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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon INSANE Red

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. New map layout. All 151 Pokemon can be caught somewhere. Learnsets have been improved on almost every Pokemon, some Pokemon will learn moves from future generations. Pokemon Levels and Location have been changed. No changes for Legendaries. Pokemon, Level and Movepool from …

Pokemon Proyect Red

New Features A whole new and big region to explore. New combat background based on HG / SS and reproduced to match changed CosmicEmerald environment The maps are edited. Trade evos by moon stone(some by water stone). New graphics.

Pokemon Red Rumor

New Features Sprites for all the Mega Evolutions Spiritomb sprites Red Backsprite The old man’s back sprite Pokeball and Snorlax devamps Leaf devamps

Pokemon Firered ReImagined

New Features Physical/Special Split New moves and abilities. Removed Badge boosts. All Pokemons Obtainable before the Elite Four. Battle Mode is set only. Disabled Item usage during battles. Running shoes from the start, along with indoor running. Black / White Repel system. Improved Graphics. Offical battles (Gym Leader …

Pokemon Omega Origins

New Features The large & new location New graphics. Many new areas for you to explore. Well, surely they will take a lot of time. Minor texture/tile changes (to make it look more like ORAS). Buy eggs in PokeMarts.

Pokemon Light

New Features Level 1 Eggs: No other way to describe this! There is no HM at all! You can use items instead. Brand New Regions There are some randomly created dungeons. You can not save these areas. The enemies come after them, but you can leave them back …

Pokemon Red Origins

New Features Gen 6 Exp Share New regions There are 11 Gyms and a Pokemon League in total. Quick save Please notice that all Pokemon are not catchable.

Clays’ Calamity I

New Features There is NOT a Special/Physical split ONLY Pokemon from Gen 1- Gen 3 are available Master Balls are purchasable once at the Elite Four Hidden passages are strung throughout Kanto (not as many as Clays Calamity II though)

Pokemon Red: Little Cup

New Features All levels reduced to 5 Pokemon can’t gain XP Pokemon Can’t use Evo stones Pokemon Can’t use rare candy All Pokemon (should) follow Smogon LC rules TM 23 (Dragon rage) has been removed

Pokemon Polka Aqua

New Features New Story TV Show and Movie Characters Drive the Plot Post-Game Plot New Locations Throughout Map A Variety of Pokemon from Every Generation Physical/Special Split Fairy Type Included Option to challenge Gym Leaders in Single or Double Battle Format (The Either Option Chooses One of the …

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