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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Untitled Unova Game

New Features 253 Pokemon available 255 moves Fairy type has been introduced in this game Physical/Special split TMs are infinitely reusable Running Shoes available Repels can be re-activated instantly

Pokemon Vapor

New Features Over 300 Pokemon to catch and Pokedex Gen 5 Resprite almost stuffs A unique storyline with grand world map A change of scenery from one area to the next Friends and enemies that create a climax throughout the plot Custom Scripts to create minor changes

Pokemon Mechanite

New Features A new Pokedex consisting of mostly Fakemon 100+ Updated Screens Difficulty mod A brand new region, story, and host of characters Original music tracks in certain places

Space Porygon

New Features Plot with surprising ending Combat system Brand-new abilities, and moves Stunning maps Optional side quest Challenging puzzles Training is easier than before Ingame sounds you will like

Pokemon Present

New Features Multiple sidequests Three major cases to solve A clue-gathering and mystery-solving mechanic The ability to sniff out hidden clues with Swinub A city setting that expands as you unlock new cases Pokemon up to gen 7 Spongebob music

Pokemon Heaven Version

New Features Amazing story New rivals/trainers/gym leaders More Pokemon Remake almost everything

Pokemon: Faint Light

New Features Completely new region New Evil Team, Optional Boss, GYM leaders New Starters Evolutions based on friendship, time, etc. have been adjusted Enemy AI Mega Evolution Brand-new abilities, and moves EV Training Up to Gen 6 Pokemon 8+ Gyms Speed Up Button (Alt) Quicksave Button (F8)

Pokemon Edge of Reality

New Features 9 Pokemon starters Pokemon follow you An original region and story in an alternate world Mega Evolution New TMs/HMs/Moves Hard Gameplay Challenge Modes Achievement System with Rewards! (Nuzlocke, Randomizer, etc…) Quality of Life features

RabbidLuigi’s Qwilfish challenge

New Features Qwilfish as a Starter No other obtainable Pokemon No Healing accessible No Poke Marts Qwilfish can learn Cut, Strength and Surf.

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