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Tag: Ruby Hacks

Pokemon Purple

New Features Trade Evolutions New companions and rivals to fight. Physical/Special/Status Split. Check out some surprises at the Game Corner Awards in Mauville City. Fake town’s

Pokemon Blossom

New Features The game will cover in 5 parts. The graphics is upgraded. Evolutions – All evolutions that required a trade or some method that was unavailable to acquire on an Emulator has now been changed – Check the General Changes Document for more details. Redesigned Worldmap Added …

Pokemon Polka Aqua

New Features New Story TV Show and Movie Characters Drive the Plot Post-Game Plot New Locations Throughout Map A Variety of Pokemon from Every Generation Physical/Special Split Fairy Type Included Option to challenge Gym Leaders in Single or Double Battle Format (The Either Option Chooses One of the …

Pokemon Ruby ++

New Features Physical/Special Split Shiny Pokemon Chaining Travel to Orre BW Repel System Updated BST/Movesets to Generation 7 Overworld Abilities Added over 100 moves from Gen IV Yellow TM balls in overworld All non-legendary Pokemon available Ability 2 with rarity Run indoors

Pokemon Rocket Team Edition

New Features Will contain all regions Nice plot Run inside buildings Amazing soundtrack New sprites, evil team, music, Poke Cries

Pokemon Thief Ruby

New Features Thief Balls, Robber Balls and Burglar Balls replace the old Balls New additional Pokemon Capturing Pokemon Mode from other trainers and remove capturing Wild Pokemon Multiple outfits No more EXP gaining

Pokemon Slumber

New Features A new region to explore, Oniria Playing as a Male or as a Female changes some things of the storyline. New Attacks, Fairy type, Dark and Ghost effectiveness fixed 386 Pokemon, being them from all 6 Generations. Some alternative forms available. Most of your decisions will …

Pokemon Ésteban

New Features Will play with WHITE With Wynaut as Starter Find Pokemon of the 5 generations and fakes You can get up to 8 medals in the region Will travel throughout the region Esteban.

Pokemon ColtBlue Version

New Features All 156 Unova Pokemon have been added The game’s Pokedex is 100% completable without trading Gym leaders come from all over the Pokemon world B/W Player battle sprites Ash will be a major NPC, with a team based on his team from the B/W anime

Pokemon Ruby Advanced

New Features Every Map has been updated to a more fresh style Updated Tilesets and Graphics Snow In Hoenn Restoration of unused Content Pokemon from Gen 1-3 are now catchable New Events New Places Bigger Battle Frontier

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