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Tag: Japanese Language Hacks

Pokemon Gantz

New Features There are old and new rivals at the same time The catch rate is higher Variety of different environments New abilities Pokemon Tournament is available

Pokemon Aquila 2

New Features Diagonal Walking Maps are re-designed A new story New battle backgrounds, Pokemon centers, bag sprites, menu Many skill sets of Pokemon are adjusted

Pokemon Aquila

New Features No decapitalization Day/Night System A non-linear story Great graphics, sprites and tiles Your own customized PokeDex

Pokemon Deneb

New Features New regions. The soundtracks are made by the author. New moves. Some new evolution methods for the existing Fakemon.

Pokemon Lost Three

New Features You can catch Pokemon from all available generations. There are many new things like: new region, new maps, new storyline.

Pokemon Pycron

New Features The soundtracks are remixed. Many Fakemon and Pokemon are available at the same time.

Pokemon Procyon

New Features New Fakemon, new music, new graphics. Finish the Vega Triology.

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