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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Mystical

Storyline In the region Kiuw Prof. Oak leaves you a pokemon in his lab. to help get you started your journey to stop the war Kerzal against DEOXIS, so you should do this to capture the 3 pokemons mystic (which are not yet identified who will be) but …

Pokemon Ambar

New Features New Characters with new Names. New Storyline. New Language.

Pokemon Dark Blue

Storyline Who knows who you are? Who wants to know it? You’re a mere character, you’re involved in this adventure for your own, you’ve made your suit by yourself… You have adventures to draw on, you ought to pay attention to the tiniest details, to get lost in …

Pokemon Islas Doradas

New Features New story. Enjoy the experiences of the Pokemon come from Generation III.

Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine

New Features Physical/Special Split. New tiles and new sprites. The stories was highly developed with many side-quests after completing the main game. When the characters speak, their mugshot appear. This is one new thing in this hack. The Pokedex was customized with all generations. The difficulty is high, …

Pokemon Crush

Storyline Legends tell of a mysterious man; a caregiver, one of the happiest you’d ever find. He would spend countless hours with his pokemon, days even, just feeding them, playing with them, and caring for their wounds. One day, he found a weak Marowak; a wounded one that, …

Pokemon Heroes

New Features New Story. New Tiles. Some Sinnoh Pokemon. New Graphics. New Scripts. New map. Day Night System. New Mini-games (Hopefully).

Pokemon Keyra

New Features The new region of Keyra to travel. Beautiful climates and environments. New characters, rivals and Leaders. A special system. Day/Night System. Teleportation that you can not find in any other hacks.

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