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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Marine Blue Version

New Features All In-game trades are now based on the ones from Japanese Blue. New wild encounters such as Jynx in Seafoam Islands and Lickitung in the Safari Zone. Game corner prizes were changed. Most Hoenn Pokemon can be caught in the Sevii Islands (except the legendaries and …

Pokemon: Blast Processed Version

New Features Hand Drawn Cutscenes Hand Drawn Pokemon, Backgrounds, Trainers Sega Genesis Style Soundtrack (Composers’ names now in Credits) Balanced Wild and Trainer Level Scaling Unlocking Field Moves Using Chaos Emeralds An In-Game Speedup Button (Q)

Pokemon PureRed

New Features Many bugfixes/quality of life enhancements were made. A large amount of in-game options for gameplay and visuals / audio are provided. Some new postgame areas (some hard to find) were added. Many pokemon/moves were rebalanced with the intention of making every pokemon useful or at least …

Celia’s Stupid Romhack

New Features Original, witty writing! Custom art and music! Clever yet fair puzzles! Several in-game hint systems to keep you on-track! Absolute stupidity!

Pokemon Mahogany Obsidian Version

New Features Open World. Awhon is based on my hometown of Yosemite, and my childhood memories of running around pretending to catch Pokemon. I truly hope to capture that spirit of adventure in this project. New types. I wanted to change the meta of battling to capture that …

Pokemon Fissure

New Features Some regional forms Some rebalancing here and there Higher chance of shiny Different wild battle music depending on location Gen 9 Pokemon Following Pokemon Crafting system Improved IA Overworld Encounters Side Quest New Items

Petra Mandala

New Features Roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay A newly made recruitment system A crafting system tailored to fit the story’s setting and mechanics A skill tree that rewards the player for playing to their chosen niche Secrets and side-quests to breathe life into the world(s) A branching story …

Pokemon Reworld

New Features Many Wormholes instead of a traditional Pokemon region All 24 starters from Gen 1 to Gen 8 to choose from A unique story which changes based on the protagonist you choose!

Pumpkaboo’s Party

New Features Mart puts other items on sale. New Plot, New Graphics System. New combat skills. Get Rid Of The Whole Trial/Gym Thing. Sinnoh, Unova, And Kalos Pokemon. Evolution fixes.

Pokemon Radiant DX!

New Features Along your journey, you may run into these items called Statuettes. Most fully evolved Pokemon will have a corresponding Statuette. Liberti has a huge amount of Quests to complete, from cleaning up the city to saving the world! Put the player through their paces with the …

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