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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Forever

New Features The rare and legendary Pokemon will have more chances to appear in unexpected locations. The X-Y capture function. You can select the gender for our protagonists in this game. All trainers have been buffered Brand New Regions

Pokemon Switch Adventures

New Features New design for maps. Can use the Turbo function like many emulators. Umbreon an Espeon Evo’s With Stones New Sprites. Gen 3 World Graphics

Pokemon Mystery Of Karus And Kanto

New Features New Evolution Methods have been added, like Map Name Evolution, Move Name Evolution, etc. Original Generational Aesthetics Two starters (Growlithe & Croagunk) Great plot. Online tournament battles

Pokemon Islas del Viento

New Features New Regional Dex contains 158 different Pokemon Brand new product, not GYM. However, you can be liberated from the competition or two hundred. New map layout. A few changes on cities, buildings, routes and caves (Eyecandy). Some of them have been remade from 0. All stats …

Pokemon Opalo

New Features The original starters of Gen I to Gen III can be obtained. New in-game interface New sound Inverse Wild/Trainer Battles! There is some new things in gameplay.

Pokemon Malson

New Features New storyline. VS Seek updated New storyline. No Pokemon expert Updated monochrome repulsion system (you can choose different types and what type of use)

Pokemon Snap HD Edition

New Features Sylveon is now available. You can find it instead of the first In Game Trade. New Starter: Seel, Slugma, Cacnea. The Old Rod not only catch Magikarp but also some new Pokemon now. New starters and Pokemon from different regions. Certain movements that are awful, polished …

Pokemon Sacred Gold Spanish

New Features Fairy type included. New graphics. Your Pokemon can follow you.(My priority for the game ) New Music and Sound All 721 POKEMONs are on POKéDEX (not all is available)

Pokemon Kanto Z

New Features Type Changes – Some Pokemon have new/changed typings to what I thought suited them – Check the General Changes Document for more details. DW Abilities Import new music. Gen III graphics system. Gen 5th Pokedex

Pokemon Bloodline’s error

New Features New companions and rivals to fight. Day/Night system. You could catch megas in certain event New places to discover Certain Generation 4-6 Legendary/Pokémon will be catchable!

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