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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Furui Sekai

New Features Set a nickname for everything. Transform using Metachangers! Ditto can transform into 40+ different Pokémon freely!​ Awesome HG/SS Music! 3 Pokemon per Battle Fairy type is here!

Pokemon Malson

New Features New storyline. VS Seek updated New storyline. No Pokemon expert Updated monochrome repulsion system (you can choose different types and what type of use)

Pokemon Ocandian Crusoes

New Features Multiple interesting Story Arcs Different Ability combinations (Ex: Overgrow or Shed Skin on Treecko). You can trade Pokemon with Pokemon Prism. New kinds of trade. You will have EXP when capturing a Pokemon.

Pokemon: Old Amber

New Features Species Available Legendary and Mythical Pokemon Difficulty Modes Starter Pokemon Gyms The League Tournament Rematches and Rewards The Final Battle and Finding the Alphas The Special Case of Eevee Hidden Village Regional Variants Other Miscellaneous Changes

Pokemon Aquamarine Version

New Features New Region based off South America Starter is Eevee New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender Added custom “Fakemon” Customized Trainers Increased overall trainer level Added Fairy Type Decapitalized a ton of stuff

Pokemon DPS Ultimate

New Features All the texts are decapitalized. Babies Gen 1-6 Pokemon New abilities, moves, and other stuff New Moves

Pokemon Sun Red

New Features Physical/Special Split Over 400 new Attacks with new Move Effects Fairy added to replace Added Fire as a Fairy weakness Ice now resists Dragon and Water Steel now Resists Fighting and Weak to Psychic Day and Night Cycle Added Type: Null & Silvally Pokemon Changes New …

Pokemon Another Emerald

New Features Physical/Special Split. All Game Decap. Infinite Mts (YoY-X Patch). Forget MOs Modified zones and cities in the game. Pokemon of Kanto/ Johto in Routes of Hoenn. Most pokemon have new Movesets. All Eeveelutions in the game (And one more..) HP Bars and Protagonist Sprites new style. …

Pokemon Red Everywhere

New Features A lot of sidequests Mind-Control mechanic to turn fighters into Time Breakers, Destruction Kings or Tuffle Hybrids. Leader’s Game Competition, Rivalry, John and Elite 4 have a much better team with substitute characters that have their privilege. New Pokeballs. The Pokemon of the gym leaders are …


New Features All 251 Pokemon from the first two generations are modified. On top of that, roughly 20 moves were modified, some only slightly. All Pokemon who evolve via leveling up (including Friendship and other variations) and via trading, now evolve via Rare Candy.

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