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Tag: Yellow Hacks

Pokemon Yellow 151

New Features Improved Move Type, Power, Secondary Effects. New Characters And Old Friends… Original soundtracks from HGSS. Indoor running! Graphisms That Are New. Run indoor.

Pokemon Evo Yellow

New Features Get any of the 151 Eevee as starter in the Eevee version, evolve to Sylveon via happiness Evolve Pikachu into Raichu Don’t do the potion trick at the start of the game Move deleter New Emotion sprites, Raichu Faces Ride a Pokemon with a Saddle Press …

Pokemon Useless Yellow

New Features Radical change of Pokemon encountered in routes Change in evolution levels to make some Pokemon only usable later than they could be otherwise Some Pokemon’s catch rates are raised Cheap Rare candies are available in all marts All static encounters are now dittos, some gifts/trades are …

Pokemon Strike Yellow

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. New map layout. New palletes for some Pokemon. All 151 Pokemon are obtaineable. Move Type, Power and Secondary effects have been improved to a few moves. Introduction of 11 new moves. Trading Evolutions can be obatined via level. All the ingame trades …

Pokemon Spark Yellow

New Features All Trainer Classes sprites have been revamped. New interface for trainer card and pokedex. Brand new backsprite for Player, Oak and old man. Bicycle turned into Skateboard cuz why not, Heck yeah! Tweaked title screen. All 151 mons will be obtainable. All unobtainable mons of yellow …

Pokemon Yellow Kaizo

New Features Slightly edited Title Screen. Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Rival, Gym Leaders and Elite 4 have been improved. The DVs from all Trainers and their Pokemon have been increased. All Pokemon, Level and Movepool from Trainers has been improved as well. All Pokemon’s Base Stats have …

Pokemon Yellow Advanced 2019

New Features Geography has been enhanced New Gyms leaders, Rival battles and Elite 4 Buy almost all TMs at various Marts through Kanto Get Mew via a In-game trade! Game corner prizes have changed Some dialogs have changed or have been improved! Buy Rare Candies at Celadon Dept-Store …

Pokemon Yellow Plus

New Features All 151 Pokemon obtainable Crit rate fixed All legendaries New history Type effectiveness updated Trade evolutions changed to level up

Pokemon Periwinkle Version – Special Blobbos Editon

New Features Anything that was Pikachu is now Blobbi A Completely new story set before Clover 156 Pocketo Monsutas to collect Pokemon Anniversary Red’s Battle Tent New Postgame Content Status Effect Changes Map changes Custom songs Movesets based on Pokemon Roaming Red Strange and oddly named new moves

Pokemon Opti-Y

New Features All 151 obtainable! Optimisation of Pokemon. New attacks / TMs / boosts to old moves. More challenge. Other quirks like: type match-ups now up to date; new prizes at the Celadon Game Corner; new in-game trades ; some items like PP Up being sold (at a …

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