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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon FireRed Distorted

New Features Pokemon sprites are creepy; New scripts; New maps; New tiles; More than different plot; New characters;

Pokemon Fire Red: Essence

New Features Fire Red/Leaf Green exclusives present in all areas Pokemon that normally evolve by trading now evolve at level 37 NPCs on Six Island will give you the fossil and fighting Pokemon you did not pick Pinsir is now available as a prize at the game corner …

Pokemon Kanto Origins

New Features There are some balances of learnsets, evolution levels, base experience, growth rates, catch rates, held items. The usefulness and strength of each Pokemon are also different. In The Wild Areas, There Are Double Battles. The graphics and sprites come from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Pokemon Reserves – …

Pokemon Rough Red

New Features All of 807 Pokemons available. 18 Different Gyms in total! (3 in the current release). All 251 Pokemon available. Evolutions of certain Pokemon has been altered, e.g. Graveller evolves into Golem at LV.36 and Onix into Steelix at LV.30, rather than by trading. New Battle Reversal …

Pokemon Odyssey

New Features New story and region; Double battles only, unless you only have one Pokemon; No Gym leaders/evil team/elite4, it’s time to explore! Every Pokemon has been rebalanced; Available mons: gen 1 to 3, gen 4 evolutions and extras like Farigiraf; Multiple difficulties and soft level caps; EV-IV …

Pokemon Dark Worship 2023

New Features Team matches: You also fight with partner. There’s A Lot Of Tropical Fun In The Sun. Maps are remade. All Soundtracks Have Been Remixed. New Animations Are Available. Custom Moves & Abilities.

Pokemon Crown

New Features Completely revamped battle engine. (No more turn based combat!) Unique Pokemon Battle System, featuring Pokemon from all gens Online PvP New items and previous items reimagined for auto battle combat New catching mechanics Every UI completely custom Day and Night system/encounters/stuff Quest System Boss battles, and …

Pokemon Red Everywhere 2022

New Features Update trainer until Route 15 MAYOR UPDATE Using sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Trainer’s Bike and Surf Sprite from Gen IV (HGSS) Play as GREEN All NPCs are RED Increase difficulity (all trainer has potion and revive & HAS SIX POKEMON) SOME TRAINER HAS SHINY TEAMS …

Pokemon BasedRedCringeGreen

New Features Incredibly busted versions of the Johto starters replace your traditional Kanto starters! yay. Modified list of obtainable Pokemon – only 255 are obtainable, with a few juicy extras being there for enemy trainers only 🙂 Harder fights that will make you question your existence Quality of …

Pokemon The Last Renoval Red

New Features Slightly tweaked Pallettes on maps. All the animation will be in the style of Gen V. Gigantic pockets. New introscreen. New Gyms with Leaders. Two battles with the team of partners.

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