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Tag: Yellow Hacks

Pokemon Opti-Y

New Features All 151 obtainable! Optimisation of Pokemon. New attacks / TMs / boosts to old moves. More challenge. Other quirks like: type match-ups now up to date; new prizes at the Celadon Game Corner; new in-game trades ; some items like PP Up being sold (at a …

Pokemon Yellow – Gen. II Graphics

New Features A few trainer sprites devamped from FRLG that did not exist in GSC Updated all Pokemon palettes, and added individual trainer class palettes, to match GSC Pokemon back sprites are now 48×48 and not zoomed in and pixelated Many graphics updated to match GSC, such as …

Pokemon STRIKE! Yellow Version

New Features Title Screen slightly fixed (text). Move Type, Power and Secondary effects have been improved to a few moves (e.g. Cut / Type: Bug / Power: 70 / Effect: 10% chance to decrease foe’s Defense by 1 stage). All 151 Pokemon are obtaineable. Said so, Raichu can …

Pokemon Shock Yellow

New Features Full Color In battle (Thanks to DannyE-33) All Pokemon are catchable or receivable Some moves type changed Some Pokemon types and movesets changed Gym Leaders, Elite4 and Rival are more stronger and uses different Pokemon More than one master ball in the gameplay Mart now sells …


New Features Pikachu is the only starter. Trainers’s level are added up. Type changes: Steel, Dark and Fairy added.

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