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Tag: Red Hacks

Pokemon Space Red

New Features Updated intro battle with animation sprites Play as Ethan with rival Silver Trainer Card, Stats Screen, and Pokedex Shiny Pokemon New evolution items Pikachu and Lapras have their own Surf sprites Stuff from Yellow Stuff from G/S Updating gyms

Pokemon Unova Red

New Features Generation 5 Pokemon All stone evolutions use stones available in Gen 1 The Dark and Steel types have been added New Characters/Rival teams New moves have been added Day And Night System Moves have, in general, been updated to match their stats from Gen 5, including …

Pokemon Red and Blue Deluxe

New Features 103 New Pokemon 50+ new moves! Battle Factory and Battle Tent Trading and battling has been preserved in its entirety 4 difficulty settings Choose which version you play carefully – Red and Blue

Thief Red

New Features Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls are now named Thief Balls, Robber Balls, and Burglar Balls. You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls. You cannot capture wild Pokemon. Your Pokemon do not gain experience.

Pokemon EDM Version

New Features New region that is almost twice the size of Kanto! Welcome to the region of Merino! New maps New music New characters Catch all 151 Pokemons Increased maximum level to 250

Pokemon Roaming Red

New Features Choosing your starter town from any of the major towns in the game Choosing your starter Pokémon among all base form Pokemon in the game(legendaries excluded) Dynamic levels and evolution stages for wild encounters and trainer battles: Enemy Pokémon levels will align with the highest level …

Pokemon Chroma Version

New Features Some exclusive Pokemon. The music is well-composed. A new storyline. New items. The difficulty is much higher.

Pokemon Red Proud Eyes Edition

New Features Updated to 2nd-Gen graphics The casino prizes have been edited All of the pokemarts have been edited Edited all of the in-game rival encounters Pokemon experience gains have been modified Overworld pokemon levels have been modified Pokemon starting move sets have been updated Lowered professor oak’s …

Pokemon Prime-Purple Edition

New Features Balanced difficulty Trainers, gym leaders have become stronger Get all 151 first Pokemon Changed PokeMarts Fixed texts

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