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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Battle World

New Features You can Mega Evolve your Pokemon by leveling them up. New Sprites and Tiles. Modified TM list. You’ll have to rethink your options for moves! De-Capitalized Game. Lots of fakemon. Scaling Of Wild And Trainer Levels.

Pokemon Mega Fusion Esencia Incandescente

New Features Different Regions. No gyms! There will be Challenge Centers! (Basically a gym… but not a gym?). New Fakemon. Eevee’s Evolutions Have Changed. 4 Legendaries: Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Celebi are now catchable. Pokemon follow you. There Is A Portrait And A Landscape View Option. Pokemon League …

Pokemon Fusion 3

New Features New and old criminal organizations return! Trade Evolutions Have Shifted. 64×64 Sprites For Trainers. Evolutions based on friendship, time, etc. have been adjusted. There Are 493 Pokemon Available For Capture. Grottoes That Are Hidden. New trainers. And much more changes are waiting for you….

Pokemon Edicion Team Rocket

New Features All gen I-III berries available. Familiar Faces – You will notice several Gym Leaders have been replaced with characters from different Regions! See if you can spot them all. Pokemon From Generation I To Generation V. Diamond Forest Happenings. Characters Have Been Added. New item called …

Pokemon Trainer Championship

New Features Catch pokemon that Ash catches in the Anime…or catch your favorites. New items, tiles, soundtracks. Level cap that goes up each Gym (8 currently, making the cap 60). The Sinister Plot. You Can Purchase Pokemon! New tilescreen. New types of gym, Pokedex, region. The Game Is …

Pokemon Pesadilla 2.0

New Features Gym System are removed. Pokemon from Gen IV to Gen VI. The HMs and TMs are remained the same, but their basic stats are increased also. New pokemon are being added to the game(other than just mega’s) Rilou and lucaio are the only 2 available currently …

Pokemon Edas

New Features New region Different rivals. You may choose between a single or a double battle if you’re facing a gym leader! Many of new items, new moves are waiting. Extra Items – All those useful, unobtainable items that you couldn’t get are availble as gift items. This …

Pokemon Naranja ’99

New Features The Orange Islands region Semi-linear game progression Four official anime medals and four non-compulsory medals Improved graphics “Surf without Pokemon” system A hate sink rival The Crystal Onix

Digimon Alpha Version

New Features To go to the Pokemon League, you must defeat all the 16 leaders of Johto and Kanto now. Wow, this is not going to be easy at all. Halved the steps for an egg hatches of all Pokemon. This is intended to encourage the breeding. New …

Pokemon Bianco Svapo

New Features New Battle Backgrounds Sprites from Pokemon Crystal. Six gym leaders in total. Nuzlocke challenge won’t make you disappoint. There are no gyms at all and only Legendary encounters.

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