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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Frontier Adventure

New Features Collect all 7 Gold Symbols of the Battle Frontier Become a Master Coordinator in the Contest Hall Spend your off-time at the Game Corner Trying to win enough BP to cover that next big purchase without any battling Save up enough BP to buy stronger Pokemon …

Pokemon Peridoto

New Features New tiles. New gameplay & storyline. Gen 1-4 Pokémon All 386 Pokemon are catchable. Hiden Legendaries.

Pokemon Battle Labyrinth

New Features A complete deviation from the default 8 Gyms, Elite Four, evil team game progression. All Pokemon from generation 1-7 are available for capture, including Alolan forms. An optional Nuzlocke mode, completely implemented with Dupes Clause, Species Clause, and Shiny Clause. An emphasis on challenging gameplay and …

DarkRaichus’ Minor Em

New Features New prizes are available at the Battle Points Exchange Center Event Tickets are handed out upon obtaining access to Mystery Gift Steven can be battled daily and will play the Champion Battle theme Move Tutors will teach daily Gym Leader rematches will now be 1-on-1 battles …

Pokemon Emerald Forces

New Features Many Mega Pokemon, including Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Electivire and Zekrom get their appearance also. Pokemon edits (base stats, learnsets, a few type changes) New Maps Physical/Special Attack Split. Sevii Islands available post game.

Pokemon SwowS!

New Features RUNNING SHOES INSIDE Developed with the pokeemerald disassembly! Check it out on Git! Several new rare items, including Big Nugget, Pearl String, Comet Shard, and even the totally new Comet Dust! Totally revised maps and events, complete with music and layout changes.

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer

New Features New story + long afterstory Two big regions. Difficult end of game content New Characters, Rivals. A Safari Zone

Pocket Gaiden 2

New Features If a Pokemon fainted in any battle, it will gone out. All the Pokemon in Gen I and Gen II are too enough for a complete Kanto story. You will have all of them throughout this game. HM items A new region for exploring. Yup, if …

Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus

New Features Pokemon evolve within specific level ranges, at random. Legendary Pokemons are rarer to get when low level. Every Pokemon has a chance to obtain an Egg move. Every Pokemon can learn moves from the TM/HM you currently have in your bag. HMs can be deposited into …

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