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Tag: English Language Hacks

Pokemon Red Everywhere 2022

New Features Update trainer until Route 15 MAYOR UPDATE Using sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Trainer’s Bike and Surf Sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Play as GREEN All NPCs are RED Increase difficulity (all trainer has potion and revive & HAS SIX POKEMON) SOME TRAINER HAS SHINY TEAMS …

Pokemon Sacred Phoenix

New Features A mature scenario rich in myths and legends, and where the Legendaries are honored as gods. Three Dragon Starters: Dratini, Bagon and Gible. Unique tilesets for a medieval-fantasy atmosphere Mapping using the terraforming technique: all Keltios maps have a realistic relief and are perfectly joined. An …

Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen

New Features Incredibly busted versions of the Johto starters replace your traditional Kanto starters! yay. Modified list of obtainable Pokemon – only 255 are obtainable, with a few juicy extras being there for enemy trainers only 🙂 Harder fights that will make you question your existence Quality of …

Pokemon Brillant Emerald

New Features Fairy Type Buffed Gym Leaders’s Teams for more difficulty All 386 Pokemons available Items from 4 and 5 Gen Attacks & Abilities from Gen 4 and 5 !

Digimon Emerald Project

New Features 350+ new monsters with unique stats, abilities, Typing, and movepools built from the ground-up! No more filler mons! Every single Digimon is viable! Don’t be afraid to build a team out of your favourite Digimon! As many as five or even six stages for prominent Digimon! …

Pokemon Garbage Green

New Features Edited encounters to have only Pokemon from the National Dex that are bad for FRLG. Every Route’s Wild Pokemon has been changed. Changed the starters to Slugma, Paras, and Goldeen Changed static Pokemon encounters – many encounters that have overworld sprites are now Ditto Restricted access …

Pokemon OIA

New Features E4 Parties With A Personal Touch. New soundtracks for battling and going everywhere. Aside From The Main Plot, There Are Numerous Events. The Brand New Hero. Many Pokemon – A good portion of the 386 ADV gen Pokemon will be obtainable. Sinnoh Region.

Pokemon Hegemony

New Features New Mega Evolutions Wartime forms for Pokemon New type: Cosmic – a typing discovered in Parthenia after the government attempted to expand to outer space to gain a military advantage. New abilities and moves All 898 Pokemon available through Sword and Shield will be available by …

Pokemon Dregs

New Features Everyone’s favorite trio, the Elemental Monkeys, as the starters! No HMs other than Surge are required to progress through the main story. But hidden goodies can be found only with them! Tough Gym Leaders that all use a full team of 6, with held items, and …

Pokemon Peace & Love

New Features A complete Game Guide (more than 100 page of Informations!). Several New Items Have Been Added. Some unreasonable cutscene were arranged to make more sense. 16 Trophies. Evolution At The Mega/Primal Level. You Have The Ability To Capture All 721 Pokemon.

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