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Tag: English Language Hacks

Velvet Sapphire

New Features Multiple new locations have been added to the game which allow the player to traverse the world without needing HM moves. Legendaries have been added to the game, it is possible to catch every Gen 3 Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are stronger. New stationary Pokemon have been …

Pokemon Dauntless Black

New Features Scaling Difficulty. Variety is the spice of battle. ..Also the spice of training. Wild encounters have been changed to be much more varied. Themes for everyone. Enemy trainers are generally built around certain themes or strategies. Held for your convenience. Thief is available early and many …

Pokemon Emerald Complete Safari

New Features You can buy Rare Candy at the Black Market. Eevee Now Has A New Pixie Stone. A whole new region to explore and search for Pokemon. 4 regions: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Alola. Visit the previous regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. Alph Puzzel Ruins Enable!

Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX

New Features Added some Pokemon from deneb and procyon. Galaxia added. Fruitius added. Demini line added. pukuhamu line added now named yuyumuff and yuyudamé Puribonbon switza’s evo was added almost all pokemon have new sprites from deneb and procyon alot of old sprites were touched up by me …

Pokemon Añil

New Features An island full of secrets to explore. All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V. HP’s New HP Bar. New battle effects. Physical/Special Split is fully activated. The starters will now come from Generation VI.

Pokemon Fire Gold 2022

New Features pss split! New moves, Abilities, and items! Fairy type! Apricorns you can collect daily, and turn them into Apricorn Balls! Bug Catching Contest but open park! Roaming Legendaries! Gym Leader, Elite Four rebattle! Trainers with VS seeker rebattle! (like in the original GSC) Regional Forms! Daily …

Pokemon Omegatastrophe

New Features Higher difficulty compared to the official games Curated Pokedex of about 400 Pokemon Regional Variants – some Pokemon have experienced strange and rapid transformations to survive in their new environment Explore a drought ravaged Hoenn, discover which towns have made the best of it and which …

Pokemon Epilog Z

New Features The “new” Kalos Region: The Kalos Region has been extended… it now concludes the north (known from X and Y) and the south which couldn’t be reached five years ago, due to some disagreements between the heads of both Regions. Characters: The Professors, Team Neo Flare …

Pokemon Eris Emerald

New Features Fairy Is A New Type That Has Been Added. A Pokemon Game With A Truly Open World. New in-game interface. The story has been noticably changed(isn’t that obvious anyway?)! Mega Evolution Is Now Possible For Pokemon. DNS Day And Night System.

Pokemon Long Lost

New Features The ability to switch between two characters at any point Inspired by Encanto, Turning Red, and Everything Everywhere All At Once Changed some dialogue Added the words “So long” and “Long Lost” in the game like I originally intended It is no longer possible to battle …

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