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Tag: Leaf Green Hacks

Pokemon Future Green

New Features all major battles has been redone for example all gym leaders has 6 pokemon each with better move sets the normal rival along with red will pop up from time to time to challenge you and after the e4 you can go on and challenge an …

Pokemon Garbage Green

New Features Edited encounters to have only Pokemon from the National Dex that are bad for FRLG. Every Route’s Wild Pokemon has been changed. Changed the starters to Slugma, Paras, and Goldeen Changed static Pokemon encounters – many encounters that have overworld sprites are now Ditto Restricted access …

Moemon Leaf Green

New Features The graphics and maps system are updated with the DS-sprites style. Yup, you can experience the DS-Style of Pokemon on Gameboy Advance for the first time. New graphics, pallettes, region, protagonists, storyline. New type Fairy. Tunod, Johto, and Rankor Regions to explore See heroic Pokemon characters …

Pokemon Blood Burst Yellow chart 1

New Features Day/Night System. Battle Tent and Battle Frontier are back and ready to use! New Battle Features Unique characters only in this game. A travel system called taxi will take you to everywhere.

Pokemon Zincite Version

New Features Completely new pokedex New region of Kyoto New enemy to face New legendaries Post Game story

Pokemon Delta Green (Zenon Returns)

New Features Increased the difficulty so that many different players can enjoy the game more and more Take part in many different events and get the unexpected rewards Do not forget the sidequests system Three people will come together with you on your journey New abilities and moves …

Pokemon Emerald Green

New Features All KANTO Pokemon in the wild have been replaced with their HOENN counterparts. However, the trainers keep their KANTO Pokemon for the most part. This gives the region vs. region flare National Pokedex is given to you at the start of the game. Edited Storyline and …

Pokemon Daia

New Features Better Aesthetics More Playable Enhanced Gameplay Revitalized Game Engine 2.5x More Fun

Pokemon Keratin Version

New Features Five different stories with multi possible endings. Sidequests and after-main-game stories. New types: Light, Sound, Nuclear, Beauty. All Pokemon from five main regions. A new Gym system. Raised difficulty.

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