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Tag: Spanish Language Hacks

Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma

New Features You can use Fly to access many areas quickly. You can re-battle the leaders of Johto and Kanto in Orange Islands. The obtaining of the medals is in order. The graphics is updated and upgraded better. Day/Night system will automatically be changed with the steps of …

Pokemon Imperial

New Features A new storyline. New graphics. New battle mechanics. New moves, new abilities, new movesets.

Pokemon Triangulo Origen

New Features The new Kinia Region is waiting for you to come and explore. New mysteries about the Pokemon. All Pokemon come from the first three generations.

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures

New Features New tiles, new side-quests. The NDS graphics style is used instead the old and ugly GBA graphics like before. The battle background comes from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. The difficulty of this game is not for any new comer, for hard-core fans. Many mysterious gifts throughout this …

Pokemon Verde Hierba

New Features A new storyline. Many characters are replaced with the sprites of many different famous video game – anime characters. For example, you can meet Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and Ace from One Piece.

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