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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Gardie’s Adventure

New Features Play as a Human Mega Gardevoir New Rival 151 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 8 Fairy Type Moves and abilities from newer generations Pokemon from Pokemon Clover Fakemons Regional Forms SW/SH Movesets (For some Pokemon) Mega Evolutions Gigantamax treated as Mega Evolutions like Radical Red Reusable …

Pokemon Version Legende

New Features Increased wild pokemon encounters. Pikachu, Eevee are Pokemon Starters. Trade evos are by moon stones. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moon Stone and Espeon in Sun stone. Also you can buy stones at lilycove dept store, which you couldn’t do in pokemon emerald. Not really …

Pokemon Wild Mihu

New Features All Pokemon are Overworld Pokemon! Even water Pokemon. Overworld Pokemon react to the player. Pokemon Trainer Ranking system. Gyms in Mihu are purists No more forced trainer battles! All trainers in the Mihu region are kind enough to offer but not force you to battle (so …

Pokemon Mono Rebellion

New Features It has own pokemon, characters, region, types and universe. The type is tragi-comedy, It has funny pokemons and types but a deep and tragic story Before you play make sure you increase the text speed and make your options as you wish

Pokemon Banished Platinum

New Features Expanded Sinnoh Dex Every TM from Sun and Moon No HMs Following Pokemon Ability Capsules in Marts Megas Hearthome Colosseum Tougher Gym Leaders Nuzlocke Mode Hidden Grottos Sinnohan Forms Starter Signature Moves Trainer Convenience Floor DPPt Font and Windowskins Character Portraits DexNav All Sinnoh Legendaries Obtainable …

Pokemon: Parallel

New Features New regional variants New moves New abilities Scrapped Pokemon like Gorochu and Animon Pokemon from other media like: Black fog from the Pokemon adventures manga New mega evolutions

Pokemon Emerald Boss Rush

New Features Upgrade your pokemon center to improve the selection of TMs, tutors, items and pokemon on sale. Choose whether to play through standard or double battles After every battle all pokemon are fully healed and all of your held items are returned. Battles are all set style …

Pokemon Mist (V1 Basic Beginnings)

New Features Increased shiny odds and custom shinies for all Pokemon! Regional variants and custom evolutions Gen 4 art style Minor gyms 12 Gyms Custom moves Pokestops which look like Pokemarts but function as Marts and Pokemon Centers Shinies follow you in the overworld! Rather than every Gym …

Pokemon Samba: A Brazil Inspired Fangame

New Features More than 100 new Fakémon! The Samba Region: a completely original region, based on Brazil! An original story that deals with the darker side of the region! Challenging new twists to the formula! incentivizes a varied team and strategy above overleveling!

Pokemon Heliodor

New Features Three new Fakemon. Pokemon Black&White soundtrack Basic Nuzlocke run ! (When your Pokemon faint, they can’t be revive) You will travel between these two areas: the Past and the Present. No need to beat gyms, they are optional.

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