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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse

New Features Mega Evolution. Sidequests. Day & Night System Day/Night system will be faster. After saving Pikachu, it will follow you till the end.

Pokemon Another Emerald

New Features Physical/Special Split. All Game Decap. Infinite Mts (YoY-X Patch). Forget MOs Modified zones and cities in the game. Pokemon of Kanto/ Johto in Routes of Hoenn. Most pokemon have new Movesets. All Eeveelutions in the game (And one more..) HP Bars and Protagonist Sprites new style. …

Pokemon Emerald: Mystery Magikarp Edition

New Features Every Pokemon has Magikarp’s sprites Every Pokemon has Magikarp’s Pokedex entry Every Pokemon is named Magikarp Messed up sprite animations because I got lazy and only inserted one frame of Magikarp Interesting graphical glitches/deformed Magikarp

Pokemon Emerald Balanced

New Features Heavy, amazing story! Run inside and outside freely as you want A lot of new tiles Day & Night Real Time System All 387 Pokemon are available Moves have been revamped Pokemon Types have been revamped, Ice t ypes have been buffed EV Training Spots have …

Pokemon Darkfire

New Features Brand New Region to Explore! Completely Custom Music Infinite TMs 252 EV Cap Stat Nature Colors Running Indoors Randomized Battle Tournaments Danger Battles FR/LG Flash Rock/Vine Climb without a Pokemon

Pokemon Emerald Trashlocke Edition

New Features Edited encounters Every Routes Wild Pokemon has been changed Starters to Slugma, Sunkern and Goldeen Static Pokemon encounters Restricted access to certain areas New opening cutscene

Pokemon Blazing Emerald

New Features Trainer AI has been overhauled Steep, yet fair, difficulty curve Battle backgrounds from Heart Gold and Soul Silver All Poke Balls up to Gen 7 The Game Corner now offers 3 unique Pokemon A fully functioning Shiny Charm New items and new item locations Modified and …

Pokemon New Emerald

New Features 386 obtainable Pokemon Stone evolutions Fairy type Physical, special status split Moves and abilities updated to gen 7 Black/White Repel System All Pokemon are shiny Training is easier Berry system! Ingame traded Pokemons have perfect IV Mirage Island Contest Removed Golden Pokeballs

Pokemon Emerald Genesis

New Features Generations 4-7 of Pokedex, encounter 386 Pokemon in the world Custom Moves De-capitalized New tilesets and new buildings Day And Night System Fairy Type and the new type chart The Physical/Special/Status Split Repel System Wonder Trading Increased Difficulty Curve Battle Frontier Sets

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

New Features 4 modes to play at the beginning screen Physical/Special split More Amazing and Better Story Custom UI Rechallenge GYM leaders The good TMs are available in the Lilycove market New starter choices: Beldum, Ralts, Gastly Updated Tilesets Customized E4 parties Wild encounters have been more evenly …

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