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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Ash Hoenn

New Features You’re The One. All Pokemon are available for capture in at least one area before the Elite Four. Nearly all 386 Pokemon are capturable in this game, although some legendaries are missing. End of HM, only Pokemon capacity or tools. If you are fainted, a death …

Gentlemon Classy Red

New Features The Classy Edition will house the first 151 Gentlemon while the Charming Edition will hold the remainder. Trading will be kept inorder to bring Gentleman from all around together. Or you may select the Charming Edition for a opportune chance to nab all 386 Gentlemon The …

Pokemon Fire Red Minus

New Features Pokemon Sprites from Crystal Original RBY maps remade with GSC sprites with about 99% accuracy OW sprites from gen 2 as well Battle background and UI elements from GSC “Emu Edition” so you don’t miss out on any of your version exclusive bros

Moemon Bonds

New Features MOEMONS(WHAT ELSE LOL?) MOE POOL! FOLLOW ME events and minigames! Double MOEbattles galore! Exclusive MOE moves! Moemon character mugshots! New region/world! New story! MOE Sidequests! Hidden secrets to be unveiled! Physical and Special split! Fairy typing!(<3) Move alterations Some moves from gen 4+ Gen1-8 MOEMONS EV-IV …

Pokemon Battle World

New Features You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon by leveling them up. New Sprites and Tiles. Modified TM list. You’ll have to rethink your options for moves! De-Capitalized Game. Lots of fakemon. Scaling Of Wild And Trainer Levels.

Pokemon Bloody Red

New Features Costumized stats, moves, types and abilities Max EVs All legendaries except the starters Cannot be caught Completely gen 3 experience Cannot get out of gyms until you defeat the boss Trainer battles with ubers Trainers with max IVs Boss battles with 6 team and full restores …

Pokemon Fire Red Rival Variation

New Features Modified HUD that shows your party. PROTECTORS. Includes All Pokemon From Gen 1-7 include to add any more in future. Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Morning/Day/Night music in many places/routes/towns! You now become Wally in the whole …

Pokemon Demon Island

New Features Physical/Special Split All trainers are changed to Shadows with their own Tier Increased Difficulty New and Changed Pokemon species New Evil Team Sinned Seven as the Elite Four New Powerful Legendary Pokemon Depressing atmosphere Dark storyline

Pokemon Naki

New Features A Slew Of New, Rare Pokemon Have Been Added. New Items And Moves. You May Purchase The Outfits For Yourself. A new system for Berries. You can find that they are regrown everyday. There are Fakemon. Yes, Fakemon is a combination between two Pokemon at the …

Pokemon Edicion Team Rocket

New Features All gen I-III berries available. Familiar Faces – You will notice several Gym Leaders have been replaced with characters from different Regions! See if you can spot them all. Pokemon From Generation I To Generation V. Diamond Forest Happenings. Characters Have Been Added. New item called …

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