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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Destiny

New Features Become yet another Pokemon master. Battle facilities! I’ll just say this: talk to the guy with black and white hair in Celadon Mansion. The other battle facilitity you’ll find by unlocking Seven Island. Sprites updated to their DS style sprites. New Pokemon Evolution Methods For Trading. …

Pokemon Sky Blue

New Features Inside, There Is A Schism Between Psychic And Special. All Pokemon in Generations 1-3 are catchable! Mega Evolutions from X and Y and ORAS are added. New Music For Every Occasion. The Intro Screen Has Been Updated. This Demonstration Lasts 20 Minutes.

Pokemon Multiverse Battle

New Features A New Evil Team Has Emerged, As Have A Few Organizations. System For Day And Night. A New Fire – Psychic Type Has Emerged. The storyline will based on the Manga exactly, except some additional events to make the game become longer than usual. Improved Graphics …

Pokemon Regis’ Origin

New Features Much higher difficulty and no Pokemon Centers whatsoever (though there will be ways to recover, just not so easy). Indoor running! Choose Your Own Starter. No real time clock. Enhanced Gameplay. Improved font.

Pokemon Emerald Revamp

New Features New Gym Leaders and Pokemon Rivals. Skill Masters. Many new custom moves! Stats and Leaderboards contains a database of the game. You can get the National Dex right after talking to Professor Oak at the beginning. New Evolution Method.

Pokemon Blue Sword

New Features Synthetic evolution stones – unlimited uses. The Sprites In The Overworld Have Been Customized. Choose from five starters instead of three! Parties. Attacks From 360 Pony. There Are Over 30 Fakemon.

Pokemon Cuerpo de Cristal

New Features New self-drawing sprites and pictures. Pokemon That Are Only Available In This Version. New items, tiles, soundtracks. Multiple saves. Camera For Pokemon. Physical/Special/Split will appear with icons.

Pokemon Lost Legacy

New Features The base power of Rock Smash is 60 now. A New Hero/Heroine Has Emerged. FireRed scripts modified to work with Gen 2 Kanto’s Maps. A New Story, A New Region, And A New Story. The HMs will be used automatically. Pokemon From Generations 4, 5, And …

Pokemon Lionheart

New Features Species With Multiple Stages. All Of Them Are Legends. New Story with new characters. Tms And Hms Have Been Modified. Excellent Gameplay. Updated mechanics. The Generation 4 physical / special / status split, updated moves and learn sets, the Fairy-type, Generation 4, 5 and 6 moves …

Pokemon Naturaleza

New Features Menu With Variables. Side Quests Have The Potential To Alter The Plot. Two Shiny Pokemon. All Evolutions Are Available. New and old people. A Dark Story Set In A New World.

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