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Tag: Final Version Hacks

Pokemon Gold Unova

New Features Three areas (Kanto, Johto & Hoenn) A whole new never before seen story line. 491 Pokémon available to capture. Trainers, gym leaders have become stronger All Pokemon of all generations are available for catching.

DOT Debug

New Features A completely new mini game Fun to relax GUI interface and support multi devices

Pokemon Indian Platinum

New Features You can have different starters. Valto region Explore two different regions Edited maps and cities, caves, forests… New items.

Pokemon Pocket Gaiden

New Features 3 Regions Remastered Pokemon Music New evil Teams. The author has randomized everything in this game. Great graphics, sprites and tiles

Do Or Die

New Features Easy to use hacking tool A Starter Kit features Faster to use

Poke’s Bizzare Adventure

New Features An overworld Pikachu sprite. How Gnarly Tubular Rad! Only one starter: A Furret Two possible endings, depending on your actions in the game Start at Celadon City and venture through slightly modified Kanto No Pokemon catching Revives are more expensive, making fainting much more punishable Black …

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse

New Features Mega Evolution. Sidequests. Day & Night System Day/Night system will be faster. After saving Pikachu, it will follow you till the end.

Buu’s Fury – The Hard Way

New Features All enemies have been modified Base stats of all the characters are changed Some menu text has been changed

Pokemon Unity 2D

New Features Cross-platform Customizability (easy to create and manage custom tools and editors within the program) Improved performance by using a modern engine (RMXP is a very old engine, and struggles with some aspects of performance even with default Essentials) Documentation (starting from scratch, this gives the ability …

Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish

New Features Fairy type included. New graphics. Your Pokemon can follow you.(My priority for the game ) New Music and Sound All 721 POKEMONs are on POKéDEX (not all is available)

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