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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Fire XY

New Features Minor changes in gameplay Six moves from TMs have been replaced by more useful moves. 420 Pokemon on the Pokedex Multiplayer battling/ Trading New Game Plot

Pokemon Naillevaihcam

New Features A few later gen Pokémon and moves Physical/Special Split Fairy Type Improved Exp. Share and Lucky Eggs Some custom music Lots of puzzles Traverse between parallel realms No Pokédex, Badges, Money, Shops, Map, Potions, Help or Escape!

Pokemon New Beyond

New Features New Region to explore. To discovery in Alpine region and find the legends. Over 600 Pokemon especially from Gen 4, 5, and 6. Updated Sprites for both Trainers and Pokemon. Updated Moves to improve their power of each attacks and their PPs. Moves Replacements like Recycle …

Pokemon Kanlara Classic

New Features Various bug fixes New dialogue for tons of NPC characters that previously didn’t have any original text Since Kanlara Adventures never had a balance patch (Only in Remastered did the game receive one), there will be a change to the level curve and the parties of …

Pokemon Corona Edition

New Features Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia, the special PKMNs in the hack. High quality mapping with custom tiles from XxMl33tCharzardXxX. All 156 Unova Pokemon have been added Minigames – Fun games to play when you’re bored. New Territories

Pokemon Splashing em to death

New Features Removed Attack power of HM’s so there is no need for the HM script for now” Changed all wild encounters to Magikarp Changed all trainers pokemon to Magikarp Removed Evolution by level for Magikarp Changed almost all events like snorelax/free pokemon Turn a modded GBA into …

Pokemon Dimensiones Alteradas

New Features A Brand New Region Your Pokemon world looks like a Pokemon game on the NDS now. Maybe the author loves NDS Pokemon games so much, he choose the DS-style sprites for everything. More exactly, the Pokemon Black/White styled graphics is used and including some new animated …

Pokemon Marron Merda 2

New Features Much more. New gym leaders. Fairy type included. There are 10 gyms (2 gyms after the first Elite Four). So many gyms to battle and train, level up your Pokemon. Different kinds of animal

Pokemon New Era

New Features A new Region is waiting after finishing Kanto Region. New scripts. Characters as Soccer players The region of Zulfer Music from GSC.

Pokemon Climax

New Features New scripts. Custom Region – Saelio! Play online, no need to download Eight gym and Pokemon League, but it is a secondary school. A deep storyline.

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