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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Atlas Emerald

New Features Kanto and Johto are kind of Semi-Open World You need Surf to access Sevii Islands Fly is only usable to fast travel to Hoenn Towns/Cities. There’s a fast travel between Saffron City (Kanto) and Goldenrod City (Johto) – Train Station First Gyms Leaders in Kanto and …

Pokemon: Isles of Mariyama

New Features Updated Game Engine: IoM uses pokeemerald-expansion as the base game engine, which includes a ton of features from battle upgrades to all Pokemon up to generation 8! Unique Story: Explore three (one as of alpha v1) different islands, each with brimming personalities, and uncover the truth …

Pokemon Glimmering Emerald

New Features Built upon pokeemerald-expansion Uses pokeemerald-expansion developed by RHH for updated features. The main thing being the battle engine which has Pokemon up to Gen VI (+ regional forms), moves and items. Most other config options are set to Generation VI standards. Day Night System (Credit: Sierraffinity) …

Pokemon Eevee Emerald

New Features Mostly-vanilla experience, with some minor changes here and there. Eevee as a fourth starter option. Implemented of Eevee in various areas to make it feel like a natural part of Hoenn’s Local PokéDex. Changed every rival battle to account for every possible starter (See documentation). Fully …

Pokemon Theta Emerald: The Last Dance

New Features 999 Pokemon, all done from the ground up and updated 200+ Abilities, including a new one for Palafin 😉 700+ Moves, and moves modified to be a bit better 600+ Items, most from the most current generation Jack in all Pokemon Centers (Move Tutor, Name Rater, …

Pokemon Unbalanced Emerald

New Features There Are A Lot Of Custom Pokemon Sprites. You can face some special Pokemon of many different trainers. Amazing story. Obtain A Large Number Of Pokemon. New plot, new maps, new scripts, new gameplay, new overworlds. Pokeball Changer.

Pokemon Parallel Emerald

New Features Check IVs and EVs from party menu Flying from the menu right after tutorial BW2 Repel System More bag pockets and bag sorting Register multiple items Nature Changer and Move Reminder in every Pokemon Center Toggleable Auto Run Feature Cheaper Healing Items Rare candies available to …

Pokemon Elite Redux

New Features Up to 4 Abilities At The Same Time: Every Pokemon can have up to 3 switchable abilities along with up to 3 fixed ones (innates). This creates fun new strategies and endless replayability, as you can play many Pokemon in several ways. Imagine Gyarados with Moxie …

Pokemon Emerald Murphy Edition

New Features HP’s New HP Bar. New Evolution Stones Have Appeared. Finish the Vega Triology. New maps, new scripts, new tiles. New storyline with 100% ending, for completing various things. NPCs that say kinda useful stuff sometimes.

Techno Emerald

New Features Soft Caps for Bosses (Candy Caps) Instant Text Infinite Poke Vial Candy Bag Poke Rider No EVs View IVs by pressing L on stat screen Slightly Altered Story Mega Evolution Custom Field Effects Free Move Releaner Type Changes New Moves & Abilities

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