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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Girls Hunter

New Features Travel to Kanto region New story to play Pokémon from Kanto-Unova (not all yet, definitely more to come) Typing fixes New Tiles РRealistic and beautiful new buildings in each city.

Pokemon Aquamarine Version

New Features New Region based off South America Starter is Eevee New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender Added custom “Fakemon” Customized Trainers Increased overall trainer level Added Fairy Type Decapitalized a ton of stuff

Pokemon Dark Workship

New Features 8 Gyms of combined Pokemon types 350 capturable Pokemon Fairy types and a gen 6 type chart to facilitate this Stater Selection between Tyrogue, Solosis, and Sandile Elite Battle System, Modular Menu, Backup autosaving (does not overwrite save), Animated Pokemon Battlers and a huge pack of …

Pokemon Sun Red

New Features Physical/Special Split Over 400 new Attacks with new Move Effects Fairy added to replace Added Fire as a Fairy weakness Ice now resists Dragon and Water Steel now Resists Fighting and Weak to Psychic Day and Night Cycle Added Type: Null & Silvally Pokemon Changes New …

Pokemon Stigma Version

New Features New story, based on creepy pastas, fan theories, famous glitches and general Pokemon lore Custom sprites, maps and overworlds Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh & Unova 8 Gym Badges and Elite Four Characters from the main games, such as May, Dawn, Brendan and Ethan Custom …


New Features Many different (non-humanoid) creatures from many different franchises as catchable Pokemon, each with their own unique stats, typing, movepools and abilities. Some map changes A physical/special split A different story Moves from newer generations and some custom moves Familiar characters as trainers or gym leaders

Pokemon Maia Version

New Features Open World Infinite hours of gameplay Zero hours of fun Bugs! Yes it’s a feature. Ugly palettes! No seriously, there’s nothing to do except walk.

Pokemon Swore and Shilled

New Features 151 new poorly drawn Pokemon A whole new Galar region to explore A whole new story that is a complete disgrace to the Pokemon franchise as a whole Some new bad music A whole Pokedex, catchable in a single playthrough Tons of edited text Your bike …

Pokemon Red Everywhere

New Features A lot of sidequests Mind-Control mechanic to turn fighters into Time Breakers, Destruction Kings or Tuffle Hybrids. Leader’s Game Competition, Rivalry, John and Elite 4 have a much better team with substitute characters that have their privilege. New Pokeballs. The Pokemon of the gym leaders are …


New Features All 251 Pokemon from the first two generations are modified. On top of that, roughly 20 moves were modified, some only slightly. All Pokemon who evolve via leveling up (including Friendship and other variations) and via trading, now evolve via Rare Candy.

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