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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon FireRed Distorted

New Features Pokemon sprites are creepy; New scripts; New maps; New tiles; More than different plot; New characters;

Hito: A Broken Story

New Features Rescue Other PKMN Who Needs Help. Reuseable TM’s. All Gym Leaders have additional Pokemon, and all of Kanto’s gyms are higher levels. You can only play as Silver. All the boss fights will have 6 Pokemon. Some Pokemon have different typings.

Pokemon Shattered Dimensions

New Features Discover the legendary Pokemon, without butter, bare drill, the secret of Hera Cruz. Multiple different stories to play through. New Protagonists And Antagonists. This game is decapitalizated fully. New Sprites For The Male And Female Protagonists. The fastest battles in a Pokemon game.

Pokemon Suit & Tie

New Features As you can probably tell by the title screen, you will start off the game with an Eevee Complete a 3 Chapter Story that breaks past 2 hours in length Explore Kanto, 16 years before the events of FRLG Shadow Pokemon make a return FRLG/RSE styled …

Tail of Dreams

New Features You can catch all 721 Pokemon. All 151 pokemon are obtainable throughout the game. Money Is More Difficult To Come By. The Poison effect was disabled. Pokemon card game: Pokemon Triad. All 150 Pokemon from Gen I can be caught in Kanto region. Sounds so traditionally, …

Pokemon Nervion

New Features There are 25 new Fakemon that will make your team more strategized. New Starters From 6th Generation. A genuine 3rd generation feel to the game – A Nostalgic feeling combined with something new! Inventive Generational Aesthetics. And A Lot More! New cities.

Pokemon Ancient Bronze

New Features You can select the male hero or female hero who come from the Pokemon Ranger. A new region for our trainers to battle and find items. Pokeballs Of Various Types Have Been Introduced. The Shiny Ratio Has Increased. Many new cities and towns. Versions of the …

Pokemon and the Great Library

New Features Some New Fakemon​ Challenge Mode​ Speedup (“Q” Button with three toggle levels)​ A compelling story with lively characters​ Lots of books​

Kecleon’s Dream Shop

New Features Simple PMD-like Generated Dungeon Customizable Shop Style Limited Size Bag Limited Item Market

The Ultimate Rock Clicking Adventure

New Features Removed the points you’d get from the Award Room when interacting with statue. Sometimes it would unlock other awards. A really cool plant Special Events no longer give you points. Sorry they’re not that special. Final Special Rock now gives 5K points instead of 10K until …

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