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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Wonder Guard

Storyline The storyline follows the same as Pokemon Emerald but the catch is that every Pokemon has Wonder Guard as an Ability instead of their normal Abilities. (Note: Wonder Guard Ability means that only “Super Effective” Moves Hit the foe). I know this sounds silly at first but …

Pokemon Summer Splash

Storyline You were all alone on a dark and stormy Summer’s Eve… When a magical creature appears before you, begging you to save her kingdom from the evil MerPeople from the Other Kingdom! In a frantic attempt to save them you are captured by the ones you went …

Pokemon Emerald Region Starter

New Features All Starter Pokemon from Kanto to Unova are obtainable. Sinnoh & Unova Starter Pokemon. Able to visit the Event Islands (Southern Island, Navel Rock, Birth Island & Faraway Island). Able to enter the Sinnoh & Unova starter Pokemon in the Battle Frontier. Altering Cave now has …

Pokemon Emerald Z

New Features You can use Mega Evolution for your Pokemon in this game, especially Charmander right from the beginning. The first Route will covers more worth-catching Pokemon now. Your in-game rivals will choose the different Pokemon than usual.

Pokemon Sigma Emerald

New Features Updated Match Call rematch teams that closely resemble ORAS’s. Gym rematches except for Liza and Tate are in singles format. Like the E4 and Champion, Gym Leader matches show mugshots before battle. Steven can be re-battled once a day. Elite Four + Champion have new dialogue …

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