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Tag: Blue Hacks

Pokemon Blueberry

New Features Updated dialogue to reflect the new moves, especially any TMs referenced in dialogue Game Corner TMs are a lot more affordable Gen 1 Miss fixed Struggle changed to typeless (can hit ghosts, isn’t resisted by rock) All field moves are HMs (inifinite use, can’t be deleted; …

Pokemon Redcurrant

New Features Cheat House – found on Route 1, this will give you rare items for free, as well as allowing you to toggle Badge Boosts, stat experience, and level limits Trade Stone – evolves Pokemon which used to evolve by trading. Available for free in the Cheat …

Pokemon Baby Blue: the Gen 1 Littlelocke

New Features Enemy trainers are untouched. All evolutions are cancelled. Only a handful of single-stage Pokemon are accessible. On top of this, other changes have been made to enhance difficulty. Wild encounter locations have been carefully edited. StatEXP (the gen 1 equivalent of EVs) has been removed. You …

Pokemon OIA

New Features E4 Parties With A Personal Touch. New soundtracks for battling and going everywhere. Aside From The Main Plot, There Are Numerous Events. The Brand New Hero. Many Pokemon – A good portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokemon will be obtainable. Sinnoh Region.

Florkemon Blue

New Features You can have required event tickets to get Mew – Ho-Oh – Lugia – Latias – Deoxys. New Hero – Enjoy playing game as Ash Ketchum and Misty (see credits). Pokemon from 1-7. New dialogues. There Is Now A Day And Night System For DNS. Button …

Pokemon Retype Blue

New Features 3 modern types! 24 new moves! Changed Type Interactions! Reworked Moves! Reworked Pokemon Types Reworked Pokemon Stats! Modified Gym/E4 Teams! TM Changes! Trade and Prize Pokemon Changes!

Pokemon Remixed Blue

New Features New types! Gym leaders, Rivals and Giovanni buffed! Moves buffed! New Moves added to the game! Pokemon buffed! Reuseable TMs! Ghost Type is now Special! All 151 (minus Mew) are catchable, Mew can still be obtained through the Mew glitch.

Pokemon Royal Blue

New Features The starters are no ordinary ones. You can capture PokeSweets or craft them from berries. Mega Evolution. Able to catch all 251 Pokémon from GSC A mixture of the modern sprites and old sprites.

Shin Pokemon Green

New Features An experimental New Game+ has been added. All 151 pkmn are available in one version. You can play as a boy or a girl. There’s an EXP bar in battle. You can hunt for shiny pokemon, and they are valid with Gen 2 games. No more …

Pokemon Naranja ’99

New Features The Orange Islands region Semi-linear game progression Four official anime medals and four non-compulsory medals Improved graphics “Surf without Pokemon” system A hate sink rival The Crystal Onix

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