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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Retype Blue

New Features 3 modern types! 24 new moves! Changed Type Interactions! Reworked Moves! Reworked Pokemon Types Reworked Pokemon Stats! Modified Gym/E4 Teams! TM Changes! Trade and Prize Pokemon Changes!

Pokemon Ash Hoenn

New Features You’re The One. All Pokemon are available for capture in at least one area before the Elite Four. Nearly all 386 Pokemon are capturable in this game, although some legendaries are missing. End of HM, only Pokemon capacity or tools. If you are fainted, a death …

Pokemon Useless Yellow

New Features Radical change of Pokemon encountered in routes Change in evolution levels to make some Pokemon only usable later than they could be otherwise Some Pokemon’s catch rates are raised Cheap Rare candies are available in all marts All static encounters are now dittos, some gifts/trades are …

Pokemon Kanto Redux

New Features Pseudo-Mystery Gift/Wi-Fi Events. The Strategy Map is an interactive in-game world map. Move your cursor around and see what is happening in each area. Surely you will use it many times in Council Chambers to make travel plans, battle strategies and decisions. Three different regions. A …

Pokemon Bloody Red

New Features Costumized stats, moves, types and abilities Max EVs All legendaries except the starters Cannot be caught Completely gen 3 experience Cannot get out of gyms until you defeat the boss Trainer battles with ubers Trainers with max IVs Boss battles with 6 team and full restores …

Pokemon Jade Hard Mode

New Features 8 Underground Bosses. New Battle Attributes. Physical And Special Status Division. Four crafting Skills. Mega Evolution Is Engaged In Combat. Some Of Our Favorite Characters.

Pokemon Remixed Blue

New Features New types! Gym leaders, Rivals and Giovanni buffed! Moves buffed! New Moves added to the game! Pokemon buffed! Reuseable TMs! Ghost Type is now Special! All 151 (minus Mew) are catchable, Mew can still be obtained through the Mew glitch.

Pokemon Azume

New Features An exciting 2-3 hours main story, taking you to many different locales. A new pokeball called the “Reverseball” It calculates catch rate using your pokemon instead of the opposing pokemon! HM items for Cut, Surf, Strength and Waterfall! Many places to explore and secrets to discover. …

Pokemon Fire Red Rival Variation

New Features Modified HUD that shows your party. PROTECTORS. Includes All Pokemon From Gen 1-7 include to add any more in future. Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Morning/Day/Night music in many places/routes/towns! You now become Wally in the whole …

Pokemon Jaspe

New Features More Pokemon Have Been Added To The Pokedex. Personalized Introduction. Some places cannot be accessible in Gold and Silver before like Viridian Forest and Seafoam Islands will be opened. Get rid of the Help system. Animations Of Pokemon. Cosmetic Day and Night System. In This Game, …

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