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Tag: Platinum Hacks

Pokemon Torn Platinum Version

New Features Roark’s team has been updated Barry has a Munchlax during your battle in, Pastoria City Gardenia no longer has a Yanmega, but instead has a Tangela Team Galactic Grunt’s and Commander’s teams are updated Cheryl,Riley,Mira,and other partner trainers challenge the player to battle before parterning with …

Pokemon Platinum Pro

New Features Every Trainer has AT LEAST 2 Pokemon Every Trainer has AT LEAST 1 Full Restore Every Trainer has CHAMPION LEVEL AI value of 7 Every Trainer’s Pokemon has maxed out EV’s GYM Leaders have 6 Pokemon, 4 Full Restores and their Pokemon have held items Team …

Pokemon Paradox Platinum

New Features New storyline It will have all pokemons from 1-4 Generations BUT fused with other pokemons! Items are changed

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

New Features Difficulty – The difficulty of the whole game dynamic has been intensifyed, this means that every Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, Trainer etc has been edited! This also includes rematches with trainers and other important NPC’s Pokemon – All Pokemon are available in game, whether that …

Pokemon Mega Platinum

New Features No HMs Minigames such as Magical Book and Magikarp man (and there are more than that!). Pokemon comes from Gen I – Gen V. Nothing too much, except the number of Legendaries. Right from the first four routes, you can have so many Legendaries. A new …

Pokemon Fusion Platinum

New Features Maps from Red/Blue/Yellow are remade. Post game content – Battle tower, university, etc. Choice in the story which can lead the player down two routes New Gym Leaders. Fairy typing

Pokemon Origin Platinum

New Features Ability to catch all 493 Pokemon without the use of any outside source Regigigas no longer requires having the Regis pokemon to catch Giratina now has Griseous orb held when you catch him Pokemon that evolve by simply trading them now evolve at certain levels Wurmple …

Pokemon Platinum Plus

New Features The UI is good-looking Forgettable HMs! Finally! Improved Constants New region Day and night system

Moemon Platinum

New Features Able to visit the back of the S.S. Anne Dock with the Truck Challenging puzzles Many Pidgey will follow you. They appear everywhere. 25 Gyms, One for every type New attacks

Pokemon Bloody Platinum

New Features A perfect “diurnal and nocturnal pokemon system” Every Trainer uses a new Pokemon Team A complete new Rival system All Legendary Pokemon became Shadow Pokemon Nearly every NPC has a recolored Overworld Sprite New/alternative Evolution

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