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Tag: Sapphire Hacks

Pokemon Sapphire Cross

New Features There are several endings. There will be newer generation moves. Some to note are Shadow Claw, Roost, Scald, & plenty more. History from the 2nd league episodes (OI). All the Pokemon sprites are updated. Mew available in areas based on folk-lore. Pokemon from 1 to 6 …

Velvet Sapphire

New Features Multiple new locations have been added to the game which allow the player to traverse the world without needing HM moves. Legendaries have been added to the game, it is possible to catch every Gen 3 Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon are stronger. New stationary Pokemon have been …

Pokemon Sky Blue

New Features Inside, There Is A Schism Between Psychic And Special. All Pokemon in Generations 1-3 are catchable! Mega Evolutions from X and Y and ORAS are added. New Music For Every Occasion. The Intro Screen Has Been Updated. This Demonstration Lasts 20 Minutes.

Super Pokemon Sapphire Balanced Edition

New Features All Pokemon are obtainable in each game. Some are very hard to find depending on the version. All Pokemon have a BST of 600. All moves have been revamped. Moves like Growl and Ember have priority. Dragon type moves have a low chance inflicting the Tri-Attack …

Pokemon Sapphire Soaring In The Sky

New Features 1 Brand-New Mega (Thinking Of Adding More). After finishing the main game, you will have a postgame. Remember to save in game before playing. Is There A New Pokedex?. The soundtracks are remixed by GlitchxCity. Yup, a Running Shoes is necessary to run faster. You Have …

Moemon Sapphire

New Features New Interface New characters, new title screens. New starters. New side-quests. New Story

Pokemon La Leyenda del Dragon Carmesi

New Features 150 TMS There are only 26 different enemy monsters. Many Pokemon from different generations have come together, from Gen I to Gen VII. Choice in the story which can lead the player down two routes Pokemon from Gen 1 – 7

Pokemon Thief Sapphire

New Features Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls are now named Thief Balls, Robber Balls, and Burglar Balls You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls You cannot capture wild Pokemon Difficult increased Your Pokemon do not gain experience High quality mapping with custom tiles

Pokemon Broken Sapphire

New Features New Region: NEOH New Villains, Team MAGQUA PROTECTORS Powerful rematches All 386 ADV Gen Pokemon can be caught! Secret Areas! More Legendary Pokemon Battles!

Pokemon Balanced Sapphire

New Features Changed starters, moves Pokemon’s types are modified and changed New methods of evolutions Trainers and Gym leaders are stronger

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