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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Markiplier Smash or Pass

New Features Pokemon Can Be Renamed Directly From The Menu. Raticate Is Now Available In Both Normal And Dark Variants. 3 different starters with their 2nd evolution form. You can use items instead of HMs. The Difficulty Has Been Slightly Raised. This Raises The Clasification To The Fourth …

Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza

New Features Special Events. Japanese music. Radiation Sickness Is A Medical Condition. In The Master Game, One Or More Balls Are Used. Items Have Been Updated To Feel More Detailed. All Pokemon Should Be Changed To Runemon.

Pokemon Exceeded

New Features Up to Gen VIII Pokemon species. New side quests. New maps. New items. Custom Starter Pokemon trio (you can also choose specific region starters, including from Pokemon Unbound). Over 150 new Abilities/Innates. Over 50 new moves, including terrains and Pokemon Unite’s ultimate! Over 150 moves were …

Pokemon Emerald Slide

New Features There Are Ten New Characters. Cheating on the mind. Play 3 modes of the game: Good, Bad and Normal! New Moves From Generations IV-VI. A Whole New World to Explore. New places: Mt. Grain foot.

Pokemon Emerald Complete Safari

New Features You can buy Rare Candy at the Black Market. Eevee Now Has A New Pixie Stone. A whole new region to explore and search for Pokemon. 4 regions: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Alola. Visit the previous regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. Alph Puzzel Ruins Enable!

Pokemon Destiny

New Features Become yet another Pokemon master. Battle facilities! I’ll just say this: talk to the guy with black and white hair in Celadon Mansion. The other battle facilitity you’ll find by unlocking Seven Island. Sprites updated to their DS style sprites. New Pokemon Evolution Methods For Trading. …

Pokemon Eris Emerald

New Features Fairy Is A New Type That Has Been Added. A Pokemon Game With A Truly Open World. New in-game interface. The story has been noticably changed(isn’t that obvious anyway?)! Mega Evolution Is Now Possible For Pokemon. DNS Day And Night System.

Pokemon Ascent

New Features Every floor has unique battles which must be completed in sequence to progress Rotating trainer teams. Trainers have additional pokemon and may switch them out randomly between attempts. Operates on a slot by slot basis. All pokemon up to gen 8 Pokemon battle stats tracking (battle …

Pokemon Emerald Cross

New Features Bag sorting Expanded Options: HP bar speed, EXP bar speed, Faster text printer, Unit system (Metrical/Imperial), Fishing style (Emerald vs FR), Overworld Match calls (ON/OFF), Battle intro (ON/OFF) (It disables battle intro sliding anims) Running indoors Auto-run (Press R in the overworld). This also applies to …

Pokemon Quetzal

New Features Stories From The Heart. Unreal System Time: Game clock will start on March 21, 2010 (estimated date on Pokemon Red and Blue timeline when they were put in 1996). The Game Has Been Fully Colored. Many areas are not the same as their origin. The soundtracks …

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