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Tag: Work In Progress Version Hacks

Pokemon Ash’s Chapter

New Features Day/Night Custom sprites for trainers/Pokémon based off of artwork Lapras surfing sprite Tiles made by WesleyFG HG/SS-style maps 3 Regions Apricorns And more!

Slightly Modified Emerald

New Features Physical/special split New trainer and gym leader rosters, including match call. Partial de-capitalisation Some new moves New Starters are: Bulbasaur, Chimchar and Totodile. A whole new dex. Stat totals + listing will be available in a document. New movesets, abilities and stats. More balanced stat totals. …

Pokemon Aeternus Noctis

New Features New regions No more PokeMarts No gyms or Elite fours TMs and HMs will be changed, and no FLASH Few select “Altered Pokemon” evolutions Edited moves Changed evolutions Trade evolutions have been changed to level up

Pokemon Abundance

New Features New Graphics Authentic Experience The Quest System The Mochuna League Difficulty

Pokemon Aftermath

New Features It’s own custom launcher, allowing automatic patching, and news updates! A new form of Kanto, destroyed by a fierce war Almost all scripts and events re-built from the ground up Further expansion of the world New Pokemon to obtain and battle Multiple interesting Story Arcs

Pokemon Overlord Takeover Version

New Features NO POKEMON! Higher difficulty. Type differences. The element of surprise! Most attacks have been changed Completely different storyline. Many more pop culture/video game references.

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