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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Pumpkin

New Features Wonderful Pokemon World in this game A lot of quests and puzzles A trick-or-treating system A murder-mystery-solving segment Pokedex with Gen 6 updated Super Battle Engine

Pokemon Berry Hunt

New Features Amazing gameplay with new features Most trainers contain Pokemon with specific abilities, moves and items Easily custom team The player is unable to use traditional Pokemon Centers Re-typed some moves More Legendary Pokemon Battles Alternate routes and plot points A wide range of berries

Pokemon Thief Ruby

New Features Thief Balls, Robber Balls and Burglar Balls replace the old Balls New additional Pokemon Capturing Pokemon Mode from other trainers and remove capturing Wild Pokemon Multiple outfits No more EXP gaining

Pokemon Crystal Kaizo

New Features The Odd Egg Map Redesigns Up to 251 Pokemon Trade Evolutions Day And Night System New Gym Leaders Evolution Stones Major Bosses and Other Trainers Bug Catching Contest

Pokemon: The Light in Our Hearts

New Features Skilled Mode Grinding spot Friendship Checker Wild Pokemon may have their Hidden Abilities Send your Pokemon on explorations to get rare items Battle Engine The element of surprise! Following Pokemon Quicksave Mach Pizza The Move Master The Guide Advanced Pokedex Zodiac Signs Typing fixes Decapitalisation Controls …

Pokemon: The Keepers of Order

New Features New characters, rivals and trainers A more challenging region Good soundtrack type Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New additional Pokemon

A Zoroark Among Us

New Features Rewritten plot Brand new region with bigger world map New tiles and sprites Custom UI New Evil Team Minor changes in gameplay

Pokemon Kronos

New Features Custom overworld sprites to match Magiscarf’s tiles Custom characters The ability to travel through time New Battle Features New Legendary Events Beautiful world maps

Pokemon Dreary

New Features New Storyline Various Battle Facilities Sleep in Beds New pallete Loss references Respriting Start from Last Save on Death Intelligent Enemy AI Modern Pokemon Specs Physical / Special Split Convenient Repel System

Pokemon Fire Red 20XX

New Features All Pokemon at Lv100 Cheap Master Balls in Mart Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming Moonstone maybe used for all Pokemon Re-typed moves Brock is not the first Gym Leader 3 Sevii Islands with latest Generation Pokemon

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