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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Dregs

New Features Everyone’s favorite trio, the Elemental Monkeys, as the starters! No HMs other than Surge are required to progress through the main story. But hidden goodies can be found only with them! Tough Gym Leaders that all use a full team of 6, with held items, and …

Pokemon Peace & Love

New Features A complete Game Guide (more than 100 page of Informations!). Several New Items Have Been Added. Some unreasonable cutscene were arranged to make more sense. 16 Trophies. Evolution At The Mega/Primal Level. You Have The Ability To Capture All 721 Pokemon.

Pokemon Astra Adventures 2

New Features 8 Gym Badges (for now) Multiple Rivals New Evil Team Mega Evolution Regional Variants (Alola, Galar, Hisui) Extended Kanto Dex (Now includes Pokemon like Electivire and Kleavor) + A few special additions Brand New Movepools for every Pokemon in the Pokedex Brand New Fan Made Moves …

Pokemon: Lost in Time

New Features All Pokemon from Generation 1 to 8 are included (no Legends Arceus though)​ New Region to explore​ Level scaling is based around the EXP All (so it’s effectively a 90° angle in some points of the game)​ Mega Evolution will be available in the full game, …

Pokemon Epilog Z

New Features The “new” Kalos Region: The Kalos Region has been extended… it now concludes the north (known from X and Y) and the south which couldn’t be reached five years ago, due to some disagreements between the heads of both Regions. Characters: The Professors, Team Neo Flare …

Pokemon Plasma

New Features There Will Be 721 Pokemon To Encounter. New Minigames. RPG Maker XP + Pokemon Essentials + PBS+ Editor + Adobe Photoshop… a lot of different softwares to make this game. Possibility to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. A Brand New Region. Sprites Have Been Added To …

Pokemon Vengeance

New Features 18 Gyms (one for each type) Elite Octet (one for each stat) Reborn/Rejuvenation-style Field Effects (updated and expanded, including 6 new fields as of now) Choices/Actions affecting story Gym Leader rematches (several) Many new moves/abilities for existing Pokemon (available through tutor and hidden ability) All Pokemon …

Pokemon Holy Reign

New Features About 30+ Fakemons, half of whom are useable in this version (if a little rough) A new Region Around 2-3 H of gameplay.

Pokemon Rescue Ranch

New Features Currently 3 levels to complete (more to come)​ “Free Play” mode which unlocks after completion of the current levels​ Tracking your score at the end of levels, see how low you can get yours!​

Pokemon Star Prodigy

New Features Travel the vast Fenola Region to complete the the gym challenge while also encountering new rivals and foes! Currently 5 gyms available with the plan of eventually having the standard 8 gyms Learn about the Fenola Region’s past and the threat that the villainous Team Meteor …

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