw2 and DPPt

Pokemon Fire Red Maxx

New Features unique abilities for Hollows. Many early pokemon evolves extremely early, and learns moves exceptionally early before they evolve. The Type Of Pokemon Has Shifted. Blackberry’s New Operating System. Team Rocket has a new design. Decapitalization.

Pokemon: Famous Edition

New Features Pokemon from all eight generations, from Red and Blue to Sword and Shield. Including all forms of Pokemon. A Pokedex of over 400 different species. Updated movesets from up to the Island of Armor. HMs have been replaced with items. Two types of way to encounter …

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