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Tag: French Language Hacks

Pokemon Fire Black

New Features An extra intro screen before the introduction about our protagonist. The number of Pokemon in this version will be 386 beings in total. Pokemon in later generations are not in plans of the developers. The shortest Pokemon game in this world: 10 minutes of gameplay! Physical …

Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

New Features Blue and Green makes more appearance. New boot screen 1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options The Mega Evolution will evolute your Pokemon into the Mega Form. New Berry system

Pokemon Gemme

New Features National Pokedex from the beginning. (Because in one country, expert curiosity determines the form in a different way). Brand new product, not GYM. However, you can be liberated from the competition or two hundred. No job – to change. All Pokemon will be changed by numbers …

Pokemon Hard-Fire

New Features Many Pokemon come from the Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI. New starters: Pichu – Grenouss – Feunnec. Modification of most maps, You can catch all Pokemon. Your opponents have higher levels and different Pokemon. New tiles. Some new places to discover.

Pokemon Emerald Sky

New Features The graphics system is beautifully upgraded and changed. New game story.

Pokemon Neon

New Features More than 60 new Pokemon. Some Pokemon come from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Black/White. The graphics is upgraded. The difficulty is increased to a higher level.

Pokemon Malosse Challenge

New Features The starter will be Malosse (Houndoom). Many Pokemon from Gen II and Gen III are hidden. The level of your rivals – gym leaders – gym leaders – champions are increased.

Pokemon Emerald Plus Plus

New Features You can choose your starter from some generations at one time, just choose one. A Nuzlocke mode is available, you can Enable or Disable it. If a Pokemon fainted in any battle, it will gone out.

Pokemon Emeraude Pâle

New Features You can catch all Pokemon of the first three generations. No need to use the trading evolution now. Instead, leveling your Pokemon up. The maps are modded.

Pokemon Rouge

New Features The insane difficulties will satisfy a lot of hardcore Pokemon fans. New scripts.

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