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Tag: PC Launcher

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

New Features Various game modes to play, including Story and 1 vs 1 Beautiful graphics and storyline

Pokemon Tower Defense

New Features An account system Three starting Pokemon options: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle

Universal Pokemon Randomizer Gaia

New Features TM and HM randomisation options Mega Evolution Mega Evolve Legacy configuration/seed files Starter held item randomization option Defines the Gym Trainers for each of the 8 Gyms in Gaia HM moves were removed from the pool of random moves for TMs and move sets

DOT Debug

New Features A completely new mini game Fun to relax GUI interface and support multi devices

Pokemon SDK

New Features Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock) Double & Online Battles (P2P) Running shoes Key Binding UI (F1) Multi-DayCare Berry System Online Trades (P2P) GTS (you need to add an external script) Shadow under events system Extended event info (using the event name) Wild …

Do Or Die

New Features Easy to use hacking tool A Starter Kit features Faster to use

Pokemon Unity 2D

New Features Cross-platform Customizability (easy to create and manage custom tools and editors within the program) Improved performance by using a modern engine (RMXP is a very old engine, and struggles with some aspects of performance even with default Essentials) Documentation (starting from scratch, this gives the ability …

Pokemon Snap HD Edition

New Features Sylveon is now available. You can find it instead of the first In Game Trade. New Starter: Seel, Slugma, Cacnea. The Old Rod not only catch Magikarp but also some new Pokemon now. New starters and Pokemon from different regions. Certain movements that are awful, polished …

Pokemon Attack SFX Pack Gens 1 to 5 Updated

New Features Added SFX from DP, RSE and BW/2 series of games! Get over 3,200 SFX featuring attack moves from GB, GBA & DS games! MP3’s now crossing Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova—Gen 1 to Gen 5!

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