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Tag: RPG Maker XP Hacks

Pokemon Luminon

New Features Decapitalization in this game More than 100 new Fakemon in this game, not only real ones but also fake ones. Better shiny encounter rate A couple extra Pokémon from future Gens. Pokemon from Unova and Sinnoh

Ultrameme Adventure

New Features Many graphics updated to match GSC, such as battle HUD, font, and text box border Scripts are customized. Team Magma and Aqua is no longer exist, only Team Rocket remains. Now they are stronger than ever. Day & Night System The level limit is increased to …

Fakemon Adventures

New Features Updated Match Call rematch teams that closely resemble ORAS’s. Day & Night System Whole New Region Solia. The Pokeballs are now reusable. Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon!

Pokemon Fates

New Features Travel through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the Orange Islands. You can run inside many buildings now. Field Effects An old but interesting storyline. Red Gyarados.

Pokemon Panda

New Features You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls. The graphics are re-designed a little bit. Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base. New characters, graphics, guardians, events. There will be a clash between Team Venom and a familiar Team.

Experimental Gameplay

New Features Collect 3 pieces of a circle key. Use the Holo-Circle to use the strange Pocket Monsters Witness many deformed Pokemon!

Pokemon Gym Leader Simulator

New Features A fix for the bug which caused bug catchers to appear as old men. Multiple screen sizes compatibility. Other minor patches.

Pokemon Lifeless

New Features New rivals. Many new tiles. Have an ending. Realistic Weather Generator New HMs and HM uses outside of battle

Pokemon Iberia

New Features Starter changed. New region Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III is available. Running shoes inside. Gyms have trainers there trying to earn their badges!

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