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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Luminon

New Features Decapitalization in this game More than 100 new Fakemon in this game, not only real ones but also fake ones. Better shiny encounter rate A couple extra Pokémon from future Gens. Pokemon from Unova and Sinnoh

Pokemon Black

New Features Game Opening like Original Creepypasta. Lavender Town’s GHOST as a playable Pokemon, automatically added to Party after Starter Select Event. CURSE move for GHOST on Pokemons and Trainers. Pokeballs disappear result of CURSE. New Type ??? for GHOST. GHOST cannot be removed from Pokemon Party. Distorted …

Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

New Features Blue and Green makes more appearance. New boot screen 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options The Mega Evolution will evolute your Pokemon into the Mega Form. New Berry system

Pokemon Saiph

New Features A whole new region – the Colen Region A part of Hoenn region B&W 2 Soundtrack B&W inspired artstyle New game mechanics Sideway Stairs with real sideway stair mechanics Quests A new evil team to take out, Team Void New Bag UI Day/Night system

Pokemon Gantz

New Features There are old and new rivals at the same time The catch rate is higher Variety of different environments New abilities Pokemon Tournament is available

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Shinx!

New Features New brand region Shinx’s new ability is Static, while Riolu’s is guts Both Shinx and Riolu cannot evolve A very simple game, in vain of Red/Blue/Green/Yellow An old school looking game with modern mechanics A built in EXP. All

Pokemon Saffron

New Features Regional Pokedex consists of 240 Pokemon New Mechanics include a new field move system The soundtrack is a blend of music from FR/LG and R/S/E The Berry Tree System Harder to earn money

Pokemon Shattered Stones

New Features 2 Rivals New Moves Includes Fairy Type Upgraded Types / Base stats / Movepools New evolution methods New Gym Leaders Updated TM List & Removal of HMs New Burst Forms! Pre Gym Training System

Yitria Resurrection

New Features Pokemon and game mechanics up to the 6th Generation A simple game, a simple plot Regional Variants! A Journal system A “Sandbox Mode” No new types, no Shadow Pokemon, no second region, no super sprawling plot

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