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Tag: Portuguese Language Hacks

Pokemon Dark Worship 2023

New Features Team matches: You also fight with partner. There’s A Lot Of Tropical Fun In The Sun. Maps are remade. All Soundtracks Have Been Remixed. New Animations Are Available. Custom Moves & Abilities.

Pokemon Ultra

New Features All Of Your Pokemon Have Level Caps. A Whole New Game of Pokemon. Items will be expensive than normal. All Trades In-Game Have Been Changed. Class-based trainer battle music (for rivals, evil team, elite four, and more…). Brand-New Sound.

Pokemon Brunocity Adventures

New Features The Shiny Pokemon are customized. The Researcher: you will collect Pokemon data and become a researcher. You will work in a laboratory. Take On The Role Of A Team Rocket Grunt. After catching a Pokemon, you get EXP. 14 gyms and an elite 4. Pokemon from …

Pokemon Dark Workship

New Features 8 Gyms of combined Pokemon types 350 capturable Pokemon Fairy types and a gen 6 type chart to facilitate this Stater Selection between Tyrogue, Solosis, and Sandile Elite Battle System, Modular Menu, Backup autosaving (does not overwrite save), Animated Pokemon Battlers and a huge pack of …

Pokemon Purple

New Features Trade Evolutions New companions and rivals to fight. Physical/Special/Status Split. Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City. Fake town’s

Pokemon Verde Musgo

New Features Day and night system. Catch Many Pokemon Genetically modified/ or fusion Pokemon such as Skarfire are available in-game. You can select your gender: Red or Leaf. Your Pokémon gains experience when you arrest other players as at the end of a normal battle.

Pokemon Dark Pearl

New Features 25 Diamond/Pearl Pokemon are added with some legendaries. Maps are redesigned. New sprites and lines. New gym leaders.

Pokemon Stone Dragon

New Features Many new maps for exploring. The graphics is updated. All Pokemon from the Gen V and Gen VI. You can also Mega Evolve your Pokemon in this game.

Ash vs Red

New Features Many new things: characters – events – maps – battle style – sprites – graphics – soundtracks. All of them are not the same or the old ones. Great plot.

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