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Tag: Fire Red Hacks

Pokemon Blasting Off / Pokemon Team Rocket Version

New Features Play the role of a Team Rocket member throughout the Hoenn Region. Team Magma and Aqua is no longer exist, only Team Rocket remains. Now they are stronger than ever. Team Rocket is now bigger than Silph. They are a corporation. All the Pokemon of Hoenn …

Pokemon Fire Red Infernos

All 386 Pokemon available (currently some legendaries missing). Increased difficulty of trainers, gym leaders, and elite four. Gym leaders and Elite Four members now deviate slightly from their type restrictions. This increases the difficulty and makes things a little different. A lot of different sprites have been substituted …

Pokemon Azotic Fire

New Features DS Sprites for characters and overworld. There will be Primal Forms and Mega Evolutions for your Pokemon. Many routes are changed. The types of some Pokemon will not stay the same. No need to use Cut anymore. A cave which contains many Legendaries is somewhere in …

Pokemon Poli Edition

Storyline In Pokemon – Poli Version you play as a Pokemon, a poliwhirl to be precise, and you’re on a quest to stop the director of an evil organisation who is trying to put your best friend, the insane professor Mr. Knar, out of business. It’s a fairly …

Pokemon Volcano

New Features A whole new storyline which could be interesting for whom may concern. The gym leaders are adjusted to become stronger with many different Pokemon. The scripts are good enough to entertain you for a long time. New maps, new region.

Pokemon Kanto Reformation

New Features Mega Evolution for your Pokemon. Physical/Special Split. The Gyms are no longer specified in types anymore. Instead, they will have some different elements that make them become tougher. All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII are available. The difficulty is increased to a higher level …

Pokemon Vega

New Features A fully new region, the Tohoak region! 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 Pokemon from newer generations! 70 new moves, plus 87 moves from newer generations! Impressive custom music! Rematches with almost all important trainers! An extensive postgame, including a battle facility!

Pokemon Stunning Steel

Storyline The year is 2008, a decade after the Great Pokémon War. Your late father, a master of Steel-type Pokémon, is hailed as a national hero. However, you don’t remember much about him, apart from the stories your mom tells you and the glorified accounts of the media. …

Pokemon Verde Hierba

New Features A new storyline. Many characters are replaced with the sprites of many different famous video game – anime characters. For example, you can meet Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and Ace from One Piece.

Pokemon Phoenix

New Features Explore one of the first hacks for FireRed. There is some new things in gameplay.

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