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Tag: Chinese Language Hacks

Pokemon Tioh – The Mark of The Sky

New Features Three final endings: every choice you make is important, since it is related to the end. You can not get anything wrong by ending two different endings, you can take a Pok√©mon from other legends. Difficult mode: After one of those finals will receive a password. …

Pokemon Evil World

New Features Changed storyline. Edited and adjusted graphics with new sprites.

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White

New Features There are 150 new moves. New abilities from Gen IV – V with items. Eggs can be hatched at lv 1. Repel system from Black 2/White 2. Get exp for catching a Pokemon. Fairy type is added. Can run inside buildings and houses. And much more.

Pokemon Evil Drill 1 Star Stone

New Features All the Legendary Pokemon of Diamond/Pearl. Also new ones. Mega Evolution will make your Pokemon stronger. New Gym Leaders and Elite Four.

Pokemon Seasons

New Features Not only the basic Day/Night feature as the others, this hack changed the entire seasons. New plot.

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