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Tag: Emerald Hacks

Pokemon Eternal Elbait

New Features Physical/Special Split from generation IV Extended Pokemon up to 650 (Gen I-V) New moves from gen IV-VI Fairy types New evolution types and method Regional Pokedex is extended to 255 New TM list New Move tutor list Unlimited TM and Move Tutor usage New pallete Some …

Pokemon Hyper Emerald 807

New Features New sprites, new tiles and graphics New storyline and gameplay New regions Pokedex up to Gen 7

Pokemon Emerald Final

New Features Physical/Special Split National Pokedex enabled from the start HM moves are eraseable Visual day/night cycle Move Tutors are now reusable Mirage Island always spawns Rare berries now purchaseable Flash now lights up the whole screen Maximum money is 9,999,999 Game fully de-capitalized Ability Switcher in the …

Moemon Emerlad Fore

New Features Four entirely custom regions, with 39 badges to obtain Engaging plotline High quality mapping with custom tiles from XxMl33tCharzardXxX. Over 20 rivals to fight over in this living, breathing world. Absolutely no changes to the beloved mechanics of gen 3!

Pokemon Conversion Emerald

New Features Many new types of Pokemon All base stats have been rebalanced TMs and HMs are reusable now The catch rate is higher Special evolution

Pokemon Snowy White

New Features Update to Pokemon USUM’s all of Pok√©mon 700+ Moves Proper Physical/Special Split 100+ Abilities Fairy-type New/Updated Items 100+ REUSABLE TMs Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion/Z move system Battle Frontier Updated New Repel System Level 1 Eggs New Battle Backgrounds Harder Difficulty Gen 1-7 Gym leaders and Elite four …

Project Pokemon Emerald

New Features New Move sets/learnsets from Omega Ruby and Sapphire Physical and Special Split Fairy Types New Abilites/Updated Abilities New Move effects and animations Mega Evolutions(not yet implemented in game) All by ChaCha

The Inscription of the Heaven

New Features Three different endings Unlock hard mode Wild battles will be now Double Quick time event actions Faction and reputation system

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