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Tag: Beta Version Hacks

Universal Pokemon Randomizer Gaia

New Features TM and HM randomisation options Mega Evolution Mega Evolve Legacy configuration/seed files Starter held item randomization option Defines the Gym Trainers for each of the 8 Gyms in Gaia HM moves were removed from the pool of random moves for TMs and move sets

Pokemon Mystery Of Karus And Kanto

New Features New Evolution Methods have been added, like Map Name Evolution, Move Name Evolution, etc. Original Generational Aesthetics Two starters (Growlithe & Croagunk) Great plot. Online tournament battles

Pokemon Thorium

New Features The movesets of all Pokemon are updated now. Many forms of them Raised difficulty. Undergrounds. The return of Dive and Whirlpool HMs.

Pokemon Crystal Advance

New Features New moves, new types. Almost all music of the game is changed. New region with new maps. New/Updated Items Physical/Special Split


New Features A small variety of Pokémon from each Gen. (I – VII) Grinding spot More Amazing and Better Story All the characters in this game are customized. A whole new story between a girl and a Pokemon.

Pokemon Radiant White

New Features Explore a whole new original region based on Norway, Scandinavia. Catch over 350 Pokemon in a unique roster of Pokemon from Generation I through VII Experience reworked menus with more functionality and information Meet a whole new original cast of colorful characters Physical/Special-Split, Fairy-typing, Updated movesets …

Pokemon Redempion

New Features Pokemon Field Skills: Many Pokémon can do the work instead of over-the-top technology to overcome certain obstacles using HM. Is it necessary to navigate? HM No need! Do I have to need it? HM No need! Other. You can catch Shiny Pokemon, wowwwwww. Pikachu has 3 …

Pokemon Neo Sun

New Features Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. All 386 Species available (currently lacking Gen I Fossils, Unown and I/II Legendaries). Gradually increasing difficulty. Original Soundtrack Fairy type

Pokemon Aluminum

New Features A semi-open world map Over 380 new Pokemon including Fakemon, Regional Variants, and New Evolutions No HMs necessary to complete the game A Name Rating and Move Reminding service in every Pokemon center Re-balancing of moves to new versions of effects/power etc Brand new moves Custom …

Project God

New Features The ASM is customized. New overworlds Small features make gameplay more difficult than your average game.​ New mystery gifts. Your characters will walk diagonally.

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