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Tag: English Language Hacks

Pokemon Naruto 4.0

New Features Geodude Is Purely Of The Rock Type. Catastrophes: Meteorite crashes, ice ages, flooding And so on and on and on…. At The Start Of The Game, There Was A National Dexterity Test. New evil Teams. HM And TM Lists Have Been Updated. Right from the beginning, …

Pokemon Argentum

New Features Some new places to discover. Fishing For FR/LG. Set In The New Colo Region! New Repel System. Lots of humorous dialogues. Whole New Region Solia.

Pokemon Tengai

New Features Green Quests are Main Story Quests. Cyan Quests are vital to progressing the main story. Red Quests are optional.

Pokemon Redemption

New Features Generations 1 thru 8 Regional Pokedex with hundreds of Pokemon Field Effects, some new, some old Regional Variant Pokemon Updated and adjusted learnsets Custom TM and TR lists Original Soundtrack

Pokemon Uprising Version

New Features Underground System Supercontests Poffins Mega Evolution SmartPoketch New (evolution) items! Double screen system Honey Trees System Video Cutscenes Smartphone compatibility!

Pokemon Fairy Delta

New Features The silent protagonist is now a bit mentally snarky 😛 Game has static encounters in spades. The game might contian bugs, playtesting was a big issue Some evolutions changed: Pumpkaboo and Phantump evolve with Leaf Stone, Cutiefly and Ferrorhorn evolve at lower levels, Luvdisk evolves into …

Kanto Trading Card Game

New Features All Pokemon cards have been modified to have any of the following: new attacks, HP, energy requirements. Most of these cards resemble cards from the Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge series All cards and trainers have received custom sprite work Sprite work that is not custom has been …

Pokemon [K]arma

New Features All Pokemon Have A B2/W2 Moveset. Run inside the houses. Mega Evolution Has Arrived. The Main Characters Are Introduced. Our Players Will Be Followed By A Pokemon. Sprites overworld from Gen II.


New Features Some mechanics from 4-6 generation. New Rivals And Opponents To Contend With. Events and wild Pokemon based on the time. Amazing Tiles. The Difficulty Is Now Greater Than It Was Previously. The difficulty was increased.


New Features With the running shoes on, you can beat the game in 5 minutes, so no need to rush XXV Asset Pack Sleeping Snorlax OW Sprite Battle Backgrounds

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