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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon: Project Revival

New Features More of the Caracara Region Single Pokemon Run Mode Xpertlocke Mode Radical Mode Newest Mechanics Multiple Save Files The Move Master Chapters and Sidequests Poke Radar All Starters Can Be Chosen Exp. Share Level Cap Birthsigns System Egg Tickets and Odd Eggs EV Resetter Markings Egg …

Henry Locke: Ace Detective

New Features In POKEMON TOPAZ there is 200+ new POKEMON to catch! New Scripts. Able to catch all 251 Pokemon from GSC. Pokedex (Advanced Pokedex). Play as Gold. Johto Pokemon Starters.

The Cake is Real

New Features Customized Fakemon. 8 games you have to fight and 16 games you can fight but you do not have to. Encounter signs (Noctowl). Yay, Mega Evolution is here! Let’s power-up your Pokemon with this awesome evolving method. Post-game storyline. A System That Distinguishes Between The Hours …

PS: Time’s Edge

New Features All the text are now decapitalisated. Instead Of Just One Rival, There Are Two. BW2 repel system that asks if you want to use another repel after your repel is finished(provided that you have another repel of the same kind). Completely new territory. Only one Pokemon …

Pokemon Fire Red Extended

New Features Pokemon From Generations 4-5 (With Their Cries). Additional Trainer Battle Themes. Nature Sanctuary. New characters, new side quests, new areas, new bosses, new soundtracks. Graphics In Generation III. 3rd Generation Graphics Have Been Edited.

Pokemon Seafoam

New Features Platformer levels Shoot-em-up levels Attack in top-down mode

Pokemon Emerald Revamp

New Features New Gym Leaders and Pokemon Rivals. Skill Masters. Many new custom moves! Stats and Leaderboards contains a database of the game. You can get the National Dex right after talking to Professor Oak at the beginning. New Evolution Method.

Pokemon [Fe]

New Features 4 distinct endings (plus a bonus fifth one) Gen 1 and 4 starters available (as super rare encounters in select areas) 134 Pokemon obtainable Altered Trade evolutions Other stuff that you’ll have to play to discover

Pokemon Champions PC

New Features Custom-designed Fakemon, to be included in the next version of the game! Following Pokemon! Unique battle backgrounds, trainer classes, Pokedex entries, shiny pallets, movesets, TM and Tutor lists, and UI. Customizable Pokedex entries! Unique move animations that, after some time has passed, will be public assets …

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo

New Features 6 badges in total. There is a dark gym also. 7 Battle Frontiers. And A Lot More! New Region – Entirely new region for you to explore! Puzzles That Necessitate Some Thought. Gen 4, 5, and 6 moves (All Pokemon learn their best egg moves by …

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