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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Panda

New Features You can capture trainers’ Pokemon using those balls. The graphics are re-designed a little bit. Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base. New characters, graphics, guardians, events. There will be a clash between Team Venom and a familiar Team.

Pokemon Iberia

New Features Starter changed. New region Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III is available. Running shoes inside. Gyms have trainers there trying to earn their badges!

Pokemon Bizarre

New Features Many side-quests after the main game New characters, rivals and Leaders Harder Gyms! Many moves from Gen IV – Gen V Custom Tiles, Sprites and Color Scheming

Pokemon Journey of the Chosen

New Features More Pokemon to catch New tiles & graphics Three new types: Fairy, Shadow, Glitch Battle travelling companions and rivals When a dish is chosen for a specific event it occurs ..

Pokemon PRO

New Features New maps The movesets of Pokemon are updated 90 minutes of gameplay Pokemon can only be evolved in three different ways: level up, stone, Attack-Defense base New storyline

Pokemon Excelsis

New Features An extended game story Funny ingame soundtracks Some tiles and sprites are replaced D/N System Some tiles and sprites are changed Mystery Gift

Pokemon Highschool

New Features New plot Redesigned Worldmap New Pokedex with more Pokemon New music

Pokemon The Fall Of Heroes

New Features Changes in Pokedex and more Pokemon Nice theme and graphics All Legendary Pokemon Other features increase more interesting than the old game​

Pokemon Slumber

New Features A new region to explore, Oniria Playing as a Male or as a Female changes some things of the storyline. New Attacks, Fairy type, Dark and Ghost effectiveness fixed 386 Pokemon, being them from all 6 Generations. Some alternative forms available. Most of your decisions will …

Pokemon CAOS

New Features Translate from English to Spanish New starters and characters More Pokemon to catch

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