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Tag: Crystal Hacks

Cappuccino: A randofused inspired crystal mod

New Features A pokemons base stats are averaged between the two A pokemons moveset and TM learn lists has been curated to be a mix of the two Evolution methods are averaged The sprite is of the original base pokemon The colour is based on the second newer …

Pokemon Indigo Power Tournament

New Features A Double Elimination tournament with 24 participants For each match in the tournament, the player chooses which trainer to root for. Option to skip matches and let the outcome/progression be random. Updated move mechanics, power and accuracy to match current generations. Fixed known bugs and glitches …

Pokemon God of Arena

New Features Trade Evolutions Have Shifted. All legendaries and one new one. Events will be completely different from DJG’s. Relover Is Completely Free. Moves now have the PSS Split. Generation 6 and 7 Pokemon! New Forms.

Pokemon Version Legende

New Features Increased wild pokemon encounters. Pikachu, Eevee are Pokemon Starters. Trade evos are by moon stones. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moon Stone and Espeon in Sun stone. Also you can buy stones at lilycove dept store, which you couldn’t do in pokemon emerald. Not really …

Twitch Plays Pokemon Anniversary Crystal

New Features The names of Team Rocket Grunts, Gym Leaders and Elite Four have been changed after the famous YouTubers. Edited moves. Changed tiles, intro. Statistics Have Been Updated. Diamond/Pearl tiles with new pallettes. Judeo-Christian References – Religious references in names and events will foreshadow future events. All …

Pokemon Rising Crystal

New Features The original Gen 2 cast of Pokemon Familiar evolutions New moves and Physical/Special-split Revamped areas, new and old Easier access to trade-only Pokemon Harder difficulty Boss trainers’ Pokemon have competitive movesets All Pokemon are catchable

Pokemon Crystal Leaf

New Features D/P/Pt/HG/SS sprites. Some Mobile Phone Models Have Been Modified. Pokemon from all six generations. You will be able to ride Doduo and Dodrio (Once Evolved). Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base. Forgetable HMs. 1% to meet the Shiny Pokemon. More Pokeballs.

Pokemon Refined Crystal

New Features The complete Gen2 experience. Beat the league, conquer Kanto, challenge Red. All Gen2 Pokemon catchable or otherwise attainable. Reworked trainer parties. No more Pidgey for Falkner 🙂 Gen2 mechanics preserved. New npc’s to trade with. Starters available in the wild.

Pokemon Black and White 3: Genesis

New Features 253 Pokemon available 255 moves from throughout the first 5 generations Physical/Special split on moves Move power changed to fit Gen 5 stats Fairy type added, and type chart adjusted to account for it Various items from newer games Running Shoes available from the start Reusable …

Pokemon Crystal Maeson

New Features New graphics with great soundtracks. 40+ fakemon in demo Mega Evolution New storyline, new characters, new music. Some Pokemon are modified genetically.

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