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Tag: RMXP Hacks

Pokemon Pink Legacy

New Features The HM 05 Flash is also in this game. You can use it in any cave. Play a Pokemon game from a Team Rocket scientist’s viewpoint. New Game Synopsis Temporal Pokemon – Pokemon out of time that will look and behave differently to what you know …

Pokemon Midnight (Chapter 1)

New Features Random dungeons instead of traditional routes Level scaling trainers for that open-world feel™ About 2 hours of content(!) Way too many obscure references to Synthwave/1980s music culture​

Dungeon Explorer

New Features Explore the ever randomized dungeon, every room you walk into has a connection to a random room, you never know where you’ll end up, or where you’ve already bin. A customized regional dex, filled with lots of rarer pokemon, and common ones too, create teams. Buffed …

The Game Has Ended

New Features Mega Evolution De-capitalization, in the style of the 4th Gen games. You can create evolution items (the stones, though). The newest type Fairy. There is a small side-story after finishing the main game.

Pokemon: Blossom of the Soul

New Features A Completely New Region! Overworld Encounters Multiple Save Files The Move Master Pokemon Birthsigns The Stats Judge Unreal Time System Generation 8 Pokemon & Moves Walking Pokemon Pokemon Box System Updated Movesets Updated Day Care mechanics Other Pokemon Changes Improved Quest System Generation 5 & 6 …

Pokemon Soulstones

New Features Generation 1 to 7 included Fairy type, Mega Evolution, Level Cap of 115 Generation 3 style game world with mechanics and abilities up to Gen 7 Day/Night cycle, ability to view encounters on a map, Hidden Grottos Not your ordinary gym battle and league challenge as …

PSFE: Mission Alyssa

New Features An expressive, animated protagonist! 5 chor- uh, missions, yes, missions. No battles – Couriers aren’t allowed to catch mons. You can’t actually go everywhere. That’s right, hurray for lack of freedom. Go do your job. A working map! Speaking of the PDA, you can now automatically …

Pokemon Enigma

New Features A unique, branching story Character Customization Over 90 Custom Moves New Mega Evolutions and Alternate Forms: Large Areas To Explore: Explore largescale routes and towns, where exploration is largely encouraged!

Pokemon Aventuras en Kanto

New Features About 250-300 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III. The difficulty of wild trainers – gym leaders – Elite Four has been increased into a higher level than usual. Their Pokemon are changed slightly. All legendaries can be caught A new Berry System Brand New Regions

Pokemon Alpha XYZ

New Features Mega evolutions An expansive new region! You can buy evolution stones like Sun, Moon with some berries. Harder Battles Different Maps

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