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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Smooth Pearl

New Features Two new evil teams: Ander and Cypher. Evil Evil Villas Yakanaka (To the garden). Dungeons were remapped. Double battle, including partner team up. You can use the Trade function with Gifted Pokemon to expand your collection. 75 completly new kinds of Pokemons.

Pokemon Emerald Revamp

New Features New Gym Leaders and Pokemon Rivals. Skill Masters. Many new custom moves! Stats and Leaderboards contains a database of the game. You can get the National Dex right after talking to Professor Oak at the beginning. New Evolution Method.

Pokemon Ultra Smeraldo

New Features 6 badges in total. There is a dark gym also. 7 Battle Frontiers. And A Lot More! New Region – Entirely new region for you to explore! Puzzles That Necessitate Some Thought. Gen 4, 5, and 6 moves (All Pokemon learn their best egg moves by …

Pokemon Rose Emerald

New Features Completely rebalanced and buffed almost all pokemon to be viable in a normal or nuzlocked playthrough of the game. Higher difficulty bosses and trainers in an attempt to make the game challenging yet not completely overbearingly difficult. Reworked some pokemon such as Smeargle or Wobbuffet Barring …

Pokemon Sharp Diamond

New Features PLENTY of small sidequests to keep you busy. Characters and Rivals from Pokemon Ruby. Also the Pokemon Sprites from the DS system. Catching Pokemon is easier. 101 Pokemon from Gen IV and Gen V are added. New starter Pokemon.

Double Up Delevelled

New Features No Levels Trade evolutions have been fixed to either a Level or Stone Move Tutors and TMs are reusable Every trainer with two or more Pokemon is a double battle All Gen 1-3 obtainable with an altered encounter list Poison stops at 1 HP Updated Rough …

Pokemon Magic Emerald

New Features Every pokemon from gen 1-3 catchable. Battle trainers from other regions. Take on a new challenge at the Pokepark Theme park. Increased difficulty to spice up gameplay. Less grinding. Every event location accessible. EV Training location.

Pokemon Jewel

New Features A whole new region. Custom regional Pokedex. Pokemon from gen 1-7 so far. The gen 5 starters The Pokeemerald-expansion that includes Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine V2 Music from the gen 4 and gen 5 games. Regional variants of Pokemon that have adapted to the cold nature of …

Pokemon Inclement Emerald

New Features Massive Pokemon variety Modern Battle Engine Enhanced Pokedex Custom Mega Evolutions Custom EXP System Weather Rework More TMs and Tutors Two versions – Rebalanced and Standard Increased Difficulty Three Difficulty Settings Massive Bag Decapitalisation

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island

New Features Every trainer battle is a double battle Increased accuracy for certain moves Four gyms and the elite four Gen 3 National Dex Pokemon, but most high tier mons aren’t available to the player A relatively forgiving level curve Move tutors that can be reused

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