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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon New Emerald

New Features 386 obtainable Pokemon Stone evolutions Fairy type Physical, special status split Moves and abilities updated to gen 7 Black/White Repel System All Pokemon are shiny Training is easier Berry system! Ingame traded Pokemons have perfect IV Mirage Island Contest Removed Golden Pokeballs

Pokemon Emerald Genesis

New Features Generations 4-7 of Pokedex, encounter 386 Pokemon in the world Custom Moves De-capitalized New tilesets and new buildings Day And Night System Fairy Type and the new type chart The Physical/Special/Status Split Repel System Wonder Trading Increased Difficulty Curve Battle Frontier Sets

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

New Features 4 modes to play at the beginning screen Physical/Special split More Amazing and Better Story Custom UI Rechallenge GYM leaders The good TMs are available in the Lilycove market New starter choices: Beldum, Ralts, Gastly Updated Tilesets Customized E4 parties Wild encounters have been more evenly …

Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth

New Features New story based on Flora Sky story New Region and World Map New characters New sprites and tilesets New maps Battle Engine New Gym Leaders

Pokemon 0x800000

New Features Porygon as starter Whole new region! MANY POKEMON and MOVES buffed! Team Magma Heartland: Gym system replaced by Magma Recruitment Posts. Slightly tweaked Pallettes on maps All Evolutions obtainable

The Nostalgic Emerald Hack

New Features A massive roster of 250 Pokemon! Gameboy era graphics! Gym leaders now have Pokemon to reflect the Generation shift! A massive amount of Nostalgia! Day and Night!

Pokemon Double Emerald

New Features Edit event Pokemon De-capitalize text Bug fixes More obtainable Pokemon Ability to obtain event legendaries Map changes

Slightly Modified Emerald

New Features Physical/special split New trainer and gym leader rosters, including match call. Partial de-capitalisation Some new moves New Starters are: Bulbasaur, Chimchar and Totodile. A whole new dex. Stat totals + listing will be available in a document. New movesets, abilities and stats. More balanced stat totals. …

Pokemon CAOS

New Features Translate from English to Spanish New starters and characters More Pokemon to catch

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