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Tag: Gold Hacks

Pokemon Argentum

New Features Some new places to discover. Fishing For FR/LG. Set In The New Colo Region! New Repel System. Lots of humorous dialogues. Whole New Region Solia.

Pokemon New Gold Era

New Features The starters are different: Consisting of Houdour, Natu and Mankey, to make the triangle of Fighting, Psychic and Dark types! The Gyms are in a different order All informations about Pokemon, like attacks and TM compatibilities, are up to date with 7th Generation positives changes! Johto …

Pokemon Gold Female Trainer Hack

New Features You can reverse the Mega Evolution. The Protagonist And Antagonist Of New Sprite. The Midamond Region Has A New World Map. Ingame Giveaways. A new Gym system. Play as a boy, a girl or an owl. I Need To Make Some New Friends. Many Browsers Are …

Pokemon Super Gold 97

New Features Graphics fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo Pikachu minigame! 251 Pokemon, the complete Pokedex as it appeared in the demo. New key items that match the story presented in the game Evolutionary stones 8 badges, Pokemon League, like you would expect. A new postgame map Type …

Pokemon Gold Kaizo

New Features Edited title screen All movepool for trainers pokemon and wild pokemon have been improved The DV’s of all trainers and their Pokemon have been increased All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as well. Wild Pokemon have been edited as well Only gen …

Pokemon H2

New Features A cave which contains many Legendaries is somewhere in this Kanto. Programmer art FULL REAL TIME CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION!!! You literally can create your own player overworld sprite! This includes in-battle back sprites and trainer card sprites! You want to were a scarf and look like Gary? …

Pokemon Karton

New Features You can rebattle with almost all important trainers. Eevee is the only starter you can get. Up-to-date battle engine with Physical/Special Split and 4th+ Gen moves. New regional custom Pokémon abilities, Pokémon stats, and Pokémon types, etc. More sidequests

Pokemon Gold Unova

New Features Three areas (Kanto, Johto & Hoenn) A whole new never before seen story line. 491 Pokémon available to capture. Trainers, gym leaders have become stronger All Pokemon of all generations are available for catching.

Pokemon Hoenn League

New Features Gender Selection HM Dive Running Shoes Battle Themes Morely Advance Colours Pokedex are all filled up by Gen3’dex Songs from Pokemon Emerald Some new NPC OW Sprites Revamped Trainers Sprites and Pokemon Mach Bike and Ackro Bike And many more

Pokemon Gold 2.0

New Features Kanto Restored Locations Kanto Restored Wild And Legendaries Pokemons Kanto Added Trainers Pweter Museum Fossils A Working Safari Zone With Rock And Bait Classic Musics Pokemon Mansion Ruins Dragon Master Event

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