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Tag: Ruby Hacks

Pokemon Good Ruby

New Features Individual Pokemon have palette variations, similar to the Stadium games, dependent on their personality value. Team Aqua and Team Magma swap places for the Mt. Chimney section of the game, so you don’t have to fight two Fire specialists in a row. Surf encounters have been …

Super Pokemon Ruby Balanced Edition

New Features All Pokemon are obtainable in each game. Some are very hard to find depending on the version. All Pokemon have a BST of 600. All moves have been revamped. Moves like Growl and Ember have priority. Dragon type moves have a low chance inflicting the Tri-Attack …

Pokemon Sinnoh Quest

New Features 385 Pokemon available in the game which are placed strategically through out the game All new event based on Pokemon league added which needs to be completed before challenging ELITE 4 All new SAFARI ZONE Quiz masters available who will test ur on knowledge different subject(e.g-science …

Pokemon Rosso Fuoco 2

New Features New TMs and HMs. New Pokemon – The region of Voultan is home to many exclusive species of Pokemon. Add a new Pokedex Kanto. For example, Sylvain, Electivire, Tangrowth, etc … Make Some Adjustments. HG/SS music. To have a Pokemon HG and SS feeling. Much, Much …

Pokemon Weathered Ruby

New Features TO CATCH STARTERS AFTER DEMO AREAS. Mapping of some routes courtesy of Pokemon HeartGold. Pokemon in this game are usually female beings. Everything in this game are remapped and changed. New Encounters And Gifts For Pokemon. You will not be alone in this game. You have …

Pokemon Naruto 4.0

New Features Geodude Is Purely Of The Rock Type. Catastrophes: Meteorite crashes, ice ages, flooding And so on and on and on…. At The Start Of The Game, There Was A National Dexterity Test. New evil Teams. HM And TM Lists Have Been Updated. Right from the beginning, …

Pokemon Mezame

New Features Pss Colored stats based on the Nature Revamped/Buffed Pokemon such as Ledyba/Sunkern to make them viable, and many others Mon got their stats modified Ost from next gen games, such as Bw/Bw2 and DPPt

Pokemon Dark

New Features The Mudkips walking around in Northcoast Town and Palmtree Resort are move tutors. A couple of hours of gameplay. Obtain All POKEMON As Well As Some New FAKEMON. The overworld is replaced with the customized menu. Clock in Start Menu. UI Fighter Should Be Updated.

Pokemon Naturaleza

New Features Menu With Variables. Side Quests Have The Potential To Alter The Plot. Two Shiny Pokemon. All Evolutions Are Available. New and old people. A Dark Story Set In A New World.

Pokemon Subacquea

New Features So that the main game isn’t over cluttered with hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon, it is necessary to move some to after the main quest. I’m still deciding weather or not to include 5th gen ‘mon, but even if I do, they won’t be available until …

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