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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Containment

New Features A New Evil Team Has Formed. RunIn. Some Fakemon Have Been Added. Re-battle all the Gym Leaders you have met. Many moves come from Gen IV – V and a new Fairy type. More Than 90 Pokemon From Generations 4 And Up.

Pokemon Glamour Pink

New Features Inspired a bit by Pokemon season 2 episode 8 – In The Pink Changed the map very minorly Changed the starters Some pokemon are custom pink sprites Changed gyms leaders to have harder teams Changed wild pokemon levels

Pokemon Cursed Forever

New Features New color scheme. Play The Red/Leaf Card Game. New gym leaders and elite 4. New scripts, new overworlds, new sprites – the usual. PSS Split. Nice color schemes.

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate

New Features All Gen I-III obtainable, locations as they are in OG’s, mixed with their locations in G/S/C, w Gen III mixed into the region Contains all features of Richtersnypes & Tkim’s ‘unofficial throwback’ Tohjo Falls & Mt Silver included to complete Kanto. An extra rival in based …

Pokemon Orpheus

New Features Capital Depletion (About 70 Percent ). Two different modes for playing: Normal and Hard. Sprites, Maps, And Graphics Have All Been Updated. New types of gym, Pokedex, region. Some 4th/5th generation Pokemon. You can find the rubber band, never just flattened.

Pokemon Beekeeper

New Features A resource management game where you own an apiary. You and Herdier farm honey and sell it in the nearby city. Use that money to buy more nests, upgrade your team, or stimulate the bees! The hook: You have 9 days to get enough money to …

Pocket Monster Project: Bloodlines

New Features Lots of custom songs Lots of custom tiles Lots of optional and hidden events + dialogue Unnecessary amount of attention to detail Switch characters A story about destroying things justifiably Pawniard

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island

New Features Every trainer battle is a double battle Increased accuracy for certain moves Four gyms and the elite four Gen 3 National Dex Pokemon, but most high tier mons aren’t available to the player A relatively forgiving level curve Move tutors that can be reused

Pokemon Fire Red 898 Randomizer

New Features All 898, forms, and variants coded into the game, allowing you to get them with the randomizer Pokemon, Learnset, and Ability randomizer at the start of the game, allowing you to enable / disable any of them Dynamax in important battles option Exp Share at start …

Pokemon Spiral Root

New Features Physical/Special Split. Gen 4 Pokemon styled Menu. DPPT Font Letter. B2/W2 Repel System. X/Y Exp System . Pokemon from Various Regions! Fakémons! (Including Digimon). Light Type! Beast Type! Earth Type! Updated Type Chart. New Moves. Reusable TM’s! Can run indoors! National Dex at the Beginning! Updated …

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