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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Magic Emerald

New Features Every pokemon from gen 1-3 catchable. Battle trainers from other regions. Take on a new challenge at the Pokepark Theme park. Increased difficulty to spice up gameplay. Less grinding. Every event location accessible. EV Training location.

Pokemon Jewel

New Features A whole new region. Custom regional Pokedex. Pokemon from gen 1-7 so far. The gen 5 starters The Pokeemerald-expansion that includes Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine V2 Music from the gen 4 and gen 5 games. Regional variants of Pokemon that have adapted to the cold nature of …

Pokemon Inclement Emerald

New Features Massive Pokemon variety Modern Battle Engine Enhanced Pokedex Custom Mega Evolutions Custom EXP System Weather Rework More TMs and Tutors Two versions – Rebalanced and Standard Increased Difficulty Three Difficulty Settings Massive Bag Decapitalisation

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island

New Features Every trainer battle is a double battle Increased accuracy for certain moves Four gyms and the elite four Gen 3 National Dex Pokemon, but most high tier mons aren’t available to the player A relatively forgiving level curve Move tutors that can be reused

Pokemon Emerald’s Eight

New Features Party size of up to 8 members on both player and enemy parties. New 4/4 party manu layout. Gen 6+ Exp. Share. Custom gym leader, elite 4 and champion 8-member teams. Reusable TM’s. Indoors running. New music on gym leader battles. Starter Tyrogue along with the …

Pokemon Emerald Open

New Features Story events removed Every single city or town except for Pacifidlog can be accessed as soon as you obtain your starter Most trainers won’t start a battle against you HMs obtained upon obtaining the badge that allow their use Obtain 50 Pokeballs, 20 fluffy tails, exp …

Pokemon Chaos Emerald

New Features Including no need to teach field HMs, more engaging and surprising battles, fairy type, night time, some new moves and abilities, and most important of all, the removal of that stupid fish gyarados. The game also features almost all of the pokemon from gens 4-7 including …

Pokemon JKR

New Features Major events changed to new and/or holiday themed ones. Generation 6 and 7 Pokemon! The Black 2/White 2 Repel System. All the boss fights will have 6 Pokemon. This demo lasts for 20 minutes. A Search Mode Has Been Added.

Pokemon 2050

New Features Physical/Special split Gen 7 movesets No items in trainer battles Re-usable move tutors and TMs A curated, custom Pokedex featuring Pokemon up to Gen 7

Pokemon Mega Prime Emerald X

New Features Gen 1-8 Pokemons New Generation 8 Starters New Gen 6-8 wild Pokemons New Characters (Damaged Color/BETA) New city and region reworked New improved building designs New Locations Harder Way New Gen 7 legendaries Isle of Guardians is now available (Arceus,Palkia,Dialga) Alolan Vulpix Sancturay (AVS) Is now …

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