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Tag: Crystal Hacks

Pokemon Magic Crystal

New Features All 251 Pokemon are catchable GS Ball now works New locations All Kanto Starters are available in trade E4, GYM Leaders, Rival and trainers are more stronger now More than one master ball in the gameplay Mart now sells different items

Pokemon Crystal 251

New Features All 251 Pokemon Catchable Catch the Johto Starters on Route 29 Same Difficulty as Pokemon Crystal Mewtwo, Mew & Celebi catchable in Sliver Cave All Pokemon can be caught by Event or in the Wild

Pokemon Crystal World

New Features Brand New Regions Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming New Game Plot New Music and Sound

Pokemon Crystal PLUS

New Features 245 obtainable Pokemon New trainers, GYM leaders, E4 and Champion Evolutionary Stones available at the Goldenrod Department Store Trade evolutions changed to level up or stone evolution. Entirely new Rival team Entirely new trades

Pokemon Perfect Crystal

New Features All 251 Pokemon catchable Stones and items that could only be obtained through Mystery Gift available at department stores The GS Ball and Celebi event can be triggered after Mount Silver has been unlocked Increased opponents levels to match HGSS Made all Gym Leaders rematchable Ho-Oh …

Joel’s Bizarre Pokeventure

New Features There are no gyms and you cannot catch Pokémon, only the ones given to you by the game. So it’s not exactly a “traditional” Pokémon game. There is also some new language and themes.

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