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Tag: English Language Hacks

DarkRaichus’ Minor Em

New Features New prizes are available at the Battle Points Exchange Center Event Tickets are handed out upon obtaining access to Mystery Gift Steven can be battled daily and will play the Champion Battle theme Move Tutors will teach daily Gym Leader rematches will now be 1-on-1 battles …

Pokemon Unown Ruins

New Features Item prices, trades are changed. Starters: Professor Herb offers the pokemon of your choice between Chespin, Fenniken, or Froakie!! After finishing the main game, you can continue to explore the Sinnoh Region. Gym leaders and Elite Four members now deviate slightly from their type restrictions. This …

Pokemon Midnight (Chapter 1)

New Features Random dungeons instead of traditional routes Level scaling trainers for that open-world feel™ About 2 hours of content(!) Way too many obscure references to Synthwave/1980s music culture​

Pokemon Fire Red Definitive Edition

New Features 386 Pokemon from Generation I, II, III Game Enviroments: Snow, Desert and Industry Generation 4&5 moves New quests Physical/Special Split from Gen IV.

Pokemon Cross Stadium

New Features The overworld is now as detailed and as massive as possible. Some old characters make a cameo in this game: Professor Oak, Brenden and May, Bill, Brock. New world map All Legendary/Mythical Pokémon can be captured New moves and abilities of Pokemon, Fakemon.

Dungeon Explorer

New Features Explore the ever randomized dungeon, every room you walk into has a connection to a random room, you never know where you’ll end up, or where you’ve already bin. A customized regional dex, filled with lots of rarer pokemon, and common ones too, create teams. Buffed …

The Game Has Ended

New Features Mega Evolution De-capitalization, in the style of the 4th Gen games. You can create evolution items (the stones, though). The newest type Fairy. There is a small side-story after finishing the main game.

Pokemon Emerald Forces

New Features Many Mega Pokemon, including Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Electivire and Zekrom get their appearance also. Pokemon edits (base stats, learnsets, a few type changes) New Maps Physical/Special Attack Split. Sevii Islands available post game.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Legendary Edition

New Features Male Gender: You have 40% of it being Mew. 30% of you being Jirachi. 15% of you being Celebi. 5% of you being Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Charmander. Female Gender: You have 75% of you being Celebi: 40% normal. 35% pink (shiny). 20% for you to be …

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