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Tag: Demo Version Hacks

Pokemon Smooth Pearl

New Features Two new evil teams: Ander and Cypher. Evil Evil Villas Yakanaka (To the garden). Dungeons were remapped. Double battle, including partner team up. You can use the Trade function with Gifted Pokemon to expand your collection. 75 completly new kinds of Pokemons.

Pokemon True Destiny

New Features Quests: Complete tasks to gain rewards all the way from returning a lost son to their parent, or finding a legend of the past, it really could be anything. Origin Forms: In the Asmos Region they preserved Pokemon to how they were in the past so …

Pokemon Golden Diamonds

New Features Roughly 45-90 mins gameplay (short game) EBDX Following Pokemon A fakemon starter evolution line

Pokemon Saiph 2

New Features A new region to explore, Regris! A Custom soundtrack (tracks from various, media remixed with my own style with a B2&W2 Soundfont) The Complete Fire Red Upgrade as the game engine… finally! (Items, moves, abilities, Pokemon, pss split etc. Updated to the latest standards) Proper Battle …

Pokemon Shell

New Features Wild eggs which can be found in nests Wild pokemons are rare Pokeballs are RARE Selling Pokemon will be thing Also, the basic routes are way bigger so it feels way more like an open world Most routes have at least 3 accessable connection points

Pokemon Redemption

New Features Generations 1 thru 8 Regional Pokedex with hundreds of Pokemon Field Effects, some new, some old Regional Variant Pokemon Updated and adjusted learnsets Custom TM and TR lists Original Soundtrack

I Wanna Be A Vampire!!

New Features Escape room-style gameplay Probably at least one vampire? Puzzles! Lots of flavour text! Lots of bats! You can talk to them too! Hint system in the form of said bats! Each Pokemon has their own thoughts and ideas and will give different kinds of hints. A …

Pokemon: Deity Guardians

New Features A new region to explore, Sakusei.​ Original characters to interact with. Following Pokemon and the use of Generation VIII Pokemon, courtesy of GolisopodUser.​ A few new regional variants to find in the game.​ Shops that specialize in certain products. TM and TR Shops, Berry Shops, and …

Pokemon Unova Fire Red

New Features All 156 Pokemon from Black and White (Excluding forms) BW Music BW Repel System Movesets accurate to Gen 5 Reusable TMs and so much more…

Pokemon Electric Pikachu

New Features Pikachu, otherwise known as “Jon Luc Pikachu” as stated in the manga, has actually good stats.​ Custom Tilesets Storyline based off of the Pokemon Electric Pikachu Manga​ Classic Fire Red Leaf Green Look.​

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