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Tag: Work In Progress Version Hacks

Pokemon Giratina’s Legend

New Features New tilesets, backgrounds, battles… New graphics system with different sprites. Adjusted music with new tunes.


New Features Maps and tiles from POKéMON GSC’s Kanto FireRed scripts modified to work with Gen 2 Kanto’s Maps Original Firered menus (?) 2nd gen battle sprites, trainer sprites, and a few customs (such as the player backsprite) Some late-game goodies near the start of the game Both …

Pokemon Realms of Mystery

New Features Realms (a very important feature to the story. We cannot reveal much on this at the moment. Just know that our game doesn’t have its name for nothing!) Parties Team up with other players to tackle dungeons! Guilds Found some friends? Why not get together and …


New Features Choose your own class from Warrior – Mage – Thief – Beast Master Pokevoid, Housing system, Guilds, Multi dimensions, Following Pokemon, PokeDex… are the important elements of this game

Pokemon Paleozoic Version

New Features New Pokémon: Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and one more region moved to Lithos Region! Updated Battle Mechanics: New moves, abillities, items, Physical/Special Split, Mega Evolution and Fairy type are in too. Time Travel: Thanks to a “friend” you can now travel through …

Pokemon Mundo Perdido (Lost World)

New Features Pokémon from 1 to 6 gen Elite Battle Mega Evolution SpeedRun Botton High difficulty Disobedience System Pokemon Starter Sidequest Karma System Pokémon Partner Recruitment System EGG moves Skill Masters Nature Training Area Detailed maps Exploration! Two Regions Mysterious and Intriguing History 16 Gym Leaders

Pokemon YOU: The community made fan game

New Features Get rid of the whole gym/trial thing Have the starting map on a mountain (maybe volcano) Lots of fakemon Not the FRLG tileset (HGSS or maybe the one I used in my Pokemon Prime game) A ghost tree Pokemon A fire psychic type No professor An …

Pokemon Mystic Edition

New Features This game will be packed full of new features. Explore the ‘Mystic Realm’ A whole new region, full of new tiles and more New pokemon? What lurks in the Mystic realm… New story dynamics Mini-games Become yet another Pokemon master Meet Ash, and others from the …

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