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Tag: Gold Hacks

Pokemon – Gold Sinnoh

New Features New TMs/HMs moded/added in the game, you can check them out in this list. You’ll hear many points of view about today’s friendships. By hearing them, you’ll be able to make your own point of view about them! Team Rocket is making a huge presence in …

Pokemon Gold EX

New Features A new level curve for improved difficulty, as everyone knows Johto was one of the easier games of the main series All 251 pokemon will somehow be obtainable in this game. Including Legends, Starters, & Fossils. Also Silver and Crystal Exclusives. Revised Rival, Elite Four, Champion, …

Pokemon: Awakened Legends

New Features New storyline. New sprites and graphics. No need to beat gyms, they are optional. No need to use SURF since you can swim yourself. A whole new region. The Challenge House will test your limit.

Pokemon Plasma Red

New Features New fakemon, world map, items, tiles, events, type. Two different evil teams.

Pokemon Pilar/Xare

New Features A big new region. You can select your gender at the beginning. Three new types: Fairy, Light, Eterno. New 8-bit soundtracks.

Pokemon Blacx

New Features A new story. 251 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI with Mega Evolution. New in-game events. The graphics is upgraded. The level limit is increased to 170.

Pokemon Secrets and Rumors

New Features All events from major to minor are completely re-scripted. Many new Items. New abilities and new TM/HM list. In the new Region, there is a new Evil Team. New areas in Kanto. Some cameo appearances of many characters from other Pokemon games.

Pokemon Epic Gold

New Features All Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Silver are capturable now. The Gym order has been changed. The level of every trainers in the Johto region was increased.

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