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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Fused Dimensions

New Features A dex full of fusions, 226 to be more precise, all of them obtainable Mega evolution added Custom Dex entries for every fusion Forgettable HMs Infinite TMs Physical and Special Split Fairy Type, and Fairy Type moves added The last Gym leaders as well as the …

Digimon Nova Red

New Features Starter changed. New Professor. Many soundtracks from different Pokemon games, from Heart Gold/Soul Silver to Black/White. Many different characters. Brock Is Not The First Gym Leader To Emerge. Ugly palettes.

Pokemon Ciano’s Quest RELOADED

New Features The movesets for Pokemon are updated with the move effects – base power – accuracy also. Many New Scripts And Events Have Been Added. There will be three “guests” as we known: Red, Green, Blue. 21 STARTERS. If your Pokemon cannot be familiar to you, surely …

Spectrobes GBA

New Features What the heck is the story What the heck you’ll be doing What the heck kinda monsters you’ll be collecting What the heck you’ll be listening to What the heck kinda core mechanics exist

PokeLand 0 Episode 1 Rise of Darkness

New Features Interesting Turnbased-Battles Puzzles & Dungeons Sidequests Story-oriented Gameplay Minigames A mix of Pokemon across many Regions Custom Regional-Forms Gender Differences Playtime: 7-9 hours

Pokemon Charmeleon

New Features Charmeleons galore! The three starters have been replaced with a new type of triangle being water, ground, and electric Each type has its own charmeleon, 3 pokemon are obtained as gifts replacing the fossils, and one more was added because I felt like it. Each charmeleon …

Pokemon Kai-Zen Red

New Features Gen 8 pokemon Some starter changes A couple changed or new abilities, catch changes + exp on catch, and b&w style repel system Fairy is now both strong and weak to dark

Pokemon Regular Red

New Features Trainers with good moves, items, EVs and IVs Better AI Physical/Special split Fairy Typing Moves up to gen 7 and some from gen 8 Reusable TMs Expanded TM list Replaceable HMs Egg and event moves Rebalanced moves for better accuracy Better available abilities Abilities updated to …

Pokemon Ash Kanto Mewtwo Strikes Back

New Features Play as Ash Katchum, in Kanto Get Kanto GYM Badges No need of HMs Almost Similar as Pokemon Movie 1 Have the opportunity to have all the Pokemon Which Ash Catches Follows the same event as in the Anime Series Male and Female Character both are …

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