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Tag: Multi Language Hacks

Pokemon Legendary Ashes

Storyline You’re a boy/girl who returned to your natal town, a little town called Pallet Town. You returned because you received a message from Professor Oak, the message has a ticket for the SS Ocean. When you arrived, your rival, Gary was waiting right there for you, because …

Pokemon Light Platinum

New Features ZHERY World. New Pokemon Trainers, GYM Leaders and E4. Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV. New Events and Mini Events. Go through all Regions.

Pokemon Shiny Gold X

New Features Extra battles with new rivals. Hoenn Pokemon were added. Dungeons were remapped. Additional recurring characters. New Sounds and Music. Trick House with hard puzzles. New Moves.

Pokemon Naranja

Storyline Well the history… the same that in the anime, after the Indigo League, Oak has a mission for you: Receive the GS-Ball from the Professora Ivy in the Orange (Naranja) Archipielago. But when you reach those wondederful islands you will want to keep for training. The adventure …

Pokemon Never Black & White

New Features New graphics (3D style). New world… NEVERMIND. New characters (Some friends, some rivals, and unknown people behind of you). New events. Mysteries and riddles. A developed story before the first generation (POKéMON R/B) around 1980.

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