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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Phoenix Rising

New Features New plot Great gameplay New world map New rivals and characters

The Elder Scrolls V: Pokemon

New Features Pokemon Failed executions Three Standing Stone blessings The music of Skyrim Programmer art No EBS! No Gyms! No Pokemon Centers!  Ralof and Hadvar Shouts Lydia Leveling opponents and random encounters

Pokemon Assassination

New Features Gen 1-5 and 7 Pokemon! Mega Evolution Brand NEW REGION! Alpha Species! Gen 5 Mechanics Gen 6 Exp Share Original Story Some Post-Game Events Turbo Mode Mystery Gifts

Pokemon Floral Tempus

New Features The Rialtra Region B/W Repel System Mega Evolution Pokemon up to Generation 7 Fancy Badges Elite Battle Systems New Shiny Pokemon New Pokemon Forms Custom Made Sprites Modular Menu Increased Shiny Rate Level Balance

Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer Version

New Features Physical/Special Split System implemented New Pokemon sprites and icons New In-Battle & Outside Textboxes New HP Box Decapitalized Pokemon names, items, abilities & moves Running Shoes inside Buildings Reusable TMs

Fire Red 169

New Features Catchable all Pokemon All Leaf Green version exclusives obtainable No more trade evolutions! National Dex at the start Indoor running shoes

Pokemon Fire Red 802

New Features All 802 Pokémon catchable ( Not yet in this version) Gen 6 TMs Gen 6 and 7 EXP. Share (You get it after you beat Brock) Gym Leaders using more Pokémon Red or Leaf as a second (friendly) rival Mega Evolutions Wonder Trade Multiple Save Files …

Pokemon Angelite

New Features Extremely story driven, something behind every corner New Legendary Pokemon New Region Tons of Sidequests New Unique Visuals and Graphics 13 GYMs to Challenge Battle UI

Pkmn 100

New Features Changed rival Replaced top 4 All Pokemon get lv 100 at default Evolute all Pokemon with many kinds of stone

Pokemon StarRed – The darkness returns

New Features Pokemon Black&White soundtrack Pokemon from Gen. 4-5 (with their cries) Moves and Abilities from Gen. 4-5. Fairy Type PSS split New tileset(s) (Even more in Demo 2) 64×64 trainer sprites 64×64 pokemon sprites Evo.Stones and Items from Gen.4 (Dusk/Dawn/Shiny Stone/Razor Claw etc.) IVs and colored stats …

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