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Tag: Completed Version Hacks

Pokemon Heart Gold Plus

New Features Reusable TM’s. Cheaper Items. Generation 6 Party Icons. Trade Evolutions no longer need Trades. Kris is fully implemented instead of Lyra. Pokedex Locations. New Touch Screen Menu’s for both versions.

Pokemon Fool’s Gold

New Features All 251 Pokemon redesigned, with new types and movesets to fit All wild encounter data changed, to better fit the new designs to the environments All Pokemon available without trading, including trade evolutions and starters A variety of aesthetic changes to the overworld A few new …

Pokemon Bronze 2

New Features New/Old Pokemon. Dark, Steel, Fairy type are added. An all original cast of characters Explore a whole new world with everything made from scratch: maps, texts, scripts etc. Gen 7 Pokemon

Pokemon Let’s Beat Mew

New Features This game was made from RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. Yup, Mega Evolution is here. Open world with all minor obstacles removed (cut-able trees, optional paths, etc) Difficulty – The general dynamics of the game has been challenged The main aspect of the game is …

Pokemon Infinity

New Features Added a small part of Koros Cave to Palkhan Heights Balance tweaks Updated move data Adjusted badge level requirements for traded pokemon Challenge mode unlocks after you beat the story aspect of the demo updated items and shops rebalancing of trainers couple more new attacks expanded …

Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo

New Features Trek through the Colo region to the sounds of various Pokémon games New graphics with 3D Update all roots and trainers to get 3rd generation Pokémon (and some 4th generation). New coach New Sprites.

Pokemon Forever

New Features The rare and legendary Pokemon will have more chances to appear in unexpected locations. The X-Y capture function. You can select the gender for our protagonists in this game. All trainers have been buffered Brand New Regions

Pokemon White Deluxe

New Features Updated maps. The repel system from Pokemon Black/White. ORAS level-up movesets, except for non-existent moves. New gameplay. Some more things to improve the whole gameplay like fossils hunting – create pokeblock – craft Pokeballs from apricorns – choose the job Master Breeder – etc

Pokemon Empire 2020

New Features 9 Dual-typed Starters Type Diversity in Obtainable Pokemon Fully Re-balanced Pokemon Includes All Pokemon Gens 1-8 Gym Leaders have Backstory and aren’t Fully Monotype All New Field Effects and Custom Backgrounds Only SET Battle Style No in-Battle Item Usage Guilds & Side Quests that tell Actual …

Pokemon FR Advanced Challenge

New Features New Strategies for your Favorite Pokemon! Epic Battles! Catch em’ All! All Kanto and Johto Pokemon are obtainable, plus 26 Hoenn Pokemon without need of trading. Quality of Life Changes! Starter comes with Exp. Share Pokemon are generated with perfect IV Infinite TM’s Infinite Move Tutors …

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