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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Sors

New Features A new region to discover, Hupest! A Custom soundtrack (with tracks from various, non-Pokémon games with a B2&W2 Soundfont) A BW/HGSS inspired art design Updated battle mechanics to Generation VII (Moves, Pokémon, PSS split etc.) A new battle mechanic, Eclipsing! (More about this later…) Sideway’s Stairs …

Pokemon Creepy

New Features Instead new items to act like HMs Different maps from the original FireRed The graphics is updated and upgraded better. HMs are now deletable. The battle backgrounds are changed.

Pokemon Jogger Nation

New Features EXPLORE THE LANTO REGION No HMs Many new systems. Multiple saves The game takes place only in Johto.

Pokemon: Winter Version

New Features Updated Tilesets and Graphics The map of Oplio Region can be extended later. An unnamed region which is based on a part of the real world. A big quest system. Decision-based Storyline.

Pokemon Escudo Essentials

New Features All Pokemon obtainable in-game. Changed PokeMarts New OW Sprites (Some from Myster Dungeon). New gameplay If you are fainted, a death for your Pokemon is obvious.

Quarantine Crystal

New Features 200+ new Pokemon! Physical/special split. Increased level curve, new and changed moves, and no revives in battle make for a great and challenging battle experience! Unique menu sprites with palettes for most Pokemon. QoL changes and bugfixes aplenty – reusable TMs, gen V+ repel system, move …

Pokemon Corrupt: Reveal the Truth

New Features Custom Pokedex: 255 mons from Gen 1-5 to discover Well thought out story made to keep you guessing at what is truly going on 8 Gym Leaders with slightly increased difficulty Healthy amount of TM’s to aid with defeating the Gym Leaders and your rival 185 …

Pokemon Festa 2002 Demo Recreation

New Features On-Screen Virtual Controller for Mobile Versions ZHERY World. New Region with new sprites. Mainly use Double Battle in game. Gain EXP after catching Pokemon

Pokemon Inheritance

New Features New gym system. Daily Events Pokemon from Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI. Some new tiles. 103 New Pokemon

Pokemon Crystallos

New Features New Region called Ninguit Respectives Gym Leaders, Trainers Pokemon from the First Gen to the Third Gen A nice postgame to go with

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