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Tag: Chinese Language Hacks

Pokemon Escape from the Shell

New Features The very first Pokemon FireRed hack which will help you cointain 12 Pokemon at the same time. Each Of The 721 Pokemon. Moves and abilities updated to gen 7. The move effects, base power and accuracy for existings moves are updated. A whole new story to …

Pokemon Emerald Beautiful Remade

New Features Rivalries Have Random Starters As Well. Advanced individual values: You can check the details of all Pokemon IV on the smart screen. A new interesting storyline. Peyi, Kyledove, Zelda, GSC platinum,Alistair, Saurav, Shiny Lugia, Dewity for the some Tiles edited by me. BW’s Repel System. Reasonably …

Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow Chart 3

New Features Alto Mare Island (Latios and Latias story). 13 gyms in total A new game with new backgrounds, new soundtracks, new gameplay style for all Pokemon fans. The Hidden Abilities are now available for some Pokemon. Wonderful Graphics

Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow chart 1

New Features Day/Night System. Battle Tent and Battle Frontier are back and ready to use! New Battle Features Unique characters only in this game. A travel system called taxi will take you to everywhere.

Pokemon Apocalypse Boy

New Features New Rivals and Characters Option for female main character – not really a feature but it’s a accomplishment for me. Some changed pallettes to freshen the experience! Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres have their own special locations. New palettes, storyline, professors, maps, events.

Pokemon Absolute Soul Silver

New Features New Characters Great game storyline. The titles, items, moves, abilities of Pokemon are updated and replaced. National Pokedex enabled from the start 8 Gym System

Pokemon Light

New Features Level 1 Eggs: No other way to describe this! There is no HM at all! You can use items instead. Brand New Regions There are some randomly created dungeons. You can not save these areas. The enemies come after them, but you can leave them back …

Pokemon Snowy White

New Features Update to Pokemon USUM’s all of Pokémon 700+ Moves Proper Physical/Special Split 100+ Abilities Fairy-type New/Updated Items 100+ REUSABLE TMs Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion/Z move system Battle Frontier Updated New Repel System Level 1 Eggs New Battle Backgrounds Harder Difficulty Gen 1-7 Gym leaders and Elite four …

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