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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Light’s End

New Features Current and planned features: All Pokemon up to generation 9 (33 Pokemon available in the demo) A story that delves into stories of legendaries such as Eternatus and Giratina New Mega Evolutions New “Crystaline” forms for Pokemon like Bergmite and Ralts Z Moves, Dynamax, Megas and …

Pokemon Ex Plasma

New Features 50-60 min of gameplay Unova Dex (Based on BW, future update will add BW2 Dex)

Pokemon: Kanto Reloaded

New Features Following Pokemon, Gameplay Modes, and other QoL Adjustments! Your Pokemon will follow you around outside of its Pokéball, just like in HeartGold/SoulSilver. Randomized wild Pokemon encounters in each playthrough! Essentially, each wild Pokemon “slot” features one Pokemon randomly selected from a set list, which is rolled …

Pokemon Innocence

New Features Physical/Special/Status Split(surprisingly easy to implement). Applies common sense to the battle experience. This game’s difficulty is upgraded. New gameplot. Additional Prize Exchanges added at the Battle Tower. TMs now can be reused anytime. The Ability to Run Indoors.

Project Untamed

New Features Objective (Quest) log – we plan to have many side quests in addition to the main quest line, and the main objective to progress in the story will remain tracked so players can check up on their objective and remember what to do after taking a …

Pokemon October

New Features An extended plot All Kanto and Johto Pokemon, plus select SW99 Pokemon and other beta designs Beta cries, sprites, and Trainer classes Following Pokemon (MBC30) Smoother animated sprites (MBC30) Beta music Sweet Honey that functions exactly like gen 2 beta A completely redesigned Pack interface based …

Pocket Monsters Scale X Fang

New Features A completely new story that breaks away from the usual formula. A new region to explore – the Ohkai region. A custom soundtrack with many, many new songs. Many new Pokemon, including evolutions to existing Pokemon. New moves and abilities. Raising Pokemon is simplified – there …

Pokemon Future Green

New Features all major battles has been redone for example all gym leaders has 6 pokemon each with better move sets the normal rival along with red will pop up from time to time to challenge you and after the e4 you can go on and challenge an …

Pokemon Baby Blue: the Gen 1 Littlelocke

New Features Enemy trainers are untouched. All evolutions are cancelled. Only a handful of single-stage Pokemon are accessible. On top of this, other changes have been made to enhance difficulty. Wild encounter locations have been carefully edited. StatEXP (the gen 1 equivalent of EVs) has been removed. You …

Pokemon Zenit

New Features Some Modified Coaches’ Sprite. Great graphics and new music/sound. Items To Be Used In Place Of HM’s. Pokedex is expanded. The Ability To Save Automatically Has Been Added. Deep moral choices.

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